Ive always had no choice, so Im worried about my gains and losses

 Ive always had no choice, so Im worried about my gains and losses

You are the kind of very dazzling existence, in the school popularity is also very high, is the kind of teachers and students like that, if it is now, I will not be so brave, dare not go after you, but fortunately at that time, I did not think so much. Like is like, so very brave to express.

At that time, I knew that you also had a good impression on me when I chatted. But you said that the love affair should be discussed after graduation. At first, I was still a little sad. But I turned to think about it. At least you didnt refuse me as you refused others. I should have a better chance of winning. So I just kept quietly by your side, waiting for us to graduate.

Kung Fu pays off. In the summer vacation after graduating from high school, we began to associate and applied to a local university. Its really a lucky thing to associate with you, so I can only think about treating you well. But you are really excellent, so I worry a lot about whether you will like others and whether you think I am too bad. Ive been chasing you, but I cant catch up.

Two days ago, you suddenly asked me why I didnt trust you. I was really afraid. In fact, I didnt distrust you. I just didnt trust myself, so I was so worried about gain and loss. I started the relationship between the two of us. The initiative has always been in your hands, so I have no choice. I am so afraid of losing and so worried about gain and loss.