When abstinence meets marriage, does not fulfill the obligations in marriage, is it illegal?

 When abstinence meets marriage, does not fulfill the obligations in marriage, is it illegal?

One day many years ago, I happened to enter the Internets No.1 color control community - stop lust bar. The various ways and mental processes of abstinence from sex were eye opening. I almost lost my chin after watching it. In the stop lust bar, some people hang their heads and prick their legs in order to get rid of color; some people insist on clocking out every day, such as one day without masturbation, and two days without squinting at beautiful women. If one day break the precept, cry in the post, feel a failure, look down on themselves.

These men invented all kinds of ways to stop lust. For example, physical exercise: in order to stop lust, they choose to go out for a run, vent their excess energy, go home and fall asleep, no longer fantasy. For example, recite the Heart Sutra, read the chicken soup for abstaining from lust, or quotations from Proverbs, and never let lust go down the river. There is also the method of mutual supervision and encouragement: every day, they share their own experience of abstaining from lust. When they are about to hold on to it, they are immediately dissuaded by the chivalrous alliance

Not only women are very curious, but many male compatriots also feel strange when hearing this: some people always say that men are lustful. Why do some people have to abstain? Whats good about abstinence?

Some of them feel abstinence and health preservation. The idea is more common among middle-aged men. In the TV series how I want to fall in love, the heroine Mao Nas date is much older than her. He has to swallow dozens of health pills every day, and sexual love is forbidden like a raging flood.

Some people feel that abstinence can help them stay more focused on their work. Some time ago, there is a popular joke: many entrepreneurs, the number of sexual life in a year is zero. Although there is exaggeration in this sentence, I look around and my friends who start businesses and do business have no time to care about beauty and beauty.

Some people abstain from sex may be related to the original family, they have a sense of shame on sex. Once upon a time in Russia, a young man and his teammates went on an expedition to Siberia. The vast wilderness, urination can only make do with, but this young man is very shy, always far away to solve. Once he ran too far to get on the train when it started. While he was carrying his pants to catch the train, all his companions in the car stretched out their hands to pull him, but when he reached for his hand, his trousers fell down. Even the most shameful thing for a boy to see is his physical education So he was very resistant to being seen. The train left and he stayed alone in Siberia until he froze to death.

Others are afraid that desire will drive them out of control. They may have made mistakes in sex, or feel that their sexual desire is too strong and easy to be confused and controlled by others.

Half a year ago, I received an emotional consultation. The visitor said that he had been married for less than five years and his husband was abstinent. At first, she thought that he was out of mischief, but after careful investigation, she found that he was really a true gentleman. She asked why she was puzzled. Her husband said that she was under too much pressure at work and needed to keep fit. Through abstinence, she could gather the central strength and cultivate the mind. How did I become his Taoist friend? If he wants to be ascetic, will I be a widow when I am thirty-two years old?

Single people pursue asceticism, otherwise. But if you are married, such abstinence will make your partner suffer, because abstinence and abstinence also belong to not following the marriage agreement. In the passion, intimacy and commitment which supports a good intimate relationship, without sexual harmony, passion and intimacy are often greatly reduced. Marriage is a matter for two people. If you unilaterally block the flow of sex, have you considered your partners thirst?

When abstinence meets marriage, it is necessary to negotiate and solve problems together. After all, there is no restriction on sexual relations.