Child abuse exposed, many people died, children gambled their lives to make money: the bottom of the world, I dare not see

 Child abuse exposed, many people died, children gambled their lives to make money: the bottom of the world, I dare not see

The news was shocking.

Apple and Microsoft are the worlds top companies, how can they do such a dirty thing?

Its not easy.

First of all, almost all mobile phones and computers will use a part, lithium battery.

Congo (DRC) is one of the important producing areas of cobalt. Supply 50% of global raw material demand.

Its just that the priceless cobalt ore has not brought prosperity and stability to the country.

On the contrary, this is the childrens purgatory.

Congo is an extremely poor country.

63% live below the poverty line.

45% of people have problems with food and clothing.

Here, children are no longer children, but a cheaper labor force.

The childs back.

After receiving dozens of kilograms of mud and stone, he climbed over the mound with his two legs,

Ore is everywhere.

A young girl sat among them, holding an iron hammer and pounding hard.

No gloves, no masks, no shoes. The whole person is unkempt.

The working environment is bad, some child laborers suffer from tuberculosis.

Even, some children are born with various skin diseases.

There are rashes.

Some are covered with spots.

One villager said, no way. The drinking water has been polluted by cobalt.

Facing the reporters interview, a little boy named rich said:

I feel miserable every day because I know I will come back to mine the next day. My hands hurt. I work too hard.

Work hard, but the income is pitifully low.

The daily salary is $1-2.

Can only maintain a childs food for a day.

Rich was unfortunate.

But this misfortune is too common in the Republic of Congo.

Because there are 40000 child laborers in richs province.

Man is like grass, life is like dust.

In Congo, not only adults, but also children.

After the new crown swept the world, the United Nations issued a statement:

Due to the epidemic, millions of children were forced to join the child labor army to help their parents shoulder the heavy burden of their families.

The millions are not cumulative, but may increase.

Do you know how many child laborers are in the world?

152 million.

Take cosmetics.

Mica powder.

When it comes to mica production, it is inseparable from the two provinces of India.


Bihar region.

If youre a little older, youll have to go to the bottom of the mine.

The well is several meters deep.

Child laborers need to use an iron hammer, as well as an iron pestle, to crush the nearby ore.

Because once it collapses, the people inside may never see the sun outside.

After that, they need to load the gravel and soil into the dustpan.

Then we start screening.

No gloves.

Delicate hands and soil, stone, mica continuous friction.

After the mud is filtered, all that remains is stone and mica.

But the completion of the task does not mean the end of the day.

many a time.

ay in day out.

How many days a week do you work?

Yes, every day.

When we are complaining about the 996 working system, who ever thought that in the other corner of the world, there are a group of children who are struggling to dig mines.

Their working system is: 007.

A kilogram of mica is sold for 50 cents.

Its lucky to earn 20 yuan for a days hard work.

Its not just dirty and tired.

Mica mining is also very risky.

A large amount of dust will be inhaled when working in mica mine for a long time.

It can also cause a variety of infectious diseases.

When a reporter asked if a female child laborer had been injured by accident.

She lifted her coat to reveal a long deep scar.

Its from mining.

In our area, 10-20 people die accidentally every month.

But there is no choice.

Because of poverty.

And mica mining is the only job they can find as children.

Children in India are digging mica mines.

In contrast, more worrying is Filipinos child labor - mining gold.

Its not.

According to human rights watch, there are 300000 illegal gold miners in Filipino.

Twenty thousand of them are minors.

The road to gold mining by child laborers is full of dangers.

Then, the soil that may contain gold is loaded and transported back to the mine.

Everyone must know mercury, right?

A highly toxic liquid metal.

Very volatile.

Inhalation after volatilization has irreversible damage to human nervous system. Even disabled to death.

Illegal gold mines add this substance when they extract gold.

We can imagine how serious it is to hurt children.

In the gold mine, some of the childrens tasks are underwater work..

Below is a deep river.

A companion drags an air pipe from the bamboo boat.

A child laborer bit the other end of the vent pipe and dived into the river with a gold digging tool.

There is no oxygen tank.

No professional diving equipment.

Children with a ventilation tube, to dive into the water more than ten meters of position, to dig gold.

Once the pipe is knotted, or the ventilation is not smooth, or the mouth is opened accidentallyu2014u2014

My life is in danger.

Unfortunately, childrens life and death, did not make the family rich.

According to the data, in 2014, the Philippines dug in 18 tons of gold, with a price of more than $70 billion.

But the miners income, cumulative $4 million.

The vast majority of child workers are still struggling on the poverty line.

Boycott Congos Cobalt raw material!

Resist mica of unknown origin!

Resist the illegal production of gold!

But can boycott save these children?

If you go to ban child labor, they will ask you: can you support my family? Can you pay for my childrens schooling? This is my only source of income!

So, if its banned completely, its the end of the child.

Its like an unsolved problem.

It is wrong to ban child labor.

It is also wrong not to ban child labor.

It is even more wrong to pretend to be deaf and indifferent.

Who will save the children?

No one can give an answer.

At a gold mine in the Philippines, 12-year-old mark works hard at the mine.

The father of the child laborer told reporters, its dangerous. You may be buried under it. If it happens, it will be dead.

But I cant help it. My family is very poor.

There are also three hungry sisters.

If he refuses to be a child laborer, it will not only be himself but also his younger sister who will starve.

Between carefree childhood and mining for a family, a 12-year-old boy chose the latter.

Finally, in the face of the interview, Mark said something meaningful

Only in this way can we live. Really?

An increasingly cruel reality is that there are 152 million marks left in the world.

Theyre just learning to walk.

But they have to sacrifice their childhood, give up childlike innocence and work day and night like cattle.

Just to live.

The ten sins says, sometimes our eyes can see the universe, but we cant see the most miserable world at the bottom of society.

Its not just for Indian child labor on the other side of the planet, its Filipino child labor.

Its more for ourselves - to maintain compassion for the weak, as well as the perception of suffering.

Ye Jingzhong delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony of China Agricultural University

Our eyes should look down in addition to head up and up. Overlooking pain and pain, overlooking corners and crevices, overlooking the public and the bottom. What we see in our eyes is not only money and money, but also human feelings and warmth. We should not only pursue the goal of the top 500, but also have the soul of compassion.

If you also agree, please help forward more.

It is hoped that the powerful countries can give more aid to the weak countries.

I also hope that fate will be more merciful to every child. Let suffering no longer, children can be children again.

Author: Zhuo Jue