Among the female stars abandoned by their parents, some become Mao Xiaotong and others become Chen Baolian

 Among the female stars abandoned by their parents, some become Mao Xiaotong and others become Chen Baolian

Zhong Xiaoqin, as a little girl born and raised in Shanghai, is the most enviable.

Her family is well-off, her parents love each other, and she loves her daughter in every way. Zhong Xiaoqin does not fight for her. Her kind and naive character mostly comes from her parents rich love from childhood.

For example, the actress Mao Xiaotong, who plays Zhong Xiaoqin, has a completely opposite original family.

Her father used to throw her as a baby in a garbage can and never raised a child. However, when Mao Xiaotong became an adult, he had the cheek to buy out the love between father and daughter by 50 million yuan..

And Chen Baolian, Zhang Shaohan, Cai Shaofen They all had disaster families.

Can a native family really affect a persons life?

How do those who get out of the shadow of their original family do it?

Todays article tries to answer these questions.

Author: Zichen source: woman with fragrant soul (ID: lixiaoyilhyxqdnz)

Mao Xiaotong has been on fire recently.

Thirty just is hot, and the costume drama Huo Qubing will be broadcast again. She plays Zhen e, the confidant of Huo Qubing, a famous general of the Western Han Dynasty, from a humble maid to a beautiful general on the battlefield.

The female general in Huo Qubing

Mao Xiaotong follows her mothers surname.

Xiaotongs mothers family is not good. She dropped out of school at the age of 16 to take care of her younger brother and sister, and then got married early.

Mao Xiaotong and her mother

Poverty is the original sin of marriage, because poverty will circle the choice radius of a girl. Even if she is smart and sober, she still has to bow down to life.

After Xiaotongs mother got married, she found that her teenage husband, Li, had fatal moral defects: alcoholism, gambling and drug abuse, which were enough to turn an ordinary person into a madman.

The figure very static distance

The new father was happy for a second, knowing that it was a girl, turned into a disgusting face.

The mother and daughter who left the delivery room did not receive any care from him.

Not long after one day, Li came home drunk and played a drunken mania. He picked up his baby daughter and went out of the door and threw it in the garbage can on the roadside.

Fortunately, her mother quickly found that she rushed out to pick up the crying Mao Xiaotong from the garbage can.

When her daughter was less than one year old, the strong woman decided to divorce. She sold ice hockey, opened a restaurant, ran a beauty salon, and tried her best to raise her daughter alone.

Such an excellent mother can not help but be strong in her daughters education. Mao Xiaotong hated her mother when she was a child, but she understood that all strict restrictions are for her own good.

Li first complained of her daughters ingratitude, then sold miserably said that he had no financial resources, and then turned to show his sharp teeth

They want 50 million yuan to buy off the love between father and daughter and threaten to go to hell if they cant get money.

(picture) law eye barrister of Tianjin Science and education channel

When she was 14 years old, she found her mother fainted from gas poisoning. She did nothing to help her. She did not shed tears until the ambulance door was closed;

She was 29 years old. She came home from work temporarily at night. She met her boyfriend who had been in love for four years. She didnt cry or tear it. She packed all her luggage in three hours and called the moving company for a thorough end.

The same bad family background, similar bad experience, let me think of another name - Chen Baolian.

She is very beautiful. She has an impeccable dust lust face, but she is not vulgar. She has the wild long hair of Hong Kong Style actress Miro seaweed, and her eyes are full of greed, anger and infatuation. It seems that she can be seen through when she looks at you.

Still photo of Douban film Modern Call Girl

Chen Baolians family is just as bad.

When his parents divorced at the age of 4, his father disappeared and never came back to see his daughter.

Chen Baolian lived with her grandmother in Shanghai. She was only 12 years old when she was brought to Hong Kong by her mother. A few years later, he began to work as a part-time model, and then signed up for a film company.

Still photo of Dengcao monk

In the golden age of Hong Kong films, three-level films are common.

Stripping is only a means, washing white is the purpose, washing white can turn red.

A group of actresses who have taken off their clothes have successfully put their clothes back on.

Still photo of domestic Lingling lacquer

She was so eager for love that she knew that her mother had pushed her to this road, but she kept giving money and buying property. She ignored her embezzlement of her own property in order to exchange for a little bit of maternal love.

However, the three-tier film market is shrinking, and the property is almost taken out, and it is in short supply day by day.

At this time, she met the rich Huang Renzhong.

(photo) Hong Kong media report

Romantic. He confessed that women are the driving force of my life. Without women, I cant eat. Yingying Yanyan, who is close to him, has never stopped spending more than 2 billion yuan for his younger sister.

This level of attentive concern is a deadly poison to Chen Baolian, who is badly in love.

The relationship between Huang Ren and Chen Baolian in Hong Kong media

Everyone knows Huang Renzhongs stamp collecting

Huang Renzhong changed, from perfunctory to apathy, and finally disappeared behind closed doors.

Out of control Chen Baolians self mutilation threat: drug abuse, drug contamination, beating fans, setting fire to things, making a big airport noise

Chen Baolian gradually became abnormal

She never said who the father was. Most of the rumors said it was Huang Renzhong, and some said that Chen Baolian had been a DJ for three months.

On July 31, 2002, before the moon was full, Chen Baolian left a suicide note at her residence in Shanghai and jumped off the 24th floor.

She made herself a broken poppy.

Less than two years after Chen Baolian died, Huang Renzhong also died.

Qiu Ligan, Wang Feis former agent, adopted Huang Yi. When she was 10 years old, she took her surname Qiu. Over the years, she also provided financial support.

But is the black hole in the boys heart so easy to fill?

What he has to face is to climb again from the mud pit of the previous generation. Whether he can climb or not depends on nature.

Switch to the ordinary life, such excellent slag father poison mother after all very few.

Satya, a master of family therapy, believes that a person and his original family are inextricably linked, which may affect his life.

It is probably the originator of the word original family.

But since this concept has been widely popular from abroad to China, it has become the omnipotent back pot man.

A lot of people who are unhappy suddenly have a sound excuse.

The top of the pot cover said: any amplification details, 100% of the original family are not perfect.

+ Dong Qing talks about his fathers stern picture on CCTV-1 challenge impossible

When she was a girl, she ran for thousands of kilometers every morning, recited poems and articles, and was not allowed to look in the mirror or make new clothes. Almost all of a girls small sentiments were small, but fortunately, she was lazy. All of them were killed completely.

Im like a hamster on a wheel. Im always busy meeting my fathers decisions, and I cant meet my fathers expectations, she said.

If later, she could not break away from her resentment and reach a reconciliation with her father, she would not be mature today.

There is a real story in the psychology book the body never forgets.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, five-year-old Noam Saul saw a plane crash into the twin towers, less than 500 meters from hell.

NOM, like tens of thousands of people in downtown Manhattan, fled in the rubble and smoke.

Ten days later, an old man came to visit Noams home, a well-known psychobiologist named Roger Sperry.

Noam showed his grandfather a painting he had painted on September 12 - the clumsy lines showed a plane crashing into a building, a ball of fire, firemen in and out, and little black men jumping out of the window.

But there is a black circle at the foot of the tower.

The old man asked what it was. Trampoline, Noam replied.

Why is there a trampoline here? NOM said, so that the next time people jump out of the building, its safe.

5-year-old Noams painting the body will not forget

In every young persons mind, a bad native family is almost a disaster.

I can understand your pain.

However, there are so many people who have broken away or are struggling to break free.

There is a mushroom law in psychology, which says that people are destined to experience different hardships and thorns in their growth, just like mushrooms that just emerge, and live close to the ground in dark corners, such as unhappy families, departments that are not valued, and errands when they are new to the workplace;

He is often splashed with dirty water, like groundless criticism, aggrieved back pot Nothing is easier than to live and die.

Its only when the mushrooms are tall enough to be seen that they have left the dirty, wet ground and have a straight posture.

Every human being has two lives: the first is born from the mothers body, and the second is from the symbiotic link of parents.

Who hasnt had a few rolls in the mud? Those mushrooms that can stand up, in addition to IQ, EQ also have a kind of strength called counter attack.

Many people have become Chen Baolian, trapped in grief and indignation, and refuse to turn over.

So smart you must understand, I am not repeating the gossip of female stars, I am feeling life.

Figure Mao Xiaotongs microblog

In Shisheng, tokono wrote a great Vernacular: its useless to be pessimistic. Everyone wants to be born in a good family, but they cant choose their parents. You can only play as well as you can.

Salted fish girl is easy to do, and girl after tomorrow is rare.

On, catch the fate of the king fried or rotten card, try to play it well.

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