Zheng Xiyi, the most deadly iron man

 Zheng Xiyi, the most deadly iron man

The reason why some people lose interest in the program is, frankly speaking, not cool.

The sisters of the first episode of Xi program group seem to have fallen into the rules of the game designed by the program group.

Wu Xin, a Buddhist, is both a lower fork and a handspring. He also has a fighting spirit and starts to want to win.

I dont want to be a group and refuse to dance peacefully. After practicing dancing, I can eat quick acting Jiuxin pills, and the soul of the troupe begins to go up.

The sisters are cruel, but they are all facing themselves, the program group is not so humble, and the drama of pulling each others heads may not be expected.

Some people think its normal that they dont have any fun, but I think the current sister Lang is more to my appetite.

Zhang Yuqi once said in an interview before that the female group itself is too rich.

And the later the program is broadcast, the richer the faces the sisters will show and the more understanding the audience will have of them.

In the past, the perfect sister also has shortcomings. What I didnt like in the past will also have a flash point.

Zhenxiang scenes are everywhere.

Im discovering the lovely side of everyone. Its terrible, you know.

And, of course, her own.

Personal solo, singing and dancing are good, the aura is 2.8 meters.

The same group of Wu Xin all make a face muddled: you obviously grow a look at not like can cry face!

I have to admit, the most lethal is the iron mans tenderness. Recently, her love for xixizi is growing day by day. Today I want to talk to you about her.

Just received sister Lang invitation, Zheng Xiyis first reaction is: who will participate? In my heart, I think this program cant be done.

If you want to find a female artist who has already made her debut, you still need 30 +. Who has the courage?

She did not refuse or promise, and said to the staff: if this program is really successful, you can ask me again.

I didnt expect that they would do it.

She has been on the road for 18 years. If she wants to compete with others, she will face losing and elimination. She thinks it has something to do with face.

Ask yourself repeatedly: can I bear it?

On the other hand, she is also very clear: once missed, there may not be such an opportunity again.

On the first day, the tutor team was very kind, but on the second day, it all changed, we are serious, not here to play.

The older sisters played more seriously.

Maybe even the director group didnt expect that these sisters would go home after recording the program at first, but later they didnt even return home, and they kept adding classes and more classes.

Everyone doesnt want to collapse when you see everyone working so hard.

She has no special expectation to turn red, because she has been popular for so many years. Up to now, she has accepted that she is not a red person.

After all, as Huang Ling said, what is red but not red is metaphysics.

As for the red out of the circle nod to kill, it is only a unexpected harvest.

Moreover, Zheng Xiyi always seems to have a bad breath between her and Dahong. Maybe some bad luck experiences have made her the person she is today.

02 ciyunshan doesnt believe in tears

Although she is a Hong Kong girl, she is from Shanghai. She moved to Hong Kong with her family at the age of 10.

Zheng Xiyi and her mother

It is said that she was ostracized by her classmates just in the past, but she chose the positive gang and successfully fought back, so she got the nickname sister Qiong of Ciyun mountain.

But before the final, she received an invitation from British boss Yang Shoucheng, promising that she could make a debut in the twins.

The condition was that she quit the game. But when Zheng Xiyi really withdrew from the competition, Yang Shoucheng failed to keep his promise because Zheng Xiyi was too high.

I can only work in silence.

It seems that she has nothing to do with her.

In a sense, she was even unlucky..

In 2006, she took part in TVBs happy Donghua show, performing a flying man in the air. As a result, her pants were torn off by her co-operative actors, revealing that her underpants were dropped on the safety net.

Later, in a singing competition in Canada, she did not realize it until she was covered by someone.

Many people scolded her for hype, saying that she was deliberately calling her the queen of all.

Thats not all.

Her friend Ying caier had been crying, but she did not. Also comfort friends: iamok

What level of iron man is this?

When something happens, accept it and think about how to step forward.

But sister Qiong of Ciyun mountain, who almost died and didnt cry at that time, has collapsed in recent programs.

No matter how to protect her iron man side, her inner softness is still seen.

Zheng Xiyi, who began to learn singing at the age of 13-4, was taught by Pan Shenghua, also a teacher of Huang Ling.

He thought Zheng Xiyis voice was very good. And he may be the first person in the world to praise Zheng Xiyis voice.

Zheng Xiyi remembers what the teacher said to herself and wanted to prove it to the teacher. So every time before she went on stage to prepare for the performance, she would say, teacher, Im going to perform. I hope I can perform well..

Iron mans tenderness is more than that.

Sigongs ankle sprained, which was nothing to her. She was used to some accidents in her life, but it would affect the whole team, which made her feel very guilty.

She said that what made her feel the most pressure in the program was the elimination. Although she knew that everyone would meet again after the elimination, she was still very uncomfortable when the sisters who had been training together for dinner and chatting had gone away.

But at the same time, she also attaches great importance to love.

In front of her husband, she can also be a gentle little woman. In front of her daughter, she is a daughter slave. In front of her best friend Ying caier, she will directly say that she eats Xiaochuns vinegar, because he has robbed her sister.

She can make you look handsome.

Play a dish


Play drift

Zheng Xiyi, like this, is more attractive to me than she was called the coolest sister because of her nodding to kill.

She said she liked herself very much and felt that this was her best time.

No one can beat her.

She knows more about herself, believes in herself, knows what she wants, and has a sense of responsibility to take care of her family and all the people she loves.

The director group of sister Lang once asked her sisters:

What are you spelling?

At first, Zheng Xiyi, who thought it would be good to stay for two or three periods, said:

If you want to play, you have to play to the end.

Now its almost the final, Im going to take the first place, you know?

As Du Haitao said to Wu Xin, everyones eyes are shining.

Perhaps the best place to watch this program is the light in the eyes of the sisters. Its the strength and courage of women, the beauty they forget.

When Zheng Xiyi released her first album, she once wrote a sentence to herself:

I hope my life is not flat, I hope my life is high and low, I think it is wonderful.

I hope this sisters peak time is coming.


Note: the pictures of this article are from the unconventional Road, the elder sister riding the wind and the waves, Zheng Xiyis microblog, and her sisters microblog and network.