A good girl meets a wild boy: talking about a boyfriend is like raising a child. Its really a pit for me

 A good girl meets a wild boy: talking about a boyfriend is like raising a child. Its really a pit for me

His mother was forced to marry, he gave birth prematurely, and his father didnt care. His mother borrowed money from all over the place to save him and wanted to get a divorce, but it never came true. Now I have been separated for more than ten years.

He followed his mother before he was 6 years old. Later, he was fostered in the second uncles house to study in Grade 6. The second uncles family didnt like him. He was educated by beating and scolding since childhood. Bamboo strips, clothes hangers, leather whips and everything.

Later, his mother found that he did not like to laugh, so she fostered him from the second uncles home to his uncles. His uncles family is very strict, do not hit him, but let him mental pressure, all kinds of please everyone.

During the Spring Festival of 19 years, he said that he wanted to commit suicide. He wanted to know whether his mother would regret it or not. He hoped that when others scolded him, someone would sing a white face.

Because of this kind of environment, he went to the Northeast far away from the University, but when he met people who were ill, he was loaned on the campus by the teachers who set up the institution. He did not dare to tell his family that he had to raise money in various ways, which led to his academic waste. Then I heard that the teacher was in prison.

From small to large, he loves reading, teachers and classmates like him very much. He said he had been camouflaged well outside, but he had already reached the limit. When he is not satisfied, he will slap himself in the face, and then throw things. When he gets better, he still gets excited.

His work in the past two years has not been smooth. He has not been more than three months. He cant deal with worldly affairs. Moreover, he has a deep estrangement from his mother. He also hated it. He always said that he had knelt for too long and couldnt get up.

I dont know how to relieve his pain and how to help him. I sincerely hope to get professional advice!

The first picture shows his state of coming home from work recently, because he is tired of part-time job, and his mood is not good recently.

The third picture is to say that he has a habit of cleanliness, and he basically does all the household hygiene.

Cold love reply:

Through this story, our creative team especially wants to give some life advice to the post-95 and even the post-00s.

As the front wave of riding the wind and waves, from our life experience, there are two things in love that deserve the attention of little girls

First, we summed up a rule: men love to save the wind and dust, women love to be the virgin.

Like this story, its too miserable to see the boy. How miserable he was before he was six years old. Later, he was fostered in the second uncles house, and then he was fostered to his uncles house. He felt that he was a dog, and then he was trapped by the teacher.

Obviously, these descriptions must have been told by the boy to the girl.

Therefore, when a person appears in front of a girl like this, such a dramatic life, such a tortuous life, is simply too different, too exciting.

Compared with him, it seems that our little girl obviously feels that her life is boring. From childhood to most, she is peaceful and peaceful. She takes an exam and goes to school. Thats all.

If someone else is a child running in the wilderness, the female owner is a child who has been walking on a safe track and always wants to get out of the track.

This is a typical story of a good girl meeting a wild child.

We must pay attention to something. We should be on guard against all people or things that make us big.

If we meet people who can make themselves small and let them learn more, or if there are some people who can lead us to pursue higher wisdom, this kind of experience is the real growth for us.

At this time, the big has exceeded the actual situation, so we must be vigilant.

Second, young people must experience more.

Of course, I know that there will be good love and good life in accordance with such a path.

However, for most people, we need to know some people, experience some things and establish some relationships before we know what we want.

Perhaps at first glance, this kind of wandering sad man is very attractive, but when it comes to the real life of firewood, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, security and a safe life, it is another thing.

Here, I would like to remind this girl that if you look more, choose more and experience more different people, you may be more conducive to finding the person you want.