Wu Xi: I hope you can put more energy on the court and complain less about negative energy

 Wu Xi: I hope you can put more energy on the court and complain less about negative energy

Because of the epidemic situation, there are some worries in all aspects of this years preparation period. When it comes to the preparation of Suning team, is there such a different mood?

Wu Xi: first of all, I think the whole preparation period is relatively long. Due to the impact of the epidemic, our coach did not come back to lead the team, but he also used some network means to command and arrange his arrangements through translation. We are all in accordance with the previous plan. On the whole, we are well prepared.

The outside world has some knowledge of coach oraroyou commanding the team training in the cloud. What kind of help does he have for the running in of the whole team in this way, or does he ease the tension of everyones mentality?

Wu Xi: a team coach is very important, and then because he has jet lag. Maybe he has a lot of time difference in Europe. When we train, he may be in the early morning. For example, in some of our games, the time on their side is in the early morning or in the morning, and he will also get up to watch our training. I feel very dedicated, and he also hopes that through his way, we can have some good performances in the long preparation period.

The League came back in a thousand calls with the attitude of calling for a million hearts, and scored the goal in the first game. Is this goal also a reward for the efforts made at this stage?

Wu Xi: Yes, because after all, we played very hard in that game. At one time, we were two goals behind. At that time, we leveled as soon as possible, including the final anti overtaking. Finally, we realized the reversal and won the victory. I think it is a good reward not only for me, but also for the whole team, for all the people in this period and for all the people in the club.

The competition with Dalian people was extremely fierce before, including the second round match with Luneng, and there was also a knife mountain ball with Kadar. Did that kind of instant collision also reflect that the competition of this years League is very fast?

Wu Xi: first of all, I think that this kind of match system may be more accidental. I think everyone needs to go all out to fight for it in every game. Maybe as a player, my attention may be totally on the ball. Maybe that ball also caused him (getting a red card). I believe he didnt mean it on purpose, but the current rules may have some influence on his action. I think everyones actions on the court, including the antagonism, are very intense.

After the start of the season, the competition has its own characteristics, such as reversals, draws, wins, maybe a moment of relaxation or biting. The result of the game is different, isnt it?

Wu Xi: I think so, including the fact that we can reverse and win in the first game. I think we can have a new understanding of our mentality. The difficulty of this kind of competition system has sounded an alarm for ourselves and will help us to play in the future.

There is something special about this years empty matches in the league. Whats the difference in the feeling of the game?

Wu Xi: first of all, it is an empty court. Before that, I saw that many European games were held in this way. Players may enter the state slower than before. Then, for our players, how to integrate into this atmosphere as soon as possible, I think it may be necessary for us to adjust slowly.

We can often hear you shouting with your teammates clearly on the field in the open game. As a veteran and captain, what role do you want to play in the whole team?

Wu Xi: every team is the same, not only the team leader, but also some key personnel in the team need to direct and remind them, because football is a team project.

During the training, we can see that the atmosphere of preparation created by the director of oraroyou is relatively relaxed. He has been saying that he is a coach willing to communicate with players. What kind of communication has the manager had with you?

Wu Xi: at this stage, it may be more about telling everyone that the next game will be very important, not just winning the ball. Because this kind of competition system matches every four or five days. Dont relax. To recover as soon as possible, how to focus on the next game, he will tell us that.

After these games, Suning team has completed a relatively high starting point. From the content instilled by the head coach, what direction does he want to lead the team to?

Wu Xi: he hopes that we can play as a strong team. No matter which opponent we meet, there are more details in it. He will also remind us, including facing each opponent, what kind of way we should use, what kind of formation we should use to limit the opponent, and then find the loopholes of the opponent. I think he hopes that we can Do it well.

Hotel, training ground, competition field, three oclock one-line season life is a bit boring, but the game is relatively fierce, in the next two months, how is the state of the whole team recently? How is the team going to change?

Wu Xi: maybe every team and every staff member may face the same problems. Then I think that if this is a rule or the only way, it can only be adjusted by ourselves, and we cant complain about anything. At ordinary times, we can chat more, drink tea, including some entertainment items to play, which can better adjust. I think the main thing now is to put all my energy into these games. I dont need to think so much about my normal life. Maybe I cant accompany my family. I think these may have some impact.

Each opponent in Dalian competition area is a cruel role. In response to the intensive schedule and strong opponents, what other aspects do you think we need to adjust?

Wu Xi: I think the psychological aspect is that with the increase of competition and time, there will be psychological fatigue and how to adjust it. Especially physically, how can some minor injuries be overcome? I think its a long two months to think about.

In the next game, did you reach a tacit agreement, that is, what kind of position should Suning team reach in the group?

Wu Xi: Although the last few games have passed and a good start has been made, it is still playing one game at a time. Dont think about the third game, for example, you think of the second stage, or think of the second round of these games, each opponent is very strong, the key is how to play our advantages. To be able to suppress opponents and get the results we want from them, I think its what every game should think about right now.

As a veteran and captain of the team, do you have an expectation for your performance?

Wu Xi: I hope that through my own performance, I can let some young people in the team see it, no matter in the training competition or in life, because now in this kind of environment, I hope they dont close themselves too much, and they also need to practice more. Whether youre going to the field or in the house or in the gym, you can practice more. I think from these aspects, I hope they can learn more, but in other places, such as the match field, I think I am also a member of the team. How to make the team achieve results is a problem everyone should consider.

After a period of life in the blue area, there is still a period of time to fight. What do you want to express to the fans, family members and teammates?

Wu Xi: for the fans, it is impossible for them to come to the scene to watch the ball, but we also interact with each other through some means to know that they are also very concerned about us, including during the epidemic period, they also went to see our training through the net. Thank them very much. And then, whether its good or bad, we always support us. I think we need such real fans to give us more care. For my family, because I have children, I cant accompany her or my wife for such a long time. I think its also an experience for them. I hope that after the game is over, I can go back and make up for it with my own actions. With my teammates, I hope that, indeed, it has been a long time. I hope that the team-mates can put all their energy on the court, complain less and have less negative energy, and the overall situation may be better.

Source: Netease sports Author: a Fei, editor in charge: Xu Song_ NS1943