The frequent involvement of VaR in the match arouses the attention of the Football Association, and individual referees are stopped inside

 The frequent involvement of VaR in the match arouses the attention of the Football Association, and individual referees are stopped inside

Speaking of the referees decisions in the new season, we have to re mention the concept of between net matches. According to the official data, the average net game time in the first three rounds of CSL this season is 50 minutes and 32 seconds, which is significantly lower than 52 minutes and 29 seconds in the same period of last season. In this round of competition, in addition to Henan Jianye and Guangzhou Fuli net competition time more than 60 minutes, only Beijing Zhonghe Guoan and Tianjin TEDA, Guangzhou Hengda and Shenzhen jiazhaoye have net competition time of more than 50 minutes. In other competitions, the net competition time between Hebei Huaxia happiness and Chongqing Contemporary was only 42 minutes and 49 seconds, less than half of the normal 90 minutes. The most impressive scene of the match on the spot was undoubtedly the fourth official raising his card to make up 10 minutes in the second half of the game.

If we say that 10 minutes of extra time is abnormal, then in a considerable part of the Chinese Super League matches this season, especially in the second half of each game, make-up time of about 5 minutes has already been common. In addition to the compensation time caused by players injuries and other factors, the frequent intervention of VaR is also the main reason for the long supplementary time. In this regard, the outside world has raised questions, and even the participating teams, football circles and the media have criticized the excessive dependence on VAR in the process of law enforcement by CSL referees.

Judging from the previous three rounds of matches, most of the referees in CSL play an active role and make accurate decisions. As for the too long time of VaR intervention, it is also related to some objective factors such as force majeure. For example, according to the specific arrangement of the referee work of the Chinese Super League, there are six referees participating in the law enforcement in each game. They are one chief referee, one fourth official, two assistant referees, one video assistant referee and one additional (Assistant) video assistant referee. In addition, in order to ensure the proper operation of VaR technology, CFA also specially invited Eagle Eye company professionals (1 per game) to assist in the application of VaR in CSL.

In view of the problems of various referees in the first three rounds of the Chinese Super League, the referee Department of the Chinese Football Association has organized a special meeting after the match. And before the fourth round of competition, the paper puts forward the requirements of further improving the judgment work for all the law enforcement referees in the two competition areas, and instructs the referees, including var operators, to speed up the operation rate of VaR intervention as much as possible, so as to improve the efficiency of judgment. It is understood that recently, Chinese Super referees have consciously strengthened the simulation operation training of VaR intervention. Judging from the two matches that have been finished in the fourth round, the referees have consciously carried out the specific work according to the new spirit.

It should be noted that the CFA this year for the management of the super law enforcement referees, reward and punishment measures are also strict. In the first three rounds of competition, individual referees who made serious mistakes and missed judgments have been punished by internal stop. According to the regulations, the Chinese Football Association will not disclose the specific processing information.

Source: - responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily: Li Siming_ BJS2696