On Hong Kong foreign aid: Wu Leis strength is very good, the running position is good, the speed is fast, we are very similar

 On Hong Kong foreign aid: Wu Leis strength is very good, the running position is good, the speed is fast, we are very similar

In the first show with two wonderful goals for the Hong Kong team to win a good start, after coming to the Super League, your adaptability seems to be quite good.

Lopez: because it is the first game, the first game of the league, so it is very important. As for adapting to the team, in fact, I have been in the team for almost half a year, and we have been in the stage of running in training these months. Of course, I have a better understanding of Asia and adapt more quickly. In addition, I also pay more attention to speed training in training, and I have more running on the field. Speed is also one of my characteristics, and I will fight to the last minute on the court, and I will try my best to help the team.

Chinese fans are no stranger to your level and strength, but as we all know, the CSL has made everyone wait for a long time. How much preparation will be affected, but you cant feel such influence from your performance?

Lopez: I dont think its going to affect me, but its the same for most other people. Although there was no competition during the epidemic period, I still insisted on training, and the training did not stop. Even when I went back to Brazil and when I was with my family, I kept on training and kept myself in a better condition. When I came back to the team, I always kept a state, training has been consistent, so I keep a better state.

From an opponent to a teammate, I have my own feelings about the CSL after the match. What is the difference between it and what you have been impressed with?

Lopez: I said in an interview before, its hard to make such a comparison, but for the Shanghai team, its a little different. Because for the club, the whole lineup has a big impact. For example, if you invest in the club, for example, if you have a larger budget here, you will be more powerful. Of course, it is also a running in of the lineup. Shanghai has done a very good job in this respect, because now they are more united.

Leonardo is your former teammate in all North Hyundai. Did he give you some advice before you chose to come to CSL?

Lopez: he and I have always had a lot of communication, and we usually talk more about it, because they are Brazilians. Moreover, when I came to Shanghai, he also said welcome to me, including when he went to Shandong. We had more exchanges on football.

The Shanghai team has a large number of big players, especially after a few years of running in, they have formed a set of mature technical and tactical playing methods, so how do you quickly find your own positioning?

Lopez: I think there will be such a situation in many teams. There are many outstanding players and young players. Most teams in Asia are like this. Including our team also has many top players, such as Oscar, Hulk are the same. I think my arrival is at most a team mate, and then I have to do is to help the team, together to win a championship, this is my role.

In the first match of the league, you once played with hulk and anutovic for about 10 minutes. It can be said that the three attackers gathered together. How do you view the competition and coexistence between you?

Lopez: if I choose, I think all the foreign players will be able to play, but its the coach and the rules of the game that will ultimately decide. Of course, for the head coach to observe, for example, the state of the game or training, I think Anu is a very good player, and is a very characteristic player. Every player of us is the same. What we want to do is to perform well and help the team. No matter who plays, its up to the head coach.

There was once a very important forward player named Wu Lei who played in La Liga last season. I wonder if you have any impression on him?

Lopez: Im impressed with him because we played in 2016 and I thought it was a very good player at that time. And now it has been proved that he has played in La Liga, and he is a fast player with good running position, which is similar to me, so we are similar in these two aspects.

As a matter of fact, the fans also feel the similarity between you and him, so it is certainly a great expectation to compare you with him. How would you rate your technical style? Or do you think you can bring more than you expected?

Lopez: Im still happy. The fans can judge me like this. Because I think Wu Lei is a more successful player in the team. He has also brought a lot of honors to Shanghai, and he has also brought a lot of help to the team. Then I also hope that I can make more contributions to the team and help the team to a higher level. As for the difference, I think its hard to compare with other players because I dont like to make a comparison with other players. But Wu Lei and I have one thing in common, both on the field and off the field, are the same, that is to do a good job to show themselves and then help the team. Its not just the two of us. I think every one of us is the same, its like this.

Wu Lei once won the best shooter in the Chinese Super League. It is not easy to achieve such a goal in the competition with big brand forwards. Now that you have been discussed with him, do you have your own goals in this regard?

Lopez: I dont usually talk about my goals or goals. I think I want something. For example, when someone asks who will win the Chinese Super League in 2020, others will say that Lopezs name is on it. I dont want to talk about how many goals I want to score. I think the most important thing is the team as a whole, This is the most important thing. Because this is what we have been focusing on, that is, we are going to take the first place and win the championship. I think so, so does the club.

Its been a few months since I came to the team. How do you get along with your teammates?

Lopez: I think Ive been used to it since January, and Ive adapted faster. And we are usually together for a long time. We go to training together, including joking. And now there is no problem at all, because we have already adapted to it before.

Did the team-mates take you to experience something with Chinese characteristics? Like food?

Lopez: we went out to eat together, but we seldom had Chinese food. But I had a soup. I forgot the name. But my teammates and I have already made an appointment. When we leave here, we will go out to dinner with Lin Chuang Yi, Anuo and Chen Binbin. Before that, I had more meals with my friends, that is, some Brazilian friends, and then I had more meals with my teammates, Oscar and Hulk.

The competition of the competition system is really different from the past. Can we get used to such closed life and training?

Lopez: I think it is against such a background that there is no way out. But I think weve adapted, and theres no problem. And thank you for the league this year, we will abide by the rules and try to make everything go smoothly. I dont think its very difficult for our players, because we are usually concentrated when we are in the squad, closed and then live together in a hotel. We have already adapted to this kind of life.

Different systems mean a lot of uncertainty. Will that affect your goals and your teams goals? As a player who has won the League Championship and the Asian championship, what kind of breakthrough do you hope to make in 2020?

Lopez: I think the goal is to win the championship, and the goal of all of us is to win the champion of the Chinese Super League, including the champion of the Asian championship. I always want to win even if it is a group confrontation. I have a strong desire to win. I also want to win in a small group confrontation. My teammates are the same, because everyones goal is the same, they are all to win the championship.

Because the game is temporarily closed to the public, you cant feel the interaction with the fans on the spot. What do you want to say to those fans who have given you a lot of expectations and have greater expectations for you in the future?

Lopez: I think its hard for me to adapt to this situation because its also the first time to accept that there are no fans. Of course, we want to have fans around us, cheer us on in the stadium and cheer on our players. Of course, this situation is not suitable for us now, because it is empty and there are no fans, but we should also try our best to play a good game and dedicate a wonderful game to all the people and fans. Of course, I hope all the fans can cheer for us at home. We will give more wonderful games to the fans, and then we will win another championship for you.

Can you show us some simple Chinese?

Lopez: Hello, thank you.

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