Xie Feng: we still need to observe the state of foreign aid in defending against Guoan

 Xie Feng: we still need to observe the state of foreign aid in defending against Guoan

Xie Feng: Guoan is now the only team to win in Dalian and Suzhou. From the results, it also shows the strength and stability of the team. After three games, each team has some injuries, which depends on the ability of the substitutes and young players. I hope that when young players have the chance to play, they can show their ability on the field, put down the burden and play more confident. Suzhou weather is also relatively hot, especially the main players, through these games, the players consume more, physical reaction is more tired. So this week we mainly focused on physical recovery and adjustment, and carried out tactical training for the situation of national security. I think the most important thing to play against a strong team is to do a good job in defense. In particular, we must reduce the unnecessary mistakes of our players and seize the opportunity in the attack to win the game. We want to play in accordance with our own tactics and try to unify our ideas.

Reporter: when will the foreign aid center back meimishevitch return to the team? What adjustments will the team make in view of his absence?

Xie Feng: Meimi felt a little uncomfortable on the field and was replaced. Through the treatment and examination, he recovered quickly, including seeing him the day after the game. He felt that his physical condition was still very good, but he felt tired. In order to protect the players, we will further check him and consider whether he will play in the game against Guoan according to his own situation.

Reporter: facing the leader of Suzhou competition area, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, what attitude do you hope the team will take in this game?

Zhang Chengdong: Guoan is a very rich and historical club in CSL. We are looking forward to competing and competing with competitors like Guoan. We are also very excited. We are all actively recovering and we all hope to be in the best condition to meet national security and challenge our opponents. We will also put their own mentality relatively low, put their own mentality to fight the opponent, hoping to achieve good results.

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