Four reasons for Gao Yuantings life

 Four reasons for Gao Yuantings life

Many female stars in the entertainment industry are labeled as goddess, but in fact, they may not be so goddess.

Fantasy love, like talent, is every young girl has had a vision.

However, Mr. Ye always believed that no matter how much he loved, he could not break through his moral bottom line.

Lets talk about Gao Yuanyuan today.

Zhang Yadong, Xia Yu and Yu Xiaowei were all fascinated by her. Why did they marry Zhao Youting?

PS: it doesnt mean black people. Its just a description of the facts of that year.

01 goddess of the past

Gao Yuanyuan was born in Beijing in 1979. Her parents are both intellectuals. She pays great attention to her education, so she always has a scholarly spirit.

Gao Yuanyuan was a little beauty since childhood. He is very popular both at home and at school.

In this way, Gao Yuanyuan entered the performing arts circle as an advertising model.

Whether it was Gao Yuanyuan before, or Gao Yuanyuan now, there is always a fresh and sweet temperament that makes people feel good about it.

Gao Yuanyuan did not have a professional performance study. When he applied for University, he did not go to a film and television school. Instead, he studied economic management.

However, because of her good appearance and temperament, she did not hinder her development in the performing arts circle at all.

Because of her excellent performance in advertising models, she started acting in TV the next year.

After that, Gao Yuanyuan was out of control and acted as a minor supporting role in a TV play.

In 2003, she played Zhou Zhiruo in the story of killing the Dragon by relying on heaven. Her gentle, cruel and vicious acting skills let the audience know Gao Yuanyuan.

From an unknown advertising girl to becoming a first-line actress, Gao Yuanyuan walked smoothly all the way.

Gao Yuanyuans appearance is really very durable. No matter in movies and TV series, or in the press conference, or in the daily street, she is full of goddess.

She also became a goddess in the eyes of many homestead men.

Two years of love with Zhang Yadong

The relationship between Gao Yuanyuan and Zhang Yadong, Gao Yuanyuan is really involved in the whole body and mind, but the final result is not good.

First of all, a letter from Gao Yuanyuan to Zhang Yadong:

By the way, is it Valentines day? You certainly dont know. I think it should be. I suddenly feel funny. I cant remember what we were doing in the past five Valentines days, but it doesnt matter. I remember every moment of your life and your appearance. Do you know what I like best? I like the way you hide in your scarf, the way you play the piano, the way you walk (I want to imitate you), and the way you read the three of us to me...

Zhang Yadong is very talented. He used to work in the literary troupe of Datong Mining Bureau. The troupe has a lot of money. The troupe has various musical instruments, which are very good.

Zhang Yadong had musical talent since he was a child. Since he arrived in this troupe, he taught himself all kinds of musical instruments. Finally, he became a master of musical instruments and began to create his own works.

Later, he went to Beijing and met Dou Wei. At the same time, he got to know Dou Ying, the harmony singer, and Wang Fei.

After getting along with each other for a long time, Zhang Yadong got on well with Dou Ying and got married.

At that time, two couples cooperated to create many famous scenes in the music world at that time.

Later, after Faye Wong and Dou Wei left, Zhang Yadong followed Faye Wong to be a producer, and the two worked together in a tacit understanding.

Faye Wong is a mug gourd, Zhang Yadong also extremely does not like to talk, two people stay very comfortable.

In about 2000, Gao Yuanyuan went to play with a friends recorder and met Zhang Yadong.

Gao Yuanyuan himself described Zhang Yadong as in love at first sight. Seeing him for the first time was like seeing a plant and wanted to take good care of him.

So, he asked Zhang Yadongs phone number with his friend. Coincidentally, Zhang Yadong also asked for Gao Yuanyuans phone number with that friend before he left, which was the beginning of tacit understanding.

Zhang Yadong doesnt talk much, but his words are all on the point. He is also talented. No matter what musical instruments are handy, how can a girl in her twenties not be fascinated by such a man?

Gao Yuanyuan and Zhang Yadong have something in common in some aspects of cognition, especially in the treatment of feelings.

They both think that once a person changes his heart or falls in love with others, you cant say that he is morally corrupt, only that he is growing up.

This can be found in every relationship of Gao Yuanyuan.

At that time, Zhang Yadong and Dou Ying were still married, and they had a son. Gao Yuanyuan was actually a third party.

Dou Ying is a very independent woman. After knowing the news, she chose to divorce Zhang Yadong, without any hesitation.

In this relationship, Gao Yuanyuan is totally new and devoted to Zhang Yadong for five years in a row. He has always fantasized about marrying him. However, the good times will not last long.

It seems to confirm the saying that the green man must be green, and they are not married.

The love affair lasted for five years. The paparazzi photographed Zhang Yadong and Xu Jinglei eating and shopping together, and the news at that time was very popular.

Perhaps because he was too much in love, he couldnt tolerate the other partys mistakes, or he couldnt wait for the news of his marriage. Gao Yuanyuan was disappointed and finally chose to break up.

Many years later, Gao Yuanyuan responded to this relationship, saying that once Zhang Yadong and Xu Jinglei were on good terms, Zhang Yadong confessed to her and did not cheat her like a fool. She was very grateful to Zhang Yadong for this.

To be sure, after the breakup, Gao Yuanyuan was very sad for a time. We can see it in her writing.

Gao Yuanyuan really has a deep hope in this relationship. He hopes to marry Zhang Yadong, but he has to wait for Xu Jinglei.

03 Gao Yuanyuan and Xia Yu

After Gao Yuanyuan and Zhang Yadong broke up, they did not publicize in front of the media, but quietly broke up.

It was not until early 2006, when Gao Yuanyuan attended the event, that he revealed that he was currently single.

In 2007, there were also media reports that Gao Yuanyuan and Zhang Yadong appeared together, and there were rumors that they were reunited. However, Gao Yuanyuan responded directly:

Well be friends for life. Its normal for us to be photographed, but we wont get back together.

She has never deliberately avoided the old love, once deeply loved, and then deeply hurt. All are good memories. The end of a relationship can only be said to be due to this.

In 2007, it was reported that Xia Yu and Yuan Quan broke up, but there was no response from each other.

At that time, Xia Yu and Yuan Quan belonged to the same brokerage company, and the company had been creating their own model lovers. Suddenly, the news of breaking up broke up. Many netizens were very curious, but there was no real hammer.

A staff member of the brokerage company said that at that time, the two people often quarreled. They were very busy at work, and they gathered less and separated more. Moreover, Yuan Quan was very angry, and Xia Yu coaxed him to and fro and was exhausted.

At the beginning of 2007, Xia Yu and Gao Yuanyuan rehearsed the drama sexual encounter.

At this time, it happens that Gao Yuanyuan is out of love injury, and Xia Yu and Yuan Quan have a period of emotional burnout, and everything is just right.

At this time, there is another person busy working, that is the first paparazzi Zhuo Wei.

At that time, Zhuoweis paparazzi business was already very famous in the industry. Many people around the stars would go with Zhuowei to make some extra money.

I didnt expect that in April 2007, after the end of the performance in Poly Theater, Gao Yuanyuan followed Xia Yus car to Xia Yus home after the whole cast dinner.

Zhuo Wei followed him closely. He took photos of two people going upstairs in the underground parking lot of Xia Yus house. He also took two consecutive pictures of them going home with Xia Yu for two nights. He settled down on their relationship and exposed their love.

At that time, everyone reviled Gao Yuanyuan for intervening in Xia Yu and Yuan Quan. They called Gao Yuanyuan a fox spirit and a third party. In fact, before that, Xia Yu and Yuan Quan had problems.

As soon as the news came to light, even Xia Yus brokerage company was in a daze, because Xia Yu and Yuan Quan didnt say goodbye to the company, and then Xia Yus agent admitted that they broke up before giving up.

Not long after that, Yuan Quan appeared on an interview program and was asked about the breakup. Yuan Quan was so sad that he couldnt stop crying.

It is said that after seeing the interview, Gao Yuanyuan felt guilty and chose to break up with Xia Yu.

Soon after, Xia Yu and Yuan Quan got back together.

Maybe its a conscience discovery, maybe its that being with him has affected the career, or maybe its that I dont love him that much. Anyway, its a complete break.

04 Gao Yuanyuan and Yu Xiaowei

Many young netizens may not know Yu Xiaowei. He used to be very popular, but in the end he was confused.

In the past, he has appeared in films and TV series such as mens and womens looks, glory of the Tang Dynasty, rouge snow and so on. Although he is not a top male star, he has been seen frequently for a while.

At the beginning of 2007, they filmed men and women together and went shopping in their spare time.

Yu Xiaowei was also mistaken for Yu wenle in the street. Gao Yuanyuan said with a smile that he was Yu wenle.

They were friends then.

Two months after breaking up with Xia Yu, a reporter photographed Gao Yuanyuan and Yu Xiaowei very close, but they only said they were good friends.

It was not until 2009 that Zhuo Wei, who was our first paparazzi, took a picture of two people hugging each other.

However, the relationship has not been optimistic from the beginning.

In 2010, when Yu Xiaowei was shooting love you all my life, he had a good time talking with an actress in the same crew. In his spare time, he would go out for a drink. Somehow, Gao Yuanyuan knew about it and even sent a text message to warn him. At that time, Yu Xiaowei was very embarrassed in the crew.

Yu Xiaowei is a very traditional man. He always feels that he is a big man all the time. He doesnt like Gao Yuanyuans control, and conflicts are growing.

Later, Yu Xiaowei said in an interview that the two broke up because they got together less and separated from each other. They could not meet several times a year. It was really difficult for them to break up. Moreover, they would never find anyone in the circle to be friends in the future.

However, some media reports revealed that Yu Xiaowei split up first. After Gao Yuanyuan knew about it, he broke up in anger.

When shooting, the two people in front of the entire crew of more than 100 people, as if no one else discharge each other.

Chen Kaige also said in an interview in 2012: when I made this film, I told Chen Hong that the leading actor and heroine of this play would fall in love with each other.

It is said that during the last parting scene, they held each other for a long time, and even the staff around them quietly left, leaving only two people, sorry to disturb them.

And Xia Yu together, and inexplicably do fox spirit, was the National People scolded, Xia Yu did not say a word for her.

When he was with Yu Xiaowei, he was younger than her and couldnt hold her. They were not so equal from the beginning to the end.

On the other hand, Zhao Youting crushed three people at once.

After the open war with Gao Yuanzi, Gao Yuanzi was admitted to have a date with Gao Yuanzi.

Gao Yuanyuan has always been praised as a very good woman. She will cherish her and love her all her life.

No matter whether he participates in any interview program, if he is asked about Gao Yuanyuan, he will say that Gao Yuanyuan is the most beautiful, perfect and loves Gao Yuanyuan most.

Its really sweet to the audience.

A reporter asked Zhao Youting: now Gao Yuanyuan is still everyones house man goddess, what do you think?

Zhao Youting said angrily, why do so many young and beautiful girls like married women? Its time for you to change.

Zhao Youting replied directly: they feel so good about themselves. Who do they think they are? Do you have a chance without me? Think of beauty

As long as facing with Gao Yuanyuans question, Zhao Youting is the first time to come forward to respond, fully protect his wife, and take his wife as the first priority.

Perhaps, this is the reason why Zhao Youting defeated Zhang Yadong, Xia Yu and Yu Xiaowei.

In this half of my life, I saw mountains, water and fireworks in the world. I found that you are the most suitable man for me.

As Gao Yuanyuan said, when we change our minds, we cant say that we are morally corrupt. We can only say that we have grown up after a lot of life changes.

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