Comments: the Shanghai index rose 0.75percent, approaching 3400, and the infrastructure sector strengthened

 Comments: the Shanghai index rose 0.75percent, approaching 3400, and the infrastructure sector strengthened

Plate: one belt, one road, the other three parts, fentanyl, Hangzhou Asian Games, high speed rail, titanium dioxide, and other areas are among the top gainers. Tibet, gold concept, small metal concept and apple concept are among the top ones.

As of 15:00, the net inflow and outflow of northward capital was 2.277 billion yuan, the net inflow of Shanghai Stock connect was 2.518 billion yuan, and the net outflow of Shenzhen Stock connect was 242 million yuan.

From the stock market point of view, the economy is still in the process of recovery, the monetary policy is normalized, and the market is still in the process of shock, according to the paper issued by CSCI. Loose global liquidity and economic recovery are conducive to the support of commodity prices. From the perspective of industry allocation, it is suggested that investors should adopt the method of balanced allocation to grasp market opportunities. From the matching of industry prosperity and valuation level, investors tend to moderately over match cycle, finance and other relatively undervalued sectors. While there is a good margin of safety, it can obtain certain driving force along with economic recovery.

Everbright Securities issued a paper saying that the market will enter a period of intensive disclosure of the interim report. At the same time, a number of important economic data, such as social consumption and M2, will be released, and investors can focus on it. In terms of allocation, the recovery of PPI is expected to drive the cyclical stock market. There are opportunities for excess returns in home appliances, automobiles and some cyclical sectors. At the same time, there are investment opportunities in industries with outstanding performance in pharmaceutical, electronic, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. In addition, the dark moment in the financial sector has passed, so we can focus on the investment opportunities in the banking and insurance sectors after the mid season. Although the big game intensifies the short-term correction of the science and technology sector, the relevant high boom industries are more comfortable to buy after the decline.

According to the founder strategy, in the past 50 years, gold has experienced two rounds of long-term bull market, and is currently in the third round. The first round of downward real interest rate is dominated by inflation, and the second round is dominated by nominal interest rate. From the medium-term perspective, the policy choice of the central banks of the worlds major economies represented by the Federal Reserve in the face of economic recession has become an important support for gold prices in the medium term, and gold ETF is the best channel to invest in gold.

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