Why do 100 billion market value stocks always go up and down

 Why do 100 billion market value stocks always go up and down

In early trading today, Wantai bio, one of the ten times of this years shares, fell more than 9% in the first ten minutes of trading, and then narrowed down to 3.66% at last.

In principle, if the market value of the company exceeds 100 billion yuan, the main business will not change much, and the stock price should also be stable. However, after Wantai biological has entered the market value of 100 billion yuan, the stock price has jumped up and down, and the fluctuation range has increased significantly.

On July 30, 31 and August 3, Wantai bio rose continuously, with single day increases of 10%, 8.07% and 9.86% respectively.

On August 4, however, Wantai biological fell by 9.81%, and fell sharply in the morning trading.

For example, golfer shares performed well in July. The stock price reached new highs and the market value exceeded 100 billion yuan. The stock price fluctuated significantly, rising by 9.33% and 6.22% respectively on July 28 and 29, and 9.8% on July 31. However, just after the companys share price hit an all-time high on August 3, it fell continuously, and fell about 7% in the morning.

Why do these companies with a market value of 100 billion rise and fall?

It can be seen that the scale change of the 100 billion market value camp has a great relationship with the market sentiment. When the market heat is high, many stocks have a big rise, and the market value camp of 100 billion rapidly expands; when the market cools down, some companies share prices fall, thus withdrawing from the 100 billion market value camp.

Take 2015 as an example, at the beginning of the year, there were only 48 companies with a market value of more than 100 billion yuan in the A-share market. By the middle of the year, the number doubled to 96; by the end of the year, the number of companies with a market value of 100 billion Yuan decreased to 67.

So, which companies have a new market value of 100 billion this year? Most of them come from popular sectors such as integrated circuits, medical and military industries.

For example, the market value of Hualan biology was about 49 billion yuan at the beginning of this year, and the latest stock price was 60.71 yuan, with an increase of more than 126% during the year, and the total market value has reached 110.8 billion yuan.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a leading company in the field of A blood products. The market thinks that after the emergence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the demand for blood products is strong. Static C and albumin have been widely used in epidemic prevention and control. Under the condition of unbalanced supply, the blood products enterprises are expected to increase profitability.

Hangfa power benefits from the markets pursuit of military concept stocks. According to the latest closing price, the total market value of AVIC power was 112.8 billion yuan, compared with 48.6 billion yuan at the beginning of this year, an increase of 132% during the year.

The Research Report of Dongxing securities shows that the reliability and stability of the companys third generation engine are basically mature, and the probability of realizing import substitution is increasing day by day. It is expected that in three years, the companys latest fighter engine and transport engine will have a major breakthrough. Within 5-10 years, cj-1000a turbofan engine developed by the company for C919 is expected to fill the gap of civil aviation engine.