High EQ! Zhang Liang replied to netizens bad comments: I am really a great writer

 High EQ! Zhang Liang replied to netizens bad comments: I am really a great writer

Netease Entertainment reported on August 10 that Zhang Liang recently replied to the Internets bad comments. Some netizens said that he was made on the program, which was unreal and hard to see. Zhang Liang replied directly: I will make a lot of real things. Do you want to be real? Later, he was scalded by cue Zhang Liang, and he replied, go eat Yang Guofu... Its not once or twice that Zhang Liang replied to the negative comments so candidly. Before, he was also said to eat lotus root. Zhang Liang replied that if adults eat more lotus root, children will be very beautiful. Clapping peoples hands makes them reply.

This time, Zhang Liangs attitude of replying to the negative comments also made many netizens feel happy: emotional intelligence is high, speaking is comfortable. Some people dont like this, they dont like that. Really, if they dont like it, dont look at it.

In addition, Zhang Liang also issued an article on August 9 for Zhao Liying, saying, in these 21 days, everyone has been working hard and under pressure. We help each other and have fun together. Of course, food is indispensable. Some of the dishes are cut too small by our kitchen, and some of the bigger ones are eaten first by our elders. The food containers are very deep, and the dishes are really delicious, so we are not willing to waste. After the latest issue of Chinese restaurant was broadcast, some netizens found that Zhao Liying had been picking up her job with chopsticks, which she thought was impolite and caused heated discussion.

Zhang Liangs voice on Zhao Liyings pickpocketing the rice bowl: people are reluctant to waste this article: Netease Entertainment editor: Han Chong_ NBJ11345