[happy flowers bloom new frontier] take advantage of the whole area tourism to change yilelit scenery into money scenery

 [happy flowers bloom new frontier] take advantage of the whole area tourism to change yilelit scenery into money scenery

The picture shows Chen Aiping (middle), the head of the remote court house in yilelit Town, being interviewed by a reporter. (Photo by Wu Xiaojuan, reporter of China Economic Daily)

20 years

In August 2019, Chen Aiping left the city of Beijing, where he had lived and worked for 20 years, and returned to his hometown of yilelit. He had been engaged in art work in Beijing before. After returning to the small town, after more than two months of planning, he transformed his old house into a B & B. One meal, one night, one life, he wanted more people to look for poetry and distance in rural life.

Why did you leave Beijing for your hometown? Chen Aiping said that he was the eldest son in the family. His father was ill before, which made him feel that he had been wandering outside for too long. Now he wants to take better care of his parents and stay with his family. Moreover, the environment in his hometown is getting better. It used to be a quiet little village where people lived mainly by farming. In recent years, I feel that many villagers have enhanced their commercial awareness and know how to do sideline work in their spare time, such as setting up stalls to sell vegetables and fruits in their yard. I also want to contribute to my hometown.

Chen Aiping found that the commercial street in front of his home often held some activities such as Beer Festival and picking Festival, but tourists basically came and went on the same day, so it was difficult to have other consumption. Therefore, he thought of using his artistic expertise to develop B & B, leaving these guests. In the design of B & B, he highlights the return to the essence of life. The comfortable leisure sofa area, elegant tea room, petty bourgeois bar and warm private kitchen area let more people experience the romance and comfort of rural life.

Lu Qiguo, Secretary of the yilelit town Party committee, told the economic daily - China economic network that talents like Chen Aiping returned home to start their own businesses, which raised the standard of local B & B, and they were well-informed, good at dealing with young people, making good use of Internet marketing, and managing very well. Chen Aiping thinks that the future development of rural B & B is broad, and it will be an important force to promote the construction of beautiful countryside. In the next 3-5 years, he plans to develop several more and build it into a B & B Street, so that more villagers can make use of their idle houses and increase their income.

The picture shows Zhou Haiyan, in charge of Peacock Garden in yilelit Town, making peacock feather ornaments. (Photo by Wu Xiaojuan, reporter of China Economic Daily)

10 years

Because of her love, she let peacock fly to the northeast and turned the base into a garden tour

Peacocks mainly inhabit in tropical and subtropical areas below 2000 meters above sea level, while Ulanhot belongs to temperate zone. It is not easy to make Peacocks Fly to the northeast. How to make peacocks survive and how to increase customers take a lot of trouble. In order to expand the scale at the same time to establish a stable sales channel, they have to Tianjin, Changchun and other places to explore the market. Now, the cooperative has 59 members and 2800 peacocks in stock. Its business includes watching peacocks and making feather crafts.

At present, Peacock Garden has been transformed from a closed industrial base to an open park. In the peak tourism season, it receives about 500 tourists a day. With the rise of yilelit tourism, more and more tourists, the Peacock Garden is becoming more and more famous, and the demand for crafts such as feathers is gradually increasing. We have increased the skill training of handicraft production, and promoted 95 poor households to file and register their cards, 32 disabled people and 52 low-income insured households to increase their income. Zhou Haiyan said.

The picture shows Bai Shuanglong, Secretary of Gacha Party branch in yilelit. (Photo by Wu Xiaojuan, reporter of China Economic Daily)

Because of his responsibility, he tried every means to increase his income and become rich, turning the agricultural area into a scenic spot

In order to increase income and become rich, Bai Shuanglong studied the development experience of Shouguang and other places by taking advantage of the opportunity of going out to study, and introduced the characteristic planting and breeding industry, hoping to bring more income to the people through innovative planting and breeding forms. In 2017, he built a happy farm in yilelit Gacha, bringing poor households into the farm and exploring a new way of poverty alleviation + tourism. To build a happy farm, farmers can get income through land transfer, employment, equity participation and dividend. Many poor households work here and have income. Bai Shuanglong.

Later, he built a series of happy industries, such as happy pasture and happy grass skiing farm, to realize the deep integration of agriculture, culture and tourism. At the same time, he also encouraged villagers to set up a large collection of agricultural products in hat square to attract tourists to eat farm food and buy farm products. During the golden period of tourism, the average number of tourists received here is 1200 per day, so that the villagers can really drum up their money bags with the help of the east wind of tourism. At present, the per capita annual income of Gacha has reached more than 20000 yuan. The next step is to make good use of farmland, buildings, culture and other resources to benefit the common people and the village collective. Bai Shuanglong said.

Through the ten mile ecological corridor, we can see hundreds of flowers competing for beauty, smell the fragrance of thousands of acres of orchard, and visit the rice sea of Lingnan. Today, yilelit town is like a bright pearl inlaid in the back garden of Ulanhot. Talking about the future development, Lu Qiguo said, we should adhere to the idea of integration of agriculture, culture and tourism, realize the income increase of agricultural industry, transform agricultural areas into scenic spots, rural parks, characteristic and high-quality agricultural products into tourist souvenirs, adhere to the concept of joint construction of scenic spots and villages and sharing of host and guest, so that tourists and villagers can enjoy the fruits of Rural Revitalization together.