Trump is exposed to want to add face on the presidential hill? Net friend P graph satisfies him

 Trump is exposed to want to add face on the presidential hill? Net friend P graph satisfies him

Some think trump might prefer to stay with his friends: Bill Cosby, Weinstein and Epstein, all three of whom have been charged with sexual assault.

Hearing that trump also wants to go up the mountain, the hearts of the four former presidents are shattered

In fact, this is not the first time that netizens have sent trump to presidential hill. Previously, trump supporters had helped him get a serious presidential hill photo that was circulated on social media. At that time, some dissatisfied netizens had made some spoof plans to show their opposition. The above frame photo of trump and the three sex offenders was widely circulated at that time.

Photos of trump supporters for him P:

Put your head on the presidents hill! Trump took it seriously

Mr. President, you should come to South Dakota some time. We have president hill there, Christie recalled, after shaking hands with trump, perhaps out of the courtesy of host friendship.

However, Trumps response to this apparent politeness surprised Christie: you know, its my dream to have my face on Presidents hill..

Christie stressed in her memory that she began to laugh after hearing this, but she found that trump did not smile. So hes serious, Christie said.

From some public information, Christies judgment should be quite accurate. A Republican source was quoted by the New York Times on the 8th that in 2019, an entourage of trump asked Christie, who is already the governor of South Dakota, about the process of adding a head portrait on President hill.

According to the report, Christies reaction was very well behaved after her own leadership made it clear twice. On July 4 this year, when trump went to Presidents mountain to give a speech to celebrate Independence Day, in order to let the president realize his dream, Christie made a 4-foot-long model of presidents mountain as a gift to meet trump after consulting with Kerry Lewandowski, who is in charge of Trumps campaign.

Whats more, the model puts Trumps head on the presidential hill specially!

Of course, it didnt take long for the local media to make up a lot of stories about it. Considering the impact, White House officials have explained that presidential hill is under the jurisdiction of the federal government, not the state government..

According to the analysis of American media, the implication of this remark is that Christie has no authority to really add a head portrait to trump on the presidential hill, which also shows that it is impossible for trump to make such a request for head portrait in the White House.

However, despite the White Houses various excuses, trump himself has made the rumor even more real. Just one day before the US media reported on the incident, trump just forwarded a tweet from a fan, who boasted: trump is a historical figure. In 2020, he should leave a place on the presidential hill.

Thank you Trump left a message to his fans.

Trump denied adding himself to the presidential hill, saying: good news for me

On the 9th, trump first tweeted a picture without a text. In the front of the picture is Trumps left hand pointing to the sky, and the background is Mount Rushmore, which is called Presidents mountain in South Dakota.

Trump then forwarded a CNN report. CNN quoted the new york times as saying that the White House had contacted the governor of South Dakota to discuss adding trump to the presidential hill. In response, trump said, this is the failed @ New York Times and the negative @ CNN fake news. Ive never suggested it, even though Ive probably contributed more than any former president in the last three and a half years, and it sounds like good news to me!

Business insider: according to reports, the White House asked the governor of South Dakota how to add another president on Mount Rushmore, and the governor of South Dakota later gave trump a 4-foot-high replica with Trumps face on it

The news comes at a time when there are rumors that Noam may replace vice president burns as Trumps running mate in the 2020 general election, but the New York Times quoted a source as saying that norm had indicated to burns that she would not try to replace him.

However, the website business insider said in a report that it was impossible to add another head statue on Mount Rushmore.

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