Apples removal of wechat will cause a fatal blow to the iPhone, and the supply chain will fall sharply

 Apples removal of wechat will cause a fatal blow to the iPhone, and the supply chain will fall sharply

Guo Ming? Said that Apple could not rule out the possibility of removing wechat applications from Apple mall under pressure. In fact, Apple has removed wechat from Apple stores in India. It is not clear how far Apple will remove wechat, but it is more likely to remove wechat only in American mall.

Apple CEO cook reiterated the companys position on the removal of applications as early as 2017. We generally dont want to remove apps, but we do business in any country and we need to comply with the laws of that country, Cook said

According to the analysis of Tianfeng securities, wechat has become a necessity of life in China, integrating functions such as information, payment, e-commerce, social networking, news reading and productivity. Once it is unavailable, it will seriously affect peoples lives, especially Apple hardware. Tianfeng Securities said that if the ban was implemented, annual iPhone shipments would be reduced by 25% to 30%, while shipments of other hardware devices, such as apple headset airpods, iPad, apple watch and Apple Mac, would drop by 15% to 25%.

However, the analysis also said that the U.S. government theoretically does not expect to make decisions unfavorable to apple, but under the pressure of the election, trump may take radical measures. Tianfeng securities suggests that investors reduce their holdings of apple supply chain stocks that meet the following conditions: Apples revenue accounts for more than 70% of the total revenue, and iPhones revenue accounts for more than half of the total revenue; it is not easy to obtain orders from companies other than apple in the short term; the company clearly indicates the risk of business downward adjustment.

Apples recent results show that Apples sales in Greater China have bucked the trend by 2% to $9.33 billion. Apple shipped 7.7 million iPhones in China in the quarter, up 35% from a year earlier, according to canalys, a research firm. Wall expects 20% of the iPhone upgrade demand in the future to come from the region. In recent years, Apple has attached great importance to the cultivation of Chinese developer ecosystem, which is in line with its strategic focus of software service business. As early as 2017, apple malls revenue in China was as high as $2 billion, surpassing the United States as the worlds largest market. Analysts believe that if Apple removes wechat, it will be difficult for apple to continue the myth of rapid growth and may cede the Chinese market to its competitors. Apples removal of wechat will not bring more benefits to itself, and the outcome is sure to be a loss to both sides. Lawyer Lin Wei told reporters of first finance and economics. responds to the issue of equity distribution: there is an agreed share ratio within marriage central bank: it plans to resume the relevant information of Huabei and submit it to the credit reporting system recently. Chinese businessmen buy masks with a price of 10 million yuan. Netizens: diamond in the face? Source: editor in charge of the first finance and Economics: Chen Hequn_ NB12679