Dangdangs response to Li Guoqing and Yu Yu being sued by their sons: we believe in the law

 Dangdangs response to Li Guoqing and Yu Yu being sued by their sons: we believe in the law

On the evening of August 9, Li Guoqing, founder of dangdang.com, said on his personal microblog that he and Yu Yu were sued by his son in order to ask the court to confirm that the agreement between Yu Yu and I holding dangdangdang shares for him is valid.

Li Guoqing said he was glad that his son knew how to use rules to protect his rights and how to use legal weapons to protect his rights. But at the same time, he said, the process of safeguarding rights may also be full of controversy, and it is not uncommon that motives, methods and results are inconsistent.

All your evidence materials are provided by Yu Yu, right? Although this is the first time that you have filed a lawsuit, you are fully responsible for the authenticity of all the evidence. Yu Yu helped you find your lawyer, right? Is the lawyers fee paid by Yu Yu for you to sue your parents? Li Guoqing shouts to his son, even if Yu Yu, who is also a defendant in form, fully cooperates with you, if you want to win, you really have a lot to go through.

Finally, Li Guoqing said that he had just handed in his defense and was not afraid of challenges from anyone. He would fight against his son under the framework of the legal rules.

Later, Li Guoqing once again said on his microblog that he hoped that the court would make a divorce and divide the common property equally, while the son suing his parents would split part of the joint property that was very likely to be shared equally; if it succeeds, Yu Yus control in Dangdang may be preserved. Li Guoqing thinks that Yu Yu asked his son to sue his mother. There is no bottom line in this practice and he will not do it himself.

In addition, Yu Yu will crack down on his image, gain more benefits and even want to send him to prison, Li said.

In conclusion, Li Guoqing said that Yu Yu, instead of wasting his time and resorting to insidious recruitment, should calmly and frankly accept the reality that the marriage broke down and shared property equally. If Yu Yu and others touch the bottom line of the rules, there will be a day when they are to blame themselves.

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of China News Network_ NT2541