Film 1917 releases new posters to pay homage to small people

 Film 1917 releases new posters to pay homage to small people

For the audience, 1917 has been the best present for the big screen since the cinema returned to work. This affectionate evaluation confirms the status of 1917 in the hearts of fans. The film uses the shooting technique of one mirror to the end, so that every audience can be in it with the most intuitive perspective.

Brand new character posters pay tribute to small but great ordinary people

As a well-known masterpiece, 1917 is not only about technology and pictures, but also about courage and faith. In the newly released salute poster, the protagonist George McKay is in the dark, as if surrounded by crisis, but he looks calm and firm, and interprets the fearless spirit. He was a small man, an ordinary messenger; he was also a true hero, and he never wavered in despair. The whole poster not only condenses the spirit of the film, but also pays tribute to ordinary but fearless ordinary people who are heroes of their own lives. Therefore, 1917 is not only a story of a hundred years ago, but also the warmest care for everyone at present.

Since the release of the film, a large number of audiences have been moved by the spirit reflected in the film. Some people left a message on the ticketing platform: the film touches peoples hearts, it is the pain of losing comrades in arms, it is the sad cry of being alone, and it is also the tenacious perseverance and faith.. Director Sam Mendez once said that he hoped that 1917 could bring comfort and hope to Chinese audiences. This is a good blessing and also a feeling of many people - I hope that all the disappointments this year will come to an end with the end of this film.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020