Chinas tennis restart like this! Plateau clay court + after the game touch the racket

 Chinas tennis restart like this! Plateau clay court + after the game touch the racket

The first leg of the week-long 2020 China Tennis Tour (hereinafter referred to as China Tour) ended on the evening of August 8. This is the first event of Chinas tennis after returning to work and production under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, which attracted many domestic experts such as Wang Qiang, Han Xinyun, Zhang Zhizhen and Zhang Ze. Safety is the most important key word of this event, and the competition system, rules, etiquette and life are all set around safety. From the results, the first step taken after the restart of Chinese tennis is solid and steady, which makes exploration for the return of subsequent events.

The new competition system breaks through the barriers between veteran and junior players

The Chinese tour in this station is not popular. The top four seeds of men and women were eliminated before the semi-finals of singles. Wang Qiang, the first elder sister, and Zhang Zhizhen, the first elder brother, were pulled down by the young players.

The biggest surprise in the event was that Wang Qiang was not selected from the top eight. In the third round of womens singles, Wang Qiang was resisted by 22-year-old Yang Ziyi, who suffered a reversal in the third set and accidentally lost the game. From this event, we can see that one elder sister is not in good condition, which is quite different from the momentum when she defeated Williams in the Australian Open at the beginning of the year. Not only did he make many mistakes, but he also had no advantage in the baseline.

Zhang Zhizhen, the top seed of mens singles, has a difficult way to advance. Three of the four matches he participated in were dragged to the ten battle, especially when facing Li Jianhui in the third round, and the two fought for 2 hours and 15 minutes, making a grab ten fight to 20:18. However, good luck did not accompany him for too long. In the quarter finals, Zhang Zhizhen was eliminated by Mo yecong, a new star born after 00, and was not eligible for the top four.

The veteran will be defeated, and the younger will be in charge. In the face of idols, young people have taken off their burdens, dare to fight, and take more initiative in grasping the opportunity ball. The top seed of both men and women admitted that the defeat was not adapted to the plateau climate and red clay field, but also related to the insufficient training intensity during the epidemic period and the lack of professional competition for more than five months.

In addition to the rare plateau + clay field, Kunming Anning station has a more open competition system. In the cta1000 level of the China tour, the Chinese team and the first-line players of all provinces and cities have the opportunity to play. In the past, the young players who can only participate in the low-level events have the opportunity to challenge, confront and impact the seniors who participate in the high-level events, which is conducive to their growth. In the final set, the grab ten is adopted u201dIt can not only shorten the time, but also increase the excitement, contingency and appreciation of the game.

Players are eager to play, even if they overcome many inconveniences

Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, China tour has made great efforts to ensure the health and safety of all people. In spite of the inconvenience, the players understand and answer almost the same - any difficulty can be overcome. It is better to have a game than not to play.

I knew that CBA and CSL had resumed matches before, so I felt that tennis was fast. Zhang Xuan, runner up in the mens doubles, said that when they learned that the event could be held, people almost ran around telling each other.

In the context of epidemic prevention first, we are under great pressure, and we have never experienced it in the past. In addition, it is the first stop of the China tour, which needs to be made into a model race to provide experience for the next few stations. Therefore, many people stay up all night and try to think carefully and do their work well. As the event director Zhou Bing said, safety has been put into all kinds of detailsu2014u2014

Tennis town is totally closed management, all people do nucleic acid testing, takeout is forbidden to enter, the courts and hotels are regularly disinfected, body temperature is registered before three meals, seats should be separated, and masks should be worn when taking meals Even the life habits of professional players need to be reset around safety.

For example, the hotel no longer provides laundry service, even the room towel does not change, athletes have to do their own laundry, towel. In addition, the station is a clay race, clothes dirty fast, players in addition to the competition, but also every day to wash. Rub a little soap and rub it a little bit. Its much more tiring than playing ball games. Gong Maoxin, the runner up of mens doubles, said, I only brought two big towels, which would be rotten if I didnt wash them. I have to bring a small washing machine to the competition in the future

Huarunhao, who won the double champion in mens event, is definitely the most tiring player. He confessed that it was really hard not to play in four or five months. Im so eager to compete. Although I often play double a day, Im very full. If youre tired, youd better not come.

As long as there is a game, nothing cant be overcome. Wang Meiling, the womens singles champion, said: the organization of the event is based on safety and is responsible for everyone. We all understand that the staff are working hard!

The open game may be a safe choice

When there are no spectators in the stands of thousands of people, when the caddies no longer hand towels to players, when there is no handshake between players or between players and referees after the game

Such an empty match, for many people, although difficult to adapt to, but it is a safe choice.

Open play is a special rule in a special period. It is a great welfare for players to be able to play. It is because of the empty court that the players can focus more on the competition itself, but for the competitive players who rely on the reaction of the audience, the state will be affected to some extent, said Qu

During the China tour, the reporter also found that all handshake links were cancelled after the competition, and replaced by new etiquette rules - touching and clapping or waving.

Soon after the start of the match, Zhang Zhizhen had forgotten this rule and was ready to shake hands with his opponent in front of the net. He was soon reminded by the referee to stop his action and change his handshake into a clapper. No matter win or lose, a polite handshake is an important etiquette in tennis. If you change it, you will not get used to it or suddenly cant remember it. Zhang Zhizhen said.

During the epidemic, touching or waving may replace handshake and become a new practice in international competitions. Gong Maoxin infers.

Caddy Zhou Daoqin said that in addition to physical examination and nucleic acid testing, caddies must wear gloves and keep a safe distance of more than 1.5 meters from the players. They cant pass the ball directly to the players. They should throw the ball accurately for them These are new skills to master.

No matter how the rules and etiquette change, the competitive, ornamental and gentlemanly demeanor of tennis will not change. Zhou Bing said, its a pity that there are no spectators in the stadium. Its a pity, but for a sport, as long as it can be restarted and operated, its a good thing. Empty court, or will become tennis, and other events in a period of time a new feature

Source: Xinhuanet, author: Yue Ranran, Liu Xinyu, editor in charge: Wang Mengfei_ NBJS10260