Turandot: the origin of the magic spell

 Turandot: the origin of the magic spell

The creative spirit of the film is inspired by Turandot, one of the worlds top ten operas. It integrates the fantasy elements with the content full of Oriental culture, and creatively deconstructs the classic works with the mystery of three color bracelets. The Imperial War, the prosperous imperial capital, and the traditional Chinese elements such as fireworks and textile culture are used to create a perfect visual effect and reproduce this charming and touching oriental legend.

Luxury lineup, powerful faction gathered, Empire group image attracted the expectation of the whole people

The leading cast of the film stars shining, national girl Guan Xiaotong plays Princess Turandot, and powerful actors Jiang Wen and Hu Jun play the role. The film not only has Dylan spros as the male host, but also Sophie Marceau, who is known as the French Rose. Its dreamlike temperament and deep-rooted acting skills make this empire drama full of legendary color and international vision. The battle of empire is complicated.

The war is about to break out, and the Empire legend is about to be unveiled

The film tells the story of the great Khanate sending troops to conquer the small country of malvia in order to expand its territory, and accidentally brings back the Three Color Bracelet, which is the treasure handed down by the country. A curse that erodes the whole Khanate is thus opened. The poster of curse comes takes tricolor bracelet as its core, corresponding to three colors of tricolor bracelet. Red represents beauty, yellow represents wisdom and blue represents power. They can create colors of all things, but when all colors are superimposed together, they will only bring darkness. Alone for the immortal, combined for the devil, the magic of the three color Bracelet after the combination has a strong power to destroy the heaven and earth, enough to erode the Empire and disturb peoples hearts.

In the poster, you can also see the magnificent bracelets around the top of the imperial capital and a number of buildings. The Chinese and Western elements of the poster are perfectly integrated, but their styles are quite different. The country of marvia is hidden in the snowy mountains and green waves, remote and mysterious; the Imperial Palace stands on the top of the miraculous mountains, surrounded by clouds and mist; the antique market streets are dotted with shops of all kinds, with oriental charm. Chinese style imperial city and Western style castle are covered by three color bracelets, which can show the surging waves hidden behind the calm.

This film is produced by Dongyang LETV Huaer Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd., Zhongchuan Jiachang Film & TV Media Co., Ltd., Chenghua media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., halo times Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd. and gravity Film & TV Investment Co., Ltd.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020