Hua Mulans animation announces Mulan: born in the sky fixed file 11

 Hua Mulans animation announces Mulan: born in the sky fixed file 11

Mulan: born in the sky is the first film in the world to tell a classic story in the form of 3D animation. It is also the first domestic Mulan animation film. After five years of painstaking production and polishing, the main team aims to create a brand-new heroine of Guoman, hoping to present the audience with the image of Hua Mulan with Chinese characteristics.

Its not easy for Bitou soldiers to make a new journey of Mulan

The preview of the release of the film starts from the outline of Mulans prickly head image. It begins with a few lines of what can I aspire to and make a great achievement and be a great official. In a moment, it outlines a brand-new Mulan image with rebellious style and provocative words. It makes people surprised and at the same time, it can not help but feel curious about this not easy to offend Mulan. Then the trailer unfolds, telling Mulan in the process of completing the secret task, sneaks into the enemy camp alone, but is disturbed by one after another by the same mistakes. At this time, many important roles appear one after another, and it is difficult to distinguish the enemy and friend, and the situation is more complicated and confusing. And whether Mulan can finally join hands with peers to maintain national peace has become the most anticipated attraction of the audience. It can be seen that the film is not only unique in depicting the characters personalities, but also very wonderful in the design of action plays. The rhythm of flowing water and the fighting action full of Chinese chivalry atmosphere make the audience call fun.

In addition to giving Mulan a new setting of prickly head, the creative team also carefully carved the story of the film, striving to present the new Mulan story from the perspective of contemporary young people. The movie starts directly from Mulans military life after joining the army. It boldly adapts Mulans familiar story to Chinese people, and introduces new characters such as Prince of the grassland and lone wolf, which not only enriches the role relationship and plot clues, but also adds a touch of originality to the adaptation of classic IP. Many audiences feel that they have seen more possibilities of domestic animated films. At the same time, the film style continues the national style gene in excellent domestic animation works. With delicate strokes, the magnificent and beautiful mountains and rivers and the majestic buildings are displayed. The audience is enthusiastic about this is the real Chinese flavor!

Excellent national man for all ages

With the rise of Guoman, more and more domestic animation works begin to interpret Chinese traditional culture, especially the film Mulan: born in the sky. The film tells the story of Mulan, as a well-known thorn head in the army. Although she is highly skilled in martial arts, she is more unruly than the men around her. In a mission to sneak into the enemy camp alone, she is trapped in a tight encirclement, surrounded by dangers, and embarks on the road to explore the conspiracy behind. As a unique cultural symbol in Chinese history, Hua Mulans story has been spread for thousands of years and is well known to all ages. In the change of times, instead of fading, many dramas and film and television works with Mulan as the theme have been derived, which shows its extraordinary influence in Chinese traditional culture. The creative teams careful integration of Mulans classic theme and novel Assassin design provides the film with the natural attribute of taking all the old and young.

As the first original Mulan story animation film in China, Mulan: born in the sky has attracted the attention of the public since its appearance in the national cinema domestic film promotion conference last year. During the period when the domestic film market was hit by the epidemic, the want to see index of the film on a ticket platform surged, second only to the films Chinatown detective 3 and the Devil boy of Nezha. It can be seen that the release of Mulan: born in the sky has made the audience think and cant wait. The film was finally scheduled on October 1, which also gave a shot in the arm to both the newly revived film market and the audience in urgent need of rescuing the film works. Many fans of Guoman are looking forward to going to the cinema to have a Mulan addiction as soon as possible. I believe that the new Mulan created by the Chinese people can set off a wave of national film craze again after its release.

The domestic animated film Mulan: born in the sky is jointly produced by Jinchuan culture, China Film Co., Ltd., Dadi film, Jinyi film, Zhujiang film, Guoying Zongheng and other companies. It will be released in the cinema on October 1, 2020.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020