Chen Kun appeared with order to serve God and claimed that Qingming was not an African Yin and Yang master

 Chen Kun appeared with order to serve God and claimed that Qingming was not an African Yin and Yang master

Chen Kun reappears the old second dimension of shaking fan to kill and Coser experiences dimensional shuttle

After playing the order to serve God trailer, Chen Kun appeared handsome in the warm expectation of everyone, and improvised to restore Qingmings classic shaking fan kill, which caused cheers from the audience. At the same time, the films first poster also revealed the true face of Lushan. Qingming, dressed in white, stands with a fan. His eyes are firm and his delicate and handsome side face is full of eye-catching. At the top of the poster, the face of the monster who is difficult to distinguish his identity shows a strange smile, and the sense of confrontation breaks through the screen. When referring to his interpretation of the role of yin and Yang teacher Qingming, Chen Kun thinks that Qingming is both a human and a demon. He has experienced a very interesting process of self-identity, and various fetters of monsters support Qingming to fight for the things that are jointly protected. As a player who also likes the game Yin Yang Shi, Chen Kun hopes to shock friends who have not played the game through the carrier of the film.

It is worth mentioning that order to serve God is the 10th cooperation between Chen Kun and Zhou Xun after they met for 20 years, which is of great significance to our close friends for many years. Speaking of Zhou Xun, Chen Kun said happily that we have a strong relationship. We grew up together, and we have a tacit understanding.. For the recently exposed version of the earthly agreement version of the preview, which was ridiculed by netizens as a master of yin and Yang in Africa, Chen Kun said with a smile that this is only the first trailer, and there will be SSR monsters on the stage. I hope you will keep looking forward to it.. Chen Kun, who is also very interested in the culture, also received a gift from the producer, namely, hand-painted Qingming courtyard, which is in the same frame as xiaoqingming in the game, so as to experience the broken wall of dimensional shuttle.

More than 2000 stars gather together to paint the fantasy world

With the release of the movie, the audience began to notice. Chen Kun also opened the disclosure mode at the event, revealing that there are 2172 visual effects shots in the film, which can be seen from the workload. However, with the efforts of the creative team, about 85% of the film post production has been completed, and it is expected to meet the audience soon.

The film order to serve God is adapted from the phenomenon level mobile Tour Yin and Yang master, which tells the story of Qingming, a master of yin and Yang, who runs through the world of human and demon. Because he has entered into a contract with a number of monsters, he has caused great disaster and is in deep crisis. At the same time, the demon emperor is making a comeback, and a fierce battle is imminent. At the critical moment of sudden change and turbulent situation, Qingming suddenly finds that his identity as a man demon is the key to all these disasters Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Chen Weiting, Qu chuxiao, Wang Likun, Shen Yue, Wang Zixuan, Wang Yueyi and other powerful actors are invited to join the film, leading the audience into the beautiful and mysterious world of Oriental wonders. In the preview of the contract of the world, magnificent scenes flashed constantly, novel demons appeared in turn, and exciting fighting pictures were swept by one by one, showing the huge production scale of the film in detail. The continuous switching of the lens, outlines the general outline of the complex world interwoven with reality, making people full of infinite reverie for this unknown fantasy journey.

The film Shi Shen Ling is produced by Gongfu film (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., Beijing Netease film culture Co., Ltd., Huayi Brothers Film Co., Ltd., supervised by Chen Guofu and zhangjialu, directed by Li Weiran, starring Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Chen Weiting, Qu chuxiao, Wang Likun, Shen Yue, Wang Zixuan and Wang Yueyi, and will be released in 2020.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020