Key indicators abnormal high stock down! 37 hot stocks callback more than 20percent

 Key indicators abnormal high stock down! 37 hot stocks callback more than 20percent

As of todays midday closing data, the Shanghai Composite Index has closed below its 20 day moving average for 12 consecutive trading days since July 24. The last time the Shanghai composite index adjusted such a long range was in the middle of March this year. At that time, the Shanghai Composite Index closed below the 20 day average for 18 consecutive trading days, and the Shanghai composite index once fell to an intrayear low of 2646.8. Different from the last adjustment, the Shanghai composite index is near the high level in the year and near the highest point in recent two years. Among the 28 Shenwan industries, all of them have risen in the past three months. From the perspective of performance since 2020, 22 industries have risen, of which leisure service, medical biology and national defense and military industry have increased by 69%, 60% and 57% respectively.

The Hang Seng Index fell by 0.4% at one time in the morning. As of the press release, the Hang Seng Index fell 0.4% and hit a new low in the near future. Among them, the decline of technology index ranked first. For example, SMIC fell more than 6%, Tencent holdings fell more than 3.51%, Raytheon technology fell 5.71%, Shun Yu optical technology fell 3.31% and Alibaba fell 2.65%.

From the perspective of institutional capital flow in the morning trading today, many early popular concept stocks were hit by institutional funds. According to the statistics of securities times and data treasure, the net outflow of institutional funds of Zhengbang technology, Fosun Pharmaceutical, Kangtai biology, Ziguang Guowei, BYD, northern rare earth and great wall of China exceeded 200 million yuan, of which the net outflow of Zhengbang technology and Fosun Pharmaceutical were 682 million yuan, respectively 520 million yuan.

Military sector diving

In early trading today, the military industry plate opened high and went low. The Shenwan military industry plate index once fell from 5.47% up to the latest drop of 0.38%. Beidou Xingtong, Great Wall military industry, Hongdu Aviation, Hangfa technology, Yaguang technology and so on exploded one after another. Beimo high tech, AVIC electronics, Changying information quality and Zhenxin technology all fell by more than 5%. In fact, the Shenwan national defense and military industry plate has risen by more than 57% this year, reaching a new high since 2016. If the index continues to fall back, the national defense and military industry plate will not be able to stand alone.

Apple industrial chain concept stocks fell

Over the weekend, news of Trumps order banning U.S. companies from doing business with Chinas social software wechat continued to ferment, but the market expected that one of the biggest victims would be apple. According to a survey on the Internet, if wechat is not available, most mobile phone users in China will give up Apple phones. China is one of Apples most important markets, which will undoubtedly have an impact on Apples sales. By this bad news, A-share Apple industrial chain company lies innocent. The A-share Apple index fell by 2.26% in the early trading, among which, the limit of Aishi and huanxu Electronics was down, Xinwei communications was down by more than 9%, xinwanda, Lansi technology, gol shares, Dongshan precision and Lishun precision all fell to varying degrees.

Previously, the market expected that with the release of Apples 5g mobile phone in September, the A-share Apple industrial chain companies would benefit from it. The apple index also rose by 26.2% in the year, once reaching the highest level of the index. Among them, lichen precision, LANs technology, goer shares, huanxu electronics, etc. have repeatedly reached new highs this year.

37 hot stocks callback more than 20%

Looking at the long cycle, since July 24, the Shanghai Composite Index has risen 1.13%, but a number of hot stocks have seen a correction. Excluding the new shares listed this year, the data treasure statistics show that there are 37 stocks in the range with a decline of more than 20%, of which nearly half of the companies have doubled the highest growth this year, such as shuoshi biological, Zhende medical, Lanying equipment, Haier biology, jindawei, Sanxin medical, Kaiser culture, minde biology, berry gene and electroneuronet.

Pharmaceutical and biological stocks are the main high-end stocks, such as shuoshi biological and Zhende medical, which have increased by 4 times this year.

Deviation from the growth rate of the companys performance will eventually return to its own value itself. There are some concept stocks which are subject to hot speculation, and then began to fall. For example, Lanying equipment, a concept stock of lithography, has been reduced by 2.85% by the controlling shareholder Lanying automation. The companys semi annual performance forecast also shows a loss of 17.5 million yuan to 22.5 million yuan. The companys latest stock price is 38% lower than the peak in July. There is also jindawei, the leading NMN concept stock leader of wanghong longevity drug, which was sought after by the market. Jindawei had 8 trading limits in 11 days before. Recently, the concept plate has fallen, and the latest price has dropped by more than 27% from the highest price. Jtiktok tiktok gained 2 trading boards for its cooperation with its jitter, but because of its breach of confidentiality agreement, it not only blocked the cooperation of its subsidiaries, but also was questioned continuously by the exchange, and its share price dropped by over 20%. (Wu Qi, databao)

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368