Brother Zhang Yuhuan looks back on 27 years of redress: if I dont insist, maybe he will die

 Brother Zhang Yuhuan looks back on 27 years of redress: if I dont insist, maybe he will die

He said that for the sake of his younger brothers overturning the case, he had put his 27 years into it. Since the court session on July 9, I havent been steady in my heart, and my heart has always been in suspense. Im afraid Ill meet a judge who has no conscience. If he keeps the original sentence, Ill be ruined all my life.

Finally, brother Zhang Yuhuan: if I dont insist, maybe he will die. According to law, Jiangxi Higher Peoples court made a public judgment on the retrial of Zhang Yuhuans intentional homicide, revoking the judgment of the original trial and declaring Zhang Yuhuan innocent. After the verdict was pronounced, the responsible person of Jiangxi Higher Peoples court apologized to Zhang Yuhuan on behalf of the court and informed him that he had the right to apply for state compensation.

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Brother Zhang Yuhuan: if I dont insist, maybe he will die

The changes of 27 years have been earth shaking. Zhang Yuhuan is really out of touch with the outside world for a long time. Looking at his younger brother who is completely unadaptable to external things, Zhang Yuhuans heart cant help but feel sad. He (Zhang Yuhuan) is not as good as a 3-year-old in some aspects. There was a media reporter who wanted to video with him yesterday. He couldnt do it at all. He was holding his cell phone next to his ear to listen, and then I asked him to hold it in his hand. It was like watching cartoons. I said you can talk to people like this. Now its a 2-year-old. The video with his parents is very smooth, but he doesnt understand anything. I was heartbroken when I looked at it, and then I cried myself

Zhang Minqiang recalled the first time they met after his brother was released from prison. At that time, his younger brother held him, touched his head and said, brother, your hair is white for my case. then they held their heads and cried bitterly. But Zhang Minqiang thinks, I am the eldest brother. Thats what I mean. At the beginning, I thought he was confused and really killed people, and I was very angry with him, because if you killed someone, you would have to bear legal responsibility. When I first met him in court, he said that I was wronged. Then I would defend my brothers injustice and stick to it to the end. In this way, when I was 70 or 80 years old, I would not regret it.

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On August 4, after the court ruled that Zhang Yuhuan was not guilty, Zhang Yuhuan, who came out of prison, took a bath in a hotel. Then he returned to his hometown.

Before returning home, there was a solemn ceremony. Zhang Yuhuans two sons set up a 30 meter long firecracker at the entrance of the village. Step into the home, Zhang Yuhuan also put on the body of scarlet silk flowers, we like to meet a number one in the college entrance examination to meet him.

In the picture, often accompanied by Zhang Yuhuan, is his elder brother Zhang Minqiang. He had imagined countless times that if the day of acquittal came, they would hug their heads and cry bitterly, and then call him home and let the old mother see him.

When they met in the hotel, they had already looked at each other and cried. When Zhang Yuhuan was still in prison, Zhang Minqiang was the closest person to him. After serving his sentence in 2002, Zhang would visit him once every two months or so, and he would meet three or four times a year until he was released from prison. The content of the meeting, Zhang Yuhuan asked about the situation at home.

(Zhang Yuhuan and his brother Zhang Minqiang [first from the left]. Source: upstream News)

Zhang Minqiang is a rare senior high school student in the village. He is tough and upright. He knows that different words mean different meanings.

But over the years, these efforts have been almost futile. They used to think that, just like writing a letter, a complaint could be sent out with an ordinary stamp.

In 2017, when he got in touch with the aid lawyer, he knew that the court would have a special way to receive it. If you hand in several things and what you have handed in, there will be careful records and receipts. That year, he was really successful in submitting the materials.

Over the years, he insisted on the reason, and song Xiaonv, just believe that Zhang Yuhuan is not guilty. Few people ask him why he has been walking on this road. It seems that there is no reason for his relatives to insist. But if you listen carefully to his experience, you can imagine how many detours he has gone through.

(Zhang Yuhuan and his son and mother are in front of their former residence. Source: Xinhua News Agency)

Zhang Minqiang is always dressed neatly. He has to go to work on weekdays. But over the years, in order to understand the progress of his brothers case, he has a set of well-known itinerary, which rarely delays his work.

The work place is 10 kilometers away from Jiangxi high court. The court goes to work at 1:30 p.m. he starts before 1:00, just in time for the courts office hours. During this time, he can chat with the staff to understand the progress of the matter. The process takes half an hour and then goes back to work. We do odd jobs. It doesnt matter if we arrive half an hour late..

Zhang Yuhuans imprisonment brings the whole familys unforgettable memory.

He remembers, Ive heard about uncles case since I was a child.. In the past two years, the case of Zhang Yuhuan has gradually come into public view. For Zhangjia, the memory of the case has been hovering over the house for many years.

In the wechat group of Zhang Yuhuans unjust case concern group, the voice of celebration finally sounded on August 4. The octogenarian mother, who was looking forward to her return home, finally came to this day. Zhang Minqiang sent a group photo of his family to the group.

Zhang Jia finally took a picture of the whole family.

(photo of Zhang Yuhuan and his family on the day of his acquittal)

Every unjust case can be rehabilitated in the end, without the insistence of the family members. In the lawyers opinion, Zhang Yuhuans case is particularly simple, clear and has obvious doubts, but he has been detained for a long time. In the eyes of ordinary people outside, the special feature of Zhang Yuhuans case lies in his familys unremitting persistence and perseverance on the way to his acquittal.

Zhang Yuhuans life is not only him, but also the insistence of his ex-wife, brothers and sisters and mother who never gave up. His family is not stingy to express their love, and spare no effort to appeal for him. There are too many dimensions of the incident, and the real and simple characteristics of each side go directly to the depths of people.

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