Bill Gates: I didnt expect America to perform so badly

 Bill Gates: I didnt expect America to perform so badly

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Fareed Zakaria, the host of the program, asked gates directly what he thought of the United States as the country with the lowest anti epidemic performance among developed countries. And gates replied bluntly, I didnt expect that we would be so bad. He said that although the United States has a very excellent CDC team, but the United States a variety of errors and political atmosphere make the test not carried out in time.

Gates said the U.S. travel ban is meaningless: compared with other countries, the United States has not implemented a nationwide blockade, and the enforcement is far less powerful than other countries, so we paid a huge price. This has not only brought death, but also cost us trillions of dollars in economic losses.

Zakaria compared the performance of the United States with that of Europe, and asked gates if he thought the loose blockade was the main cause of the spread of the epidemic in the United States. Gates affirmed this, and then he turned the corner and began to criticize the detection capability of the United States.

Gates said the U.S. testing measures are shocking, and he made a lot of comments, such as writing on the CDC website which categories of people need priority testing, but the U.S. government does not intend to improve and does not care at all. They just want to boast about how well they have done.

Gates also pointed out that the value of testing lies in timely detection, timely isolation, to avoid infecting people around, but many tests in the United States take three days to produce results, which greatly reduces the role of virus detection.

Now the United States is unfairly spending billions of dollars for the least valuable test results. Commercial laboratories are lining up because the government doesnt want to waste money. No country is as obsessed with testing as the United States, because the U.S. government doesnt want to think about how to solve the problem, they just want to pretend that they are doing a good job, Gates criticized

Gates also criticized the unfair distribution of testing in the United States. No matter whether the test results can be obtained in time, the cost is the same, he said. But he then pointed out: the rich can get the test results quickly, or they can get to the front of the line, and they can accept more comprehensive tests.

Gates is relatively optimistic about vaccine development and manufacturing. He believes that the vaccine can be completed in the first half of 2021 at the latest, and may be completed by the end of this year at the earliest. But at the same time, we will lose hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of our economy, Gates warned

But U.S. President trump doesnt think so at all. Also on the 6th, trump told Fox News that 50% of the national tests are efficient.. Trump also boasted: our test is the best in the world ever. Everyone talks about it, and only the fake news dont like it.

Fudge batch test is too slow, while trump boasts that the test is the most powerful, according to a screenshot of the report by Bloomberg on August 6

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