Scene reappearance in Dushan county? Billions of industrial projects in Bazhong, Sichuan

 Scene reappearance in Dushan county? Billions of industrial projects in Bazhong, Sichuan

What are the location advantages of such a large-scale logistics industry project? Does Bazhong have a logistics tradition? What is the truth of such a large-scale development?

What preferential policies have the local government given to promote the development of this logistics industry, and what are the medium and long-term development plans? And Bazhong, where are the advantages of such a large-scale Andersen fairy tale Park project? Reporters from China real estate news visited Bazhong in late July with the above problems.

In 2013, we started to demolish and expropriate our land. Land leveling was implemented in 2014. The first phase of the project has just been leveled, and even the foundation of the resettlement housing project has not been excavated, it has been stopped. Its been seven years since the shutdown. Bazhou District Huifeng Street office in Bazhou City, a villager surnamed Zhang told reporters.

Andersen fairy tale Park project is located in Sanfeng village, about two kilometers ahead of Panxing Logistics Industrial Park.

According to the public official information, the project is a key cultural tourism project in Bazhong City, which is characterized by Nordic culture tourism.

Reporters on the scene to see a hill has been cut into a spacious flat. The site is overgrown with weeds and rainwater. The original construction project department was built in the site, with its back to the mountain. Then he continued to walk along the project department and was pointed to another site by the local people and told the reporter, thats where the resettlement housing project is located in our village, and now even a foundation has not been excavated.

According to the Project Overview on the site, the project covers an area of 1140 mu. But local villagers said, thats just the first phase of the project. The whole project is divided into three phases, covering an area of more than 5800 mu. The name of the project is Bazhong Zhongdan Andersen fairy tale paradise, and the construction unit is Bazhong Hongxi Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongxi culture company).

Sanfeng village villagers told reporters that the project mainly occupies the land of Sanfeng village, baiheshan village and Bailin village. Among them, Sanfeng village occupies three groups of land, including groups 3, 4 and 6, involving 500 to 600 people. There are both cultivated land and houses on these lands. After the house was demolished, these villagers have already rented houses in the city. The villager, surnamed Zhang, pointed to the site and told reporters that our family was in that position originally.. In the process of land acquisition, villagers ask for relevant agreements from the government, but the relevant departments of the district government just dont give them.

It is understood that the land was first expropriated by the government, and after the project was shut down, the land changed from expropriation to lease. Each mu of land will be compensated 2500 yuan per mu of land. The transition fee for housing demolition is 4 yuan / square meter per month in the first year, 6 yuan / square meter in the second year, and 8 yuan / square meter in the following month.

Villagers said that the start-up scene was spectacular. Once built a lot of temporary flat panel houses, but now they have been empty. Almost every year they said that they would start construction, but they didnt move.

According to the reporters visit, Bazhongs cultural, tourism and health care projects are blooming everywhere. Among the three counties and two districts under the jurisdiction of Bazhong City, almost every county or district has several cultural, tourism and health care projects. Besides Andersens fairy tale paradise, there are also Qinba international health city, Nankan Cultural Industrial Park, Tianma mountain forest health care tourism resort and Lianhua Mountain Sports Park.

A report on the audit work on the implementation of the municipal budget and other financial revenues and expenditures of Bazhong City in 2017 obtained by the reporter disclosed that: first, some centralized construction projects did not start substantively, accounting for 40%; second, some investment projects were not completed or unfinished, accounting for 50%. For example, the investment promotion agreement of Andersen fairyland project agreed to start construction in 2016. Due to the lack of coordination and scheduling of relevant departments and the implementation of gas pipeline relocation, the project did not start construction.

Andersen fairy tale Park project is developed by Hongxi culture company. The reporter noted that Hongxi culture company was established in 2016. The actual control of the project company is stone to stone. All four companies linked to shiyizhong have been suspended. According to the survey, there are few other successful development cases of all the companies that have developed Andersens fairyland project and are associated with shiyizhong.

All these signs make the local people in Bazhong question the investment promotion of Bazhong municipal government. How does Bazhong attract investment? Has a field trip been conducted? Has the economic strength of the investment enterprises been objectively evaluated?

The reporter also found that the first plot of Andersens fairy tale paradise project, plot e-01-20 in Panxing Longqiao area of Bazhou District, was delisted by Bazhong Huixin Development Co., Ltd. on June 16 this year, and obtained the right to use the state-owned land. The site is located in Sanfeng village, return air office of Bazhou District. The net land area is 92.61 mu. The transaction price was 1.1608 million yuan per mu. The transaction amount was 107.5 million yuan. The land use is commercial land. The transfer period is 40 years for business.

Reporter investigation found that Bazhong Huixin Development Co., Ltd. is a state-owned platform company in Bazhou District of Bazhong City. However, the use rights of the six plots around the above-mentioned plots were recently delisted by the state-owned platform company of Bazhou District or six companies of the state-owned platform company of Bazhong City, and obtained the state-owned land use rights of these plots.

How is the primary land market developed? What is the operation mode of local government state-owned platform companies? Reporters from China real estate news failed to find the answer in an official visit to Bazhong.

However, an official of Bazhou District Committee, who did not want to be named, told reporters that the main reason why Andersens fairyland project has not been started is the developers financial problems. As the government is worried that it will lead to a bad ending, it may adjust the planning.

On the above issues, the reporter of China real estate news repeatedly called Shi Yizhong, the project leader of Andersens fairyland project, but no response was received.

The land acquisition and land occupation of Panxing Logistics Industrial Park in Bazhong are roughly the same as Andersens fairyland project. It is also the first time that the government expropriates the land. After the project is shut down, the land is changed from expropriation to lease.

A villager surnamed Yang in Panxing village, Huifeng Street Office of Bazhou District, told reporters, the actual land acquisition of Panxing Logistics Industrial Park project in Bazhong is about 3000 mu, and these lands are all good fields.

The reporter saw in the logistics industrial park that the completed buildings are estimated to be 100 mu to 200 mu. However, business is sluggish and management is chaotic. The buildings in the park are all three-story buildings, and the second and third floors are basically vacant. The first floor stores, in addition to some sales of building materials, there are auto parts sales, automobile sales, feed sales, and warehouses and other stores.

The reporter looked around, these rented farmland, gloomy. After the project was shut down, the nearby villagers reclaimed the land and planted corn or vegetables.

The project started land acquisition in 2012 and started construction in 2013. Development stopped around 2016.

According to public information, Panxing Logistics Industrial Park is located in Bazhou District, with a planned construction area of 8.1 square kilometers. It is developed by Bazhong Panxing Western China Logistics Park Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as logistics park), with a total investment of 15 billion yuan. The logistics park with Huang Zhongyi as the core of the affiliated company was established and registered.

It is understood that Huang Zhongyi started his career as a grain peddler and set foot in the stone industry. However, most stone companies associated with it have been cancelled or revoked.

According to the official data, the logistics park will create a new production and marketing mode, which is led by the industry, directly settled by the manufacturers, and directly distributed to the terminal customer group through the unified third-party logistics park. The project covers an area of 5800 Mu and is completed in three phases. The park includes: a comprehensive market composed of various types of building materials and other bulk commodities; supporting modern circulation systems such as relevant warehousing and logistics facilities, Internet of things system and e-commerce system; combining with other financial support and living support; forming a comprehensive logistics hub type park covering the western region. The project plans to eventually create a sales market with an annual sales scale of 50 billion yuan, realize cross provincial trade circulation, and build a new logistics and trade site connecting the central and Eastern production areas and radiating the southwest and northwest development areas.

The reporter visited the logistics park and found that the above content is also the development concept of the logistics park and the location advantage of the company that the logistics park is located in Bazhong.

The person in charge attributed the stop to the west to east gas pipeline will pass through the park. Due to the rectification of the oil industry, the safety distance from the pipeline has been widened from 50 meters to 90 meters. This rectification can only change the original park planning or bypass the west east gas pipeline. So it was forced to stop work.

During a local visit, some local insiders believed that the west to east gas pipeline was only one reason for the shutdown of the project, and the real reason for stopping the development was related to the transfer of a local leader from Bazhong.

On the planning and land issues of Panxing Logistics Industrial Park and Andersen fairyland project, China real estate news reporter visited the natural resources and Planning Bureau of Bazhou District. A director of the Bureaus office told the reporter, I just reported with the leaders, we cant find the planning situation of these two projects here. Reporters repeatedly asked to see the leadership of the Bureau, the director of the office appointed a staff member of the land use unit to explain to the reporter. This is plot B1, thats plot B2 They explained to reporters, but did not explain the substantive issues. However, in the course of the interview, the staff member suddenly said, it is not myself who arranges the interview for the reception reporter. Im just an ordinary staff member of the land use unit.

According to the detailed situation of the government control plan of the area, the staff told the reporter that the government controlled detailed planning of Longqiao area in Panxing covers an area of 11 square kilometers, mainly for wholesale market land. This area is mainly planned for logistics, warehousing, commerce, residential and automobile trade.

However, the reporter learned from Panxing Logistics Park Management Committee that the whole logistics park covers an area of 8.1 square kilometers.

On the issues related to the above two projects, China real estate news reporter tried to interview the main leaders of the Publicity Department of Bazhou District Committee, Bazhou District government and Panxing Logistics Park Management Committee. However, up to the time of publication, no official reply has been received from Pakistan and China.

Industrial development encounters intestinal obstruction

On August 4, Bazhong daily published an article saying that industry is the fundamental support for economic development, and industrial cooperation is the most important and important issue in the construction of Chengdu Chongqing double city economic circle Bazhong has many weaknesses in the fields of transportation infrastructure and industrial development For a long time, we have made great efforts to develop the whole area tourism and health care industry, and strive to build a tourism and health care destination with the west of Chengdu and Chongqing as the main tourist source market, and achieved remarkable results. This is a brilliant business card for us to speed up the integration into the construction of double city economic circle in Chengdu Chongqing region.

When a reporter from China real estate news visited Bazhong, some people in the local industry believed that the idea of developing tourism and health care in Bazhong was not a problem, but it could not be spread everywhere blindly. Bazhong is located in the geometric center of Chengdu, Chongqing and Xian, with a driving distance of 4 hours. From the perspective of geographical location, Bazhong is not within the one hour economic circle of the three metropolises, and can not attract foreign population to Bazhong. From the perspective of consumer groups, there are too many low-income groups at present, while the high-income groups are few after all.

In the view of the people in the above industries, logistics can only develop if industry and agriculture develop. The development of logistics first, then the development of industry, in the case of underdeveloped industry, will inevitably lead to the development of non matching, leading to no material flow. People in the industry believe that the real logistics should serve industry and agriculture. In Bazhong, not only is the industry underdeveloped, but also the agricultural vegetable basket project. Now logistics is just the daily necessities of the people, supermarket supplies. Only relying on the consumables of the people, logistics can not develop.

People in the industry asked reporters that Bazhong can only be regarded as a fourth tier city. If Bazhong develops 5800 mu of logistics with the existing scale, will the logistics of Beijing and Shanghai be larger? The key of logistics is material, and where is Bazhongs goods?

There are also local people who think that the business environment in Bazhong is not good enough. The work style is not good, they dont think about the enterprise at all, and the business concept is indifferent. If one enterprise comes, one will die. The practice of shutting down the door and beating the dog can only lead to the lack of credibility of the local government.

According to Bazhong discipline inspection and supervision network, in 2019, a number of cadres in Bazhong were held accountable for fraud, ineffective industrial promotion, and untrue work style.

Investment promotion should be more forward-looking and targeted, and comprehensive consideration should be given to the suitability of investment projects with local land planning, resource endowment and industrial development direction. China Academy of Social Sciences Financial Strategy Research Institute of an associate researcher said.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Shandong and other provinces have carried out special rectification; provincial leading cadres of Qinghai and other provinces have listed their names to supervise the investment promotion projects, so that the signed projects can be implemented. Despite this, there are still many image projects and achievements projects such as attracting investment with great momentum and few contracted projects. In some places, investment promotion has been included in the performance appraisal. Some people believe that blindly pursuing the number of investment promotion will inevitably lead to number game and unfinished projects. Local industry insiders said frankly that Bazhong municipal government should use big data and cloud computing to calculate the real local demand, rather than blindly develop. This person thinks that the problem of intestinal obstruction in Bazhong is too serious. Only by solving the industrial intestinal obstruction can Bazhong develop. Source: China real estate news source: China real estate news editor in charge: Yu changzong_ NBJ11145

Shandong and other provinces have carried out special rectification; provincial leading cadres in Qinghai and other provinces have listed their names to supervise the investment promotion projects, so that the signed projects can be implemented.

Despite this, there are still many image projects and achievements projects such as attracting investment with great momentum and few contracted projects. In some places, investment promotion has been included in the performance appraisal.

Source: China real estate news