Lin Xi changes the lyrics of agreement to support Luo Guancong

 Lin Xi changes the lyrics of agreement to support Luo Guancong

Lin Xi, a well-known writer in Hong Kong, is well-known as a lyricist and multimedia creator. He is one of the most prolific songwriters in Hong Kong. He wrote welcome to Beijing for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. However, he later called it the stain of life. During the illegal occupation of China in Hong Kong, he wrote words for the song hold up an umbrella.

After the implementation of the port national security law, many Hong Kong Independence elements fled overseas. On July 31, the Hong Kong Police officially issued a wanted warrant to Luo Guancong and other six fugitives from Hong Kong for inciting to split the country and colluding with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security.

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According to the east net and other Hong Kong media on July 31, Hong Kong Police officially wanted Luo Guancong, Chen Jiaju, Liu Kang, Zheng Wenjie, Zhu herdsman, Huang Taiyang and other six fugitives who fled to the overseas chaotic Hong Kong for violating the national security law. Hong Kong media quoted sources as saying that these six people were respectively suspected of inciting to split the country, colluding with foreign or foreign forces and endangering national security.

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Some netizens said that Luo Guancong had delusion of being persecuted: are you being whipped by your parents now? Neither father nor mother is as good as trump. A kind of

Luo Guancong, a Hong Kong Independence element who has fled to the UK to evade Chinas legal sanctions, posted a picture of him and the last governor of Hong Kong, patten, on his social account, and posted a message saying that he would like to represent many Hong Kong people to thank patten.

However, it is embarrassing that some netizens picked out Luo Guancong and immigrated to Hong Kong with his family in 1999, when patten had already left

As shown in the figure below, Luo Guancong declared in a photo he released with patten that he would thank patten on behalf of many Hong Kong people and praised Patten for his scholarship, mind and foresight.