A 12-year-old girl was kidnapped and her ticket was torn. The police have seized 1 million yuan of stolen money involved in the case

 A 12-year-old girl was kidnapped and her ticket was torn. The police have seized 1 million yuan of stolen money involved in the case

After investigation, the suspects song and Zhang (female) believed that the victims family had better economic conditions, so they conspired to kidnap and extort money. On August 4, two suspects killed the victim Zhao after controlling him and demanded a ransom of 1 million yuan from his family. At about 2:00 on August 5, the suspect took the ransom and hid it.

After interrogation, the two suspects confessed to the facts of the crime, and the public security organs have taken compulsory measures of criminal detention.

Renqiu Public Security Bureau

August 9, 2020

Source: Renqiu Public Security Bureau

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Hebei kidnapped girl father: didnt see my daughter when he gave the suspect ransom

In the early morning of August 4, a girl was kidnapped and killed in Majiawu Town, Renqiu City, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province. On August 8, Renqiu police reported that the suspect had been arrested and the case was being further investigated.

The girls body was found in a cornfield.

Why did the suspect still escape under the circumstances of prosecution?

When the money was sent, the kidnappers were not with my daughter, Mr. Zhao said. Worried about (the suspects accomplice) hurting the hostage, so he didnt let the police carry out the on-the-spot arrest. He is now too upset and wants to punish the suspect in accordance with the law.

Red Star News reported on August 8 that after the incident, Renqiu public security officials came to Mr. Zhaos home to deploy command work. Renqiu police offered a maximum reward of 50000 yuan for clues.

According to the report, in the early morning of August 5, Mr. Zhao placed a ransom in the middle of a road about 1.2 kilometers away from home according to the suspects instructions. Mr. Zhao said the suspect had promised to return the child at 9:00 am on the 5th, but he did not wait for news from Tingting. The suspects mobile phone had been turned off and the money is gone.. Renqiu police sent hundreds of police and UAVs to search. At about 9:00 on the 6th, Tingtings body was found in a corn field about three or four miles away from Mr. Zhaos home.

A 12-year-old girl was kidnapped and killed. Villagers exposed at the scene: the burial pit was dug by hand

On the afternoon of August 8, under the guidance of villagers, the Red Star News reporter found the place where Zhaos body was found. In the corn field more than 500 meters east of Zhaos home, there was a small rectangular pit more than one meter long and about 30 cm wide under a wire post. Villagers said, Zhao is buried here..

Villagers say Zhaos body was found

The Red Star News reporter noticed that there were no signs of broken roots in the pit, and fresh soil traces were found on the wall of the pit; the corn near the pit had been trampled and there was white lime beside it. Some villagers suspect that the pit was dug by the suspect with his hands or a knife.

During the interview, some villagers told the Red Star News reporter that Zhaos body was found in the corn field of a certain family in Song Dynasty. In this regard, Zhao denied, he did not have land there, he just worked.. Several villagers told the Red Star News reporter that song is about 30 years old and his girlfriend is similar to his age. Because song is fond of gambling, his ex-wife left him. In 2019, the current girlfriend took her two children to live in Songs family, they met online, but didnt mention the marriage certificate..

Zhao told the Red Star News reporter that songs divorce was not due to gambling, but because of collusion with the current cohabiting girlfriend. Zhao also said that in 2019, songs current girlfriend moved into his home with two children, his girlfriend is from Hejian.. In addition, Zhao also said that in 2013, song was arrested by police jumping into the fence for inviting friends to gamble at home. He was detained for a few days, and after returning home, he installed barbed wire and monitoring in the yard..

In addition, Ms. Wang, who once worked with Mr. Song, said that song did like to play money (gambling) before and played big, but it was not clear whether song had ever been in prison for this reason.

Many villagers expressed indignation over Zhaos kidnapping and killing. The murderer should be severely punished by law..