Men carrying fruit knife whoring with prostitutes after killing a woman and snatching a car

 Men carrying fruit knife whoring with prostitutes after killing a woman and snatching a car

On January 14, Zhou returned to his home in Wangzhigang Town, Baoying County. That night, he took a fruit knife with him and entered Baoying Countys urban area to look for the target. During this period, Zhou ran into a woman named Fu in Anyi town. After learning that Fu had a car, Zhou had the idea of robbing a car by whoring.

After entering the foot therapy shop, Zhou had the idea of robbery, and put the fruit knife with him in his coat pocket for standby. After the two people had a relationship, Zhou showed a sinister face and stabbed Fu in the throat with a fruit knife. Fu began to cry for help after the wound bleeding, and the two people then had a fight in the room. During this period, Zhou Mou stabbed Fu in the neck with a fruit knife, causing the handle to break. In an emergency, he took a pillow to cover Fus mouth and nose until Fu did not move.

After the crime, Zhou found Fus car key and drove away from the scene. In order to avoid the polices tracking, Zhou covered his face with clothes and unloaded the license plate. Because he had no money to pay the highway toll, Zhou chose to drive all night to Xuzhou along 233 provincial highway. At more than 5 a.m. the next day, Zhou picked up his girlfriend Xie in Xuzhou, falsely claiming that he had borrowed a relatives car and was ready to drive him back to his hometown in Guizhou Province.

However, at this time, Baoying police had already set up a network after receiving the homicide report. At about 10 oclock that night, when Zhou drove to Chibi City, Hubei Province, he was arrested by the local public security organs. After arriving at the case, Zhou confessed that he killed Fu for robbing a vehicle (died at the age of 33). At the trial, Zhou expressed regret to the victims relatives and friends.

According to judicial appraisal, the victim Fu died of mechanical asphyxia combined with hemorrhagic shock due to his mouth and nose being covered. The market price of the stolen vehicle was more than 77000 yuan at the time of the crime. Procuratorial organs review that Zhou robbed other peoples property in a violent way and caused one person to die, and his behavior has constituted robbery. The public prosecutor issued sentencing suggestions on Zhous behavior in court: Zhou committed robbery and planned to commit a crime, the nature of the crime is particularly serious, the criminal plot is bad, the subjective malignancy is greater, the social risk is high, and the victims close relatives do not understand The court sentenced him to death, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscate all personal property.

At present, the case is still under further trial.

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When the prostitute and the client are finished, they are forced to bow by their two companions

After eating and drinking, three men stayed in the hotel. One of them called a prostitute. After whoring, the other two men entered the room to continue to engage in prostitution. Later, they had a dispute because of disagreement. After that, the other two men threatened to report the broken woman into prostitution after bullying

Guangdong court recently concluded the case, the two hard come men were convicted of compulsory indecency, were sentenced to two years, one year and six months.

After hearing, the court found that on the evening of December 20, 2018, the defendants, Ouyang Xiaoping and Ning, after having dinner and drinking with Luo, stayed in room 8606 of a hotel in Baoan District of Shenzhen, and Ning paid the room fee.

At about 1:00 a.m. the next day, Luo Xiaoqiang (who has been administratively punished) contacted the victim Tang (female, who has been administratively punished) to come to prostitution through wechat.

In the process of whoring, Luo and Tang reached an agreement of 300 yuan for whoring, and Ouyang Pingping and Ning reached a consensus that during the period of prostitution, they left the room and left the room for Luo and prostitutes.

Later, Tang came to the above room to collect money for whoring, and Luo had a strong sexual relationship. During this period, Ouyang Ping and Ning left the room according to the agreement and waited in the corridor outside the room until Luo forced the prostitute to finish.

After whoring, Luo left the room, Ouyang and Ning immediately entered the room with Tang, who was a prostitute. They negotiated with Tang about continuing to engage in prostitution and whoring, and later had a dispute because of disagreement.

During this period, Ouyang Ping and Ning, regardless of Tangs resistance, forcibly pushed Tang onto the bed, pressed Tangs body and stroked Tangs chest.

In the case of Tangs resistance, calling for help and trying to escape, Ouyang Xiaoping and Ning Mou not only jointly suppressed Tangs reaction, but also threatened to report Tangs prostitution and push Tang out of the window in an attempt to force Tang to submit. Later, Ning also called the police (but did not actually call).

Later, Tang took the opportunity to escape from the room, Ouyang Ping, Ning followed up to the corridor at the door of the room, regardless of Tangs crying and pleading, and arrested Tang so as not to leave.

At about 2:00 a.m., the police received the alarm, rushed to the scene, and arrested Ouyang, Ningmou, and seized two mobile phones involved in the case.

The court of first and second instance held that the defendants Ouyang, Ping and Ning intended to continue whoring with prostitutes after their companions went whoring, but they were contemptuous and forced to molest the victim Tang, which constituted the crime of compulsory indecency.

The defendant, Ouyang Xiaoping, had a criminal record and refused to admit his guilt. He avoided the facts, refused to explain and repudiated the responsibility in front of the facts and evidence. It can be seen that he did not admit his guilt and repent and caused unnecessary waste of justice;

Although the defendant, Ning Mou, pleaded guilty, but he avoided the heavy ones and gave repeated confessions in his later period. It can be seen that his attitude of confession and repentance is also lacking.

According to the facts, nature, circumstances and harm to the society of the defendants Ouyang Xiaoping and Ning Mou, the court ruled: the defendant Ouyang Xiaoping committed the crime of compulsory indecency and was sentenced to two years imprisonment; the defendant Ning committed the crime of compulsory indecency and was sentenced to one year and six months imprisonment.

A man in Guangxi was executed after robbing his brother-in-law and throwing his body away

In May 2013, the defendant Guo Changlong forcibly demanded money from his brother-in-law song (the victim, died at the age of 54), and gathered together Shen Mingzhi and Chen Fujiu (both sentenced) to participate in the case. On May 24 of the same year, Guo Changlong drove an SUV carrying Shen Mingzhi to a rental house in Dongxing City. Guo Changlong threatened song with a knife, and instructed Shen Mingzhi to carry out bundling, robbing songs wallet, ID card, bank card, mobile phone and other properties, and then took him to the car. Later, Guo Changlong drove to Naliang Town, Fangchenggang City.

Guo Changlong and Shen Mingzhi take the way of beating and threatening. After asking Song Mou to get the bank card password, they drive Song Mou back to Dongxing City to withdraw money. On the way, they meet with Chen Fujiu. At about 2:00 p.m. that day, Guo Changlong took 17800 yuan from Songs bank card through the bank ATM, and distributed part of the stolen money to Shen Mingzhi. Later, he used another bank card of song to withdraw money. The bank card was locked due to the wrong password.

On the afternoon of that day, Guo Changlong and other three defendants drove song to a vacant land near a bridge in Naliang Town, Fangchenggang City. Under the instruction of Guo Changlong, Chen Fujiu and Shen Mingzhi smashed song on the head with stones and dragged song to the roadside bamboo forest to take off his clothes and throw his body. Later, Guo Changlong instructed Chen Fujiu to cut the throat of a certain body of song, and the three defendants fled the scene. On June 24 of the same year, Guo Changlong withdrew 6739 yuan from Yulin City bank counter with his ID card and bank card.

Fangchenggang intermediate peoples court, in the first instance, sentenced Guo Changlong, the defendant, to death for intentional homicide, depriving him of political rights for life, and for robbery, sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment, five years deprivation of political rights, and a fine of 50000 yuan.

After the sentence was pronounced, Guo Changlong appealed. The higher peoples Court of the Autonomous Region shall hold a court session according to law, rule to reject the appeal, maintain the original judgment, and report to the Supreme Peoples court for approval according to law.

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