General secretary concerned about getting rid of poverty in old areas

 General secretary concerned about getting rid of poverty in old areas

The general secretary is concerned about whether our peoples life is good or not and whether their income is high

Recently, many farmers in Tantou village have planted pepper and towel gourd. Xiao Guihua runs several times a day in vegetable greenhouses to observe the growth of vegetables. We have cultivated seedlings and distributed them to farmers in the villages planting and breeding cooperatives for free. The vegetables planted by farmers can be purchased by cooperatives at a guaranteed price, and they can also find their own market.

Xiao Guihua originally worked in the real estate administration bureau of Duxian county. In February 2017, he came to Tantou village as the first secretary. What he thinks most is how to get the villagers out of poverty as soon as possible.

When general secretary Xi Jinping visited Tan tou village, he sat together with the villagers Sun Guanfa and the local town and village cadres to pull together. The general secretary said affectionately, this time I come to Jiangxi to visit my father and my fellow countrymen in the Soviet area to see if their life has improved and whether the old area can get rid of poverty as scheduled.

We report to the general secretary that there are 109 poor households in Tantou village who have established files and registered cards. All of them have participated in the development of vegetable industry in recent years. Many villagers have made a good living by planting selenium rich vegetables. Xiao Guihua recalled the scene excitedly, when the general secretary went out of sun Guan to make a fortune, the villagers gathered at the door and vied to shake hands with the general secretary..

The general secretary is concerned about whether our peoples life is good or not, and whether their income is high. We must make an impact on the selenium rich industry, make it a brand, and make it large-scale, so that the vegetable industry can become a happy industry in Tantou village and benefit the villagers. Xiao Guihua said.

All the poor households have taken shares in the planting and breeding cooperatives

On that day, the general secretary came to the selenium rich vegetable industrial park. I introduced to the general secretary the development model of leading enterprises + cooperatives + farmers and poor households to drive the villagers out of poverty and become rich. The general secretary was very happy to hear that. Shi Changguo, the person in charge of Zishan selenium rich vegetable industrial park at that time, recalled with emotion, the general secretary held the hands of villagers and said that the original intention of the Communist Party of China was to seek happiness for the people and rejuvenation of the nation, and what the Party Central Committee wanted was to do everything possible to make the common people live a good life. Sesame blossoms higher and higher, and the future will be better. After listening to the general secretarys words, the villagers clapped their hands, and many people were excited to tears.

At first, some villagers didnt understand. Im worried that if I rent out my land, I wont have a source of income. The concerns of Liu Yangfu, a poor family, are representative. After Xiao Guihua learned that, he went to work three times in a row and explained the supporting policies carefully. Finally, Liu Yangfus doubts were dispelled. He transferred his more than 3 mu of land to the cooperative.

Dont mention how happy I am when I get the land transfer rent and the cooperative bonus! Liu Yangfu was full of gratitude. It was Secretary Xiao and village cadres who sent good policies to us and sent warmth to our hearts. At present, all 109 poor households in Tantou village have taken shares in the planting and breeding cooperatives.

In November 2019, 35 farmers in Tantou village claimed 400 mu vegetable greenhouse from jinruisheng company and planted towel gourd, pepper, eggplant, beans and other vegetables. Now many villagers come to me and ask if they can rent the greenhouses and how. The support policy is so good, let alone the enthusiasm of the villagers! Xiao Guihua said.

Zishan hemp cakes made by villagers themselves are often sold out of stock

Now, the village is green with trees and clear water.

On that day, the general secretary inspected the appearance of the village in our village and inquired carefully about the transformation of old houses and the environmental management of the village. The general secretary praised that such a rural area is no worse than that of the city! Tantou village Party branch secretary Liu Lianyun said.

In recent years, more than 700 households in Tantou village have been intensively improved, 26 Tongzu roads have been reconstructed for 13.6 km, and a leisure square has been built with the funds for new rural construction. There used to be an old saying in Tantou Village: at the Tantou of Zishan mountain, one has to bear hardships; on the other hand, when it is sunny for three days, the shoulder is rotten; if it rains for three days, the water goes into the stove. . Now, with cement roads, tap water and small buildings, we have a bright future and a bright future! Xiao Guihua said.

The village also set up a specialty supermarket to sell selenium rich agricultural products processed and produced by villagers. Zishan hemp cakes made by villagers themselves are often sold out of stock. Xiao Guihua said, the turnover of the tourism cooperatives has exceeded 800000 yuan in half a year. In the first few months, thousands of tourists were received every day. In the village, Lius ancestral hall has set up a selenium rich banquet. Seventy or eighty tables are served at the same time, and it is often difficult to find one table!

Xiao Guihua introduced that 50% of the operating income of tourism cooperatives is used for shareholders dividends, 30% for cooperative operation and development, and 20% for village level collective economic income. Now, our village has expanded the vegetable industry, set up specialty supermarkets, and started rural tourism. Villagers life is just like the general secretary said, sesame blossoms and grows higher and higher. Xiao Guihua said, the villagers all say that if the general secretary comes again, he must be invited to taste the native selenium rich farmhouse dishes in our Tantou village!

Peoples daily (August 10, 2020, edition 01)