CBA for defenders: Thinking of a team as a mobile phone guard is a chip

 CBA for defenders: Thinking of a team as a mobile phone guard is a chip

In the three games of Beijing and Guangdong, Yi Jianlian was absent due to injury, and the first two games made the drama of the series UPS and downs. The two guns in the backcourt composed of Lin Shuhao and Fang Shuo is very powerful, causing great trouble to the Guangdong team. At the same time, the 31 year old Lin Shuhao faces a huge physical test due to the rotation of three Guangdong guards Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie. Beijing teams first game was reversed at the last minute, and the third game was narrowly lost, which is related to the depth of the guard line.

Liaoning team won 2:0 in the new Liaoning war, also benefited from its strong back field lineup. Guo Allen and Zhao Jiwei, the two state-owned guards and the new sharp Gao Shiyan, attacked in turn. Zeng lingxu, the only real point guard of Xinjiang team, was injured and unable to support himself. Xire Lijiang, a guest guard, did his best, but it was only an expedient measure after all. Due to the lack of stable and continuous tandem organization, the inner line firepower of the Xinjiang team with Zhou Qi and fan Ziming was not fully released, and the 0:2 defeat was not too unexpected.

Shortly after taking over the Guangdong team, Du Feng said that he hopes to speed up the teams attack speed and play flexible basketball instead of putting up stakes.. In recent seasons, he used Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie as small guards who are good at speed and have achieved remarkable results. Led by Guangdong team, CBA League also began to speed up.

In addition to Guangdong and Liaoning, another team showing strong backcourt strength this season is Zhejiang Chouzhou team. In the first two rounds of the playoffs, Wu Qian, Cheng shuaipeng, Lu Wenbo, Wang Yibo and other young guards all performed well. Over time, the youth team is expected to bring more surprises to the fans.

If a team is regarded as a mobile phone, then the guard is like its chip. Only by developing a more powerful, more advanced and independent intellectual property rights chip, can the team obtain a stronger and more lasting driving force.

As former Chinese basketball star Wang Shipeng said, although there are signs of a collective outbreak of local guards this season, there is still a big gap from international standards. Defenders like Wu Qian, sun Minghui, Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie are easy to use in the CBA League, but may not be easy to use in the international arena. As early as when Jonas was in charge of the Chinese mens basketball team, he put forward the direction of high guard, the purpose is to fight against the European and American guards who are tall and strong and have comprehensive skills. More than ten years have passed, the Chinese mens basketball teams performance has declined in the international arena, and the local guards have not yet realized the real significance of upgrading. Therefore, Wu Qian, Zhao Rui and sun Minghui have a long way to go.

The CBA finals will begin soon. Before challenging the worlds top teams, local defenders need to conquer the CBA first. The overall performance of Guo Allen, Zhao Jiwei and Gao Shiyan may be the key to the success of Liaoning team in challenging the dominant position of Guangdong team. Who is in charge of the ups and downs in the super backcourt? Lets wait and see.

Source: Author: Wang Jingyu, editor in charge: Wang Mengfei_ NBJS10260