No matter how beautiful the world is, the next life will never come

 No matter how beautiful the world is, the next life will never come

Such a world, how many people even dare not return, and how many people are in tears to appreciate.

Recently, Mingyi received a letter from a netizen named Xinsuo. Her original surname was Chen. She summed up her first half of her life with only one sentence: no matter how beautiful the world is, the next life will never come. In a moment of pity, something touched my heart.

Ms. Chen, 29, was a poor family when she was a child. Her alcoholic father did not allow her to go to school, but she left her early in the factory. As a teenager, she took on the responsibility of supporting the family. At the age of 22, she finally fell in love and thought that she would have a happy family. Unexpectedly, her ex husband was also fond of gambling and lazy. After she had children, her life became more tight. When she found out that her ex husband took the old TV set at home for 50 yuan in order to gamble, her heart became desperate.

After nearly half a years entanglement, her marriage was divorced, but her life with her children became more and more difficult because she found that she was ill and worried that her four-year-old son would have no place to live in, so she hastily remarried under the advice of her friends, which was domestic violence. Now she doesnt like her son. From beating the child to beating her, she pretended to be less than two months. Whats more, even the worthless silver jewelry on her body has to be locked in the drawer, for fear that she will steal the property on her back

Ms. Chen said, life is beautiful, but why cant I see it at all? No matter how beautiful the world is, I will not come in the next life.

Zhang Yuhuan, who had been jailed for 26 years, was finally acquitted. His ex-wife, song xiaonu, immediately went on a hot search because it was this woman who not only brought up his two young children, but also helped take care of his widowed mother-in-law. Even if she remarried, she also made three demands on the incumbent, namely, I want to help my ex husband and his family, You cant stop it.

Many netizens were moved by this sentimental and righteous woman. But do you know, when the loving couple was separated, she was ill. For the man who was wrongly jailed, she had no way to appeal. For the crying children, she could not do anything about it. In her own words, those who have not experienced this kind of suffering will not really understand me..

But she didnt fall.

If I cant live, Ill marry again.

You can live. Go on complaining.

For 26 years, the so-called whether the world is beautiful or not, I believe that at that moment, she saw more coldness, just because she didnt give up, she had todays everything is worth it.

If, 26 years ago, she gave up appealing for her ex husband, there would be no acquittal today.

If, 26 years ago, she gave up the courage to live on, then she would not see the present reunion.

Where is the most beautiful place in the world?

Mingyi believes that it is not the four seasons of samsara, but the warmth and coldness of peoples hearts.

When you think you lose everything, when you are worthless in the eyes of others, there is nothing to lose and nothing to worry about. His cold may chill your heart, but your road still needs to go by yourself.

To the left, it may be thorns, but it will be worth another time in the world.

To the right, may be despair, down, and not only your heart, but also the rejection of reincarnation in the next life.

Just like Ms. Chen, when she refuses to accept the world, her heart is full of despair. It is not only a matter of misfortune and fate. However, she has forgotten that this is not the only one in the world. It is only your choice to turn left or right.

Whether to come or not is not humans fault.

Wound is a stubborn child, you have to learn to live with it peacefully, it may be difficult to be indifferent to it, but please believe that the world never fails to live up to ones efforts, self-confidence, and strength.

Its not terrible that others have failed me. What I want is that I live up to myself.

If there is nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world.

Sometimes you can see the beauty of the world by changing the way of living, cant you?