The most perfect man in just 30 almost becomes a hostage

 The most perfect man in just 30 almost becomes a hostage

Xu Ziyan, Gu Jias son, pretended to be close to Gu Jia, and sent him picture books fathers house, mothers house and inseparable love, implying that his parents would divorce. In fact, he wanted to use the childrens mouth to stimulate Gu Jia and force the palace to abdicate.

When Xu Ziyan naively asked Gu Jia, Mom, there is a sister, why does he say that Dad will have his own home?

No doubt, its like a knife in my heart.

This is Gu Jias reply. The angry fan Lin at the door said, listen, this is the last time I warn you. If you want to move my son again, try it..

Its no wonder that some netizens left angry messages: Lin Youyou, if you dare to treat my child like this, I will let you live worse than death.

In this adult dispute, the most distressing one is undoubtedly Xu Ziyan. He is the thirds heart attack weapon, his fathers death free token, and his mothers most painful weakness. He didnt do anything wrong, but he was pushed into this palace plot.

Children are the weakness of all mothers. Lin youyou obviously seriously underestimates Gu Jias love for children.

Even if Xiao Sans treacherous plan failed, Xu Huashan regretted to get back together, and the rift in the marriage was hopeless. Divorce was Gu Jias last choice for himself and for his children.

After the end of this years college entrance examination, there has been a wave of divorce around the country.

Parents take the book from the Civil Affairs Bureau to come out, and finally can sigh, finally do not have to act again.

This caused netizens to discuss: the concealment of parents marriage, really good for children?

Most of the time, the parents forbearance finally only touched themselves, because the children cant see love from cheating.

It is heartbreaking to see a story about a 10-year-old boy suffering from mild depression due to his parents seclusion.

After the divorce, Ms. Wang lived with her son Xiaoyu. Looking at her young son, thinking that he would soon take the junior high school examination, Ms. Wang decided to hide the fact that her parents divorced.

In order not to be seen through by her son, she still leaves her ex husbands belongings at home to create a false impression. Whenever a child asks wheres dad, she always gives up on business trips.

Ms. Wang secretly congratulated herself on her brilliant, but she did not know that her child had already discovered something strange: her father never called home on business, and her mother was often sad behind her back.

When a child learns from his mothers chat that his parents have already divorced, its like a bolt from the blue. He cant accept it for a while, and his temperament changes greatly. Not only does his grades decline, but he is finally found to be slightly depressed.

Although after the event, the parents tried their best to remedy it again and again, but they could not easily get the understanding of their children.

The seemingly estranged parents compromise for the sake of their children, but even the perfect acting skills will be found out one day.

If it is said that hidden divorce kills children invisibly, then endure not to leave is to let the children suffer in the abyss.

When the train of marriage is about to run off the cliff, can children be the brake for turning the tide? We have no standard answer to this question.

For the sake of children, many people are willing to try again, but try to treat children as hostages:

But for you, we would have left.

In the sound of all day long pots and pans clattering, the child became the burden who did not dare to make a sound. He carefully watched the parents faces and walked forward with heavy load.

Since the marriage is in a mess, why not give each other and children a peace?

In just thirty, just before Gu Jia decided to divorce, her son had such a dialogue with her

Gu Jias heart was not without struggle and hesitation, but she finally decided to divorce. She said, I dont want to tell my children one day that its because of you that my mother has been enduring an unfortunate marriage.

The sentence its all for you is like the top of the mountain for children.

In fact, for children, the process, attitude and method of parents dealing with divorce are the most important factors affecting childrens inner security.





The ugliness and gloom of adults in their quarrels is the blade of hurting children.

A marriage in name and death, a cold family atmosphere, not only can not bring any benefits to children, but also can only bring endless pain to children.

In fact, there are two words: sincerity.

Although Lin youyou sent the children picture books, the picture books themselves were not guilty. It is better to use picture books to help children understand the reasons for their parents divorce rather than hiding them. It is a relatively gentle method for young children.

Tamara Schmitz, author of fathers house, mothers house, is a mother of a divorced family. She explains the divorce to her children by telling the story between fish and birds.

Little fish cant fly into the sky, birds cant swim in the water, no matter how good a partner can live and play together for a long time. Only when they return to their own world can they be happy..

>>>Tell your child sincerely: divorce doesnt mean your parents dont love you

When the familys triangle balance is suddenly broken, the childs biggest worry is: parents divorce, whether they dont love me.

The picture book separated love also uses inspiring words to tell children: although mom and dad are separated, their love for you will never disappear. Just as a man has two feet and can stand with strength, you also have two homes, and your parents can always rely on.

Always be sure with your child that divorce is a decision between adults, not because of childrens responsibilities and mistakes.

If you cant give your child a complete home, try to give your child complete love.

In recent years, the entertainment industry has been known as divorce drama everywhere

Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rongs war of tearing x,

Dong Jies reversal drama of cheating on her husband,

These happy couples never thought about the psychological shadow of their children when they saw the news.

When parents want to use the way of criticizing each other to pull their children into their own camp, but they do not know that the seeds of hatred may have been buried in the hearts of children.

It is also a kind of respect for children to leave the stage with dignity.

Marriage is because of love, divorce is still.

Whether its parents of the previous generation or us of this generation, many people dont really realize that its harmful for everyone to maintain their marriage even if their relationship is broken.

Its just that many people think that divorce is a kind of failure, not a kind of unnecessary.

You cant accept the failure of your relationship, so bring your child in and pretend you havent failed.

Think about it from another angle. In fact, what is it really about children?

Not only are you happy, but your children may be even happier.

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