Win10 new application manager exposed: similar to task manager

 Win10 new application manager exposed: similar to task manager

According to reports, Microsoft is now developing a new application manager, which can be provided in the Settings application to provide more control over the running process and application.

This set-up based convenience feature will give you an overview of the applications and processes running on your computer, which is currently a prototype developed by Microsoft.

Application manager of windows10

There are two columns in the application: all and running. The all column lists the installed apps and background apps, while the running column lists all running processes or apps.

Application manager settings

There is also an option called performance that allows users to access detailed statistics of each process and to view the CPU, disk, and memory usage of the selected process.

The windows application manager

Currently, the features that come with the application manager are quite limited, but new features should be added soon.

Unlike task manager, windows 10s settings app also sends you notifications when your app uses too much memory.

The notice that Chrome browser slows down the system speed

It home learned that the new application manager seems to be a prototype of Microsoft, which may be integrated into the setup application of windows 10. You might as well look forward to it.

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