People first, life supreme, build and share healthy China

 People first, life supreme, build and share healthy China

In June 2nd this year, general secretary Xi Jinping hosted a forum of experts and scholars, saying: during this epidemic, we resolutely pressed the pause button for the economic and social development in order to prevent and control the epidemic situation, and put the peoples lives and health at the first place at high cost. Peoples life is only once, and we must keep it. We do everything from this principle.

Peoples life is only once, and we must keep it. this is the peoples feelings of the leaders of great powers, and this is the Chinese concept of life first. After the outbreak of the outbreak, general secretary Xi Jinping made many important arrangements, putting peoples life safety and health in the first place and saving the lives of more patients as far as possible. Maximizing the cure rate and reducing the mortality rate, more than 4.2 medical workers across the country went against the line. And then.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, 88, has been cured and discharged for more than four months since the old man Wang Xin recovered. The old man has recovered very well. Pulling the two violin every day is still his constant habit. In early March, this sunset photo warmed the hearts of many people. It was Wang Xin who was lying in the hospital bed. At the time of admission, the oxygen saturation of the elderly continued to be low, and there were diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other basic diseases.

After full rescue and careful treatment of medical staff, Wang Xinkang, who was hospitalized for 58 days, was discharged from the hospital.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients over eighty years old, like Wang Xin, have been cured successfully in Hubei. As of August 7th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was cured in 93.5%, and the cure rate of severe cases reached 98.55%, and the critical cure rate was 77.44%. From the centenarians to the babies only 30 hours old, we can save every patients life at any cost.

This baby is the pomegranate that was protected by thousands of netizens during the epidemic. In a blink of an eye, she is half year old. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in February in Wuhan, and was diagnosed by the second day of pomegranate. The observation was carried out in the neonatal department of Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. After 40 days, long Renyong and his wife were cured and discharged from hospital, and the three members of the family were reunited. The medical expenses of the couple were all reimbursed by the medical insurance, and the expenses incurred by little pomegranate in the hospital were basically exempted.

According to statistics, novel coronavirus pneumonia patients in China have more than 150 thousand yuan per capita treatment cost, and a few critical patients have more than one million treatment costs. As of July 19th, novel coronavirus pneumonia and suspected patients were involved in medical expenses of 1 billion 847 million yuan, medical insurance payment of 1 billion 232 million yuan, and the proportion of payment reached 67%.

Peoples safety is the cornerstone of national security. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that only by building a strong public health system, improving the early warning response mechanism, comprehensively enhancing the ability of prevention and control and treatment, weaving dense protection net and building solid wall, can we effectively protect the peoples health. The total amount of investment in public health related projects in the central budget this year is twice that of last year. Public health defense lines are being strengthened and disease prevention and control networks are being organized. The practice of novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control struggle is summarized, enriching the connotation of patriotic health work, innovating methods and methods, promoting transformation from environmental health management to comprehensive social health management, and solving the overall and long-term problems related to peoples health. Centering on the two cores of disease prevention and health promotion, 15 special actions have clearly outlined the action road map of healthy China, deepening the concept of great health and great health, and striving to ensure peoples health in an all-round and full cycle.