The students who went to the hotel with Yamashita Zhijiu were pickpocket friends: what about them

 The students who went to the hotel with Yamashita Zhijiu were pickpocket friends: what about them

Video exposure of female high school students

Netease Entertainment reported on August 10 that Yamashita Zhijiu has been dating high school students for nearly eight hours. A video of a girl suspected to have been playing with a boy in the past was revealed. She was lying on the sofa bed with her eyes closed. A man filmed it from the side, and another man held a lighted cigarette into her mouth. On the 9th, the woman was exposed in another video, in which her friend photographed her with her mobile phone and said, this is the heroine who caused the topic! And P (Yamashitas nickname shanp) that one

Japanese media report that Yamashita Chihiro has a hotel date with female high school students

It is reported that Yamashita Zhijiu attended the reception with his friends such as kuiye and Kawabata on July 30. After the party ended at 4:00 a.m., Yamashita took a taxi to the luxury hotel and stayed in a luxurious room of 100000 yen (about 6591 yuan) one night. Later, the 17-year-old female high school model also went to the same floor of the guest room. At noon the next day, she went out to the convenience store to buy things, and then returned to the high school girls room. Until 1 p.m., the two left the hotel with their front and back feet.

The agency said that the girl lied that she was an adult and there was indeed drinking together, but she did not respond to Yamashitas visit to the hotel with the girl.

Yamashita, born on April 9, 1985, is 35 years old. He is a famous singer and actor in Japan. He was once a member of the Japanese idol group news. He began to fly solo in October 2011. He has appeared in several popular TV dramas such as the big battle of marriage proposal, cheating on hunters, the man I am destined for, inhand.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351