Without Kirin chip, Huaweis future high-end mobile phone has lost its unique selling point?

 Without Kirin chip, Huaweis future high-end mobile phone has lost its unique selling point?

The foreign media androidauthority recently expressed its views on this incident. It said that with the gradual implementation of the US sanctions measures, the United States or foreign chip manufacturing companies with U.S. technology without a license can not manufacture chips for Huawei, including TSMC and Samsung. Without proper manufacturing partners, Huaweis Kirin chip may be temporarily used You should have unique skills in the world.

At present, Huawei is still allowed to purchase 5g chips from competitors, but only if the design companies are not in the United States. At present, it is obviously impossible for Qualcomm (it is said that it is applying to the U.S. government to sell chips to Huawei), and Samsung has not sold a large number of exynos chips to other companies, so MediaTek is the best choice.

To be exact, Huawei does not have many choices at present. Previously, it was reported that Huawei had increased the purchase volume of chips from MediaTek by three times, while it was reported that Huawei had ordered 120 million chips. Even though the performance of the high-end chip of unicord is not the same as that of unicords flagship chip in terms of performance, it is not the same as that of unicords flagship chip in terms of performance.

Due to the loss of Kirin chips, Huaweis medium and high-end mobile phones may lose their unique selling points in terms of rationality and sensibility. Also, Android authority believes that a ban on making Kirin chips could make Huawei another general smartphone maker, compared with a year ago when Huawei was banned from using Googles play store service.

From the perspective of Kirin chip, although ARM core is adopted in general CPU core, Kirin SOC contains ISP independently designed by Hisilicon, which has built-in BM3D noise reduction algorithm and supports its unique ryyb sensor technology, which directly affects the image function of Huawei mobile phone.

In addition to the ISP image core, the addition of Da Vinci architecture is also an important component of Kirin SOC, which is a demonstration of AI capabilities, including low-power voice, gesture control, face recognition, security and other functions. Of course, dont forget Huaweis most proud Baron 5g baseband, which is also integrated into Kirin SOC. Therefore, do not think that it is easy to find a replacement chip. In order to have its own unique function selling point in todays fierce mobile phone market, the collaborative development of software and hardware is essential.

Finally, androidauthority said that Huaweis mobile phone using MediaTek chips may have an impact on its performance, function and cost, and will further weaken its product attractiveness in the global and Chinese markets. The lack of Kirin chips is really bad for Huawei. (proofread / ll)

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