80000 Chinese captured the White House website: 19 years ago, they stood up for China

 80000 Chinese captured the White House website: 19 years ago, they stood up for China

This is not a fake picture of prank P. this is the official website of the White House.

It may also be the only time in the history of the White House that the front page has been tampered with beyond recognition.

Obviously, it should be Chinese hackers.

19 years later, this is a group of forgotten people, their name is Hongke.

Why do they do this?

Because that year, the United States, from the government to the people, bullyed China to a peak - just like today.

In the program, CNN hosts openly played with the name of martyr Wang Wei, saying that he was blind and the plane went wrong way..

The Americans took the lead in hacking more than 1000 important websites of the Chinese government and the private sector, and hung obscene pictures and insulting words on the front page.

It is against this background that red guest captured the official website of the White House.

Many people think that countervailing between countries is a matter that the government can only do, it is a complicated operation, and it is a matter of surprise to hit him by surprise,

However, the red guest incident in those years did not achieve at all.

Does red guest attack have government endorsement? No, its all spontaneous.

Red guest hacked the official website of the White House, what special complex and tall trojan virus did? No, its very simple and crude.

What is even more surprising is that the Americans knew four or five days in advance that Chinese hackers were coming to do something and were ready for defense, but the White House website was still paralyzed.

How could it be possible to compare the strength of Internet technology between China and the United States in those years?

Marquez had a novel called a murder case in advance.

In the spring of 2001, it was a pre publicized Sino US hacker war.

Today, 19 years later, it is forgotten by many Chinese people, and even more people do not know its existence at all.

The past is not for national enmity, but for today to be a mirror.

Perhaps later, many people regard it as a hot brain and give us a non radical answer.


Truck after truck of thugs entered the Chinese District, shouting kill the Chinese, burn them, these Chinese dogs! Later, they began to smash and burn shops and markets, and some Chinese were killed or shot dead on the spot in the business district.

Some raped women in the commercial district in broad daylight, some gathered Chinese women to carry out mass gang rape, and some rioters pushed Chinese women into burning buildings after finishing their work.

Its right to be raped, because its Chinese, the mob said

For every rape of a Chinese woman, the mob can get 20000 Duns (about RMB 15-20 yuan at that time).

In Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia alone, more than 5000 Chinese factories, shops, houses and houses were burned down. It is difficult to count the number of Chinese women who were raped and nearly 1200 Chinese were slaughtered.

Some extreme anti Chinese elements in India have also posted photos of the killing of Chinese on the Internet.

Strictly speaking, Indonesian Chinese are not Chinese. They are the descendants of early Chinese immigrants.

However, when the news came back to China, from the government media to the people, countless Chinese people were furious about the tragic experience of Indonesian Chinese.

Among them, a group of Chinese hackers are just beginning to emerge.

A hacker with the internet name David Chan launched an operation codenamed revenge bomb, and then hundreds of websites including Indonesias foreign ministry were attacked and damaged.

The Indonesian governments public mailbox was completely paralyzed by a 30 Hour concentrated bombing of mail bombs.

A hacker named blazing angel who claimed to be from the University of science and technology of China broke into the Indonesian government website and posted a 2000 word hacker Manifesto on its homepage.

If it wasnt for the air defense siren that didnt go off, I thought it would be China that declared war on us, said an Indonesian spokesman in charge of cyber security

It was the first time that Chinas red guest appeared in the international arena.

No one knows how much red guests attacks on Indonesian websites have played a role, and they need more opportunities to prove themselves.

They didnt wait too long.

In the late night of May 7, 1999 (Beijing time, May 8), three NATO missiles successively attacked the main building and the residence of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia.

Chinese journalists Shao yunhuan, Xu Xinghu and Zhu Ying were killed on the spot, and dozens of people were injured.

Standing in front of the ruins of the destroyed embassy, Ambassador pan Zhanlin angrily pointed out: this is a gross violation of the sovereignty of the peoples Republic of China.

But a NATO military spokesman said they took the outdated map by mistake, we thought it was the military supplies Bureau of Yugoslavia.

Filled with indignation, Chinese college students poured into the streets to protest against NATO atrocities.

Late in the night of May 9, a temporary online organization called China hacker emergency conference center attacked relevant websites of the United States Congressuff08 www.capweb.net uff09It took only 5 minutes to publish the passwords of nearly 250 foreign websites.

Although they immediately withdrew their passwords, a large number of angry netizens have already flocked to these websites and spread them crazily. All these websites have been tampered with and replaced with home pages occupied by Chinese hackers, including the official websites of the US embassy in China, the US Department of the interior and the Department of energy.

A member of the China hacker emergency conference center said: the passwords of these 250 sites are only a tiny part of what they know.

We were founded to protest, so that the world can see clearly the hegemonic mentality and brutality of the United States and NATO.

Please rest assured that we are just replacing the front page of NATO military sites with pages representing the aspirations of the whole Chinese people, and we will not delete or destroy any of their data.

As long as the ultimate goal of the Chinese people and the Chinese government is fully and unconditionally achieved, we will naturally dissolve.

But now, we are in action!

After the incident, the US government solemnly declared that it strongly condemned the atrocity of Chinese hackers violating the US website, and also met with Chinese ambassador to the United States Li Zhaoxing to protest.

As a result, China really has a hacker organizationuff08 www.antinato.com uff09Claiming responsibility for the incident, they said they bombed the U.S. web sites (the interior and energy departments) because they thought this is a weapons depot..

To do the other way, to give back to the other.

A report in Singapores Lianhe Zaobao described the group as hackers under the red flag and red guest officially got its name.

Hongker refers to the hackers who, out of patriotism, invade and destroy the websites of countries opposite to our country in some aspects.

Different from the anarchism of foreign hackers, Hongkes political views are extremely distinct

Safeguard the reunification of the motherland and safeguard national sovereignty.

Strike at all hostile elements hostile to our country.

On the website of Hongke, a sentence from Mao Zedongs youth was also quoted

The country is our country, and the people are our people,

After more than 700 days and nights, they once again couldnt bear to do it.

And this time, they made history.



81192, here are 552 and 553. Please return!

552553, this is 81192, I cant return, you keep going! Repeat! You go on

On April 1, 2001, a US EP-3 reconnaissance plane intruded into Chinas airspace, and Chinese Navy Aviation quickly dispatched fighters to track and intercept.

Unexpectedly, on the way of being intercepted by Wang Wei, the pilot, the US plane suddenly made a big turn and hit Wang Weis fighter plane at an angle of 45 degrees.

The J-8 was completely destroyed, and Wang Wei disappeared forever in the vast sea. After Wang Weis crash, 100000 Chinese soldiers and civilians searched day and night for 14 days and nights. They launched the largest search and rescue operation in the South China Sea, but they still failed to find him.

The U.S. reconnaissance plane landed unsteadily in China.

President Bush said prayers to the families of Chinese pilots without apologizing.

Secretary of State Powell said: if you apologize, then its different, then we have to be responsible. But we didnt do anything wrong, so we cant apologize!

CNN hosts laugh and make fun of Wang Weis name during the show.

The Chinese government insisted that the United States pay compensation, but in the end, the United States paid 34567.89 yuan, an insulting figure.

Henry Hyde, chairman of the International Relations Committee of the US House of Representatives, clamored that China was taking 24 US crew members as hostages.

Some people seem to have heard his call. Since April 4, US hackers have carried out a sabotage action code named China killer on the grounds of so-called China detaining American crew hostages. They have taken the lead in wantonly destroying websites with . CN as the suffix in Chinese websites, and disfigurement more than 350 Chinese websites.

The truth of their so-called famous start is that after the US plane forced landing in China, 24 American pilots who caused the accident were arranged to live in the dormitories of Chinese officers, with good mental and health conditions. The plane was later sent to the U.S. military base in Hawaii.

An American hacker who is famous for defacing web pages even said:

All American hackers, unite!

Screw up all the servers in China

They also set up a special website, domain name: www.fuckchinese.com u3002

Since April 4th, 1 incidents of hacker incidents in the world have been targeted against Chinese mainland in the whole April.

Pictures of the official website of a government website in Guangdong Province after being attacked in the early morning of April 17

Among all Chinese websites attacked, commercial websites accounted for 54%, government websites accounted for 12%, education and research websites accounted for 19%, and other websites accounted for 15%.

These include the official website of Yichun government in Jiangxi Province, the government information network of Wuchang District in Hubei Province, the Institute of psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fujian foreign trade information network, China Youth Development Foundation, etc., and some websites have pornographic pictures on their front pages.

The telephone of a few firewall software companies in China was knocked out that month.

At that time, the vast majority of Chinese people did not touch the computer, and they did not understand what network security was.

American hackers invasion to Chinese website is almost irresistible, such as prying.

They left a message on the blackened Chinese website saying:

Were going to launch a comprehensive cyber war against your junk government websites and all unguarded websites!

Wearegoingforall-outc yberwarfareonyourgov.cnboxesandeveryotherboxthatyoufuckshaven tsecured!

At the other end of the screen, a 22-year-old young Chinese, Xiao Yang, had a glimpse of all this while poizonbox and his friends were invincible on the Chinese Internet.

As a diver, zhengyuanyuan constantly sends hacker information obtained from the Internet to the red guest chat rooms in China in real time.

What should you do if a villain bullies too much?

Its not polite to come but not to go!



If we strive for unity through struggle, the League will keep its balance,

If we seek unity by concession, unity will perish.

u2014u2014Mao Zedong

During the whole April, Chinese celebrities did not wait to be killed. While 350 websites were set up in the United States, we also hacked into each others 37 websites.

As early as April 19, the United States wired took the lead in smelling it. In an analysis, it was mentioned that Chinese hackers planned to launch a seven day campaign to comprehensively attack the US website during the May Day period.

At this time, Chinas hacker groups are rapidly gathering, widely issuing hero posts to recruit and recruit. In a short period of 12 days, an organization has rapidly expanded from more than 20 people to thousands.

In the Hongke organization, the core members, which are composed of consultants and senior technicians of network security companies, carefully screen the IP of target websites, formulate combat weapons, compile teaching materials, and guide the new with the old, and group the new according to their specialty and qualification.

They dont know that the biggest hacker battle in the history of human Internet is about to open. The tight organization, the large number of participants, the number of hacked websites and the duration of the fight will be unprecedented.

On April 25, the U.S. Pacific Command, which was disturbed, raised the threat level of its information system from general to a (the highest level is level D, when all military systems will be shut down).

But Americans didnt expect that after just three days, appetizers would be on the table.

April 28, the official website of the U.S. Department of laboruff08 www.dol.gov uff09After being invaded, the home pages of some websites were suddenly replaced with photos of martyr Wang Wei and five-star red flag.

Some hackers also added the National Anthem of the peoples Republic of China on the webpage. When you open the page, you can see the magnificent March of the volunteers.

Such a fuss is not enough to make us hackers stop on Chinese websites.

At 19:19 p.m. on April 30, the mobilization meeting of the red guest League, which had been encrypted, sounded the clarion call of the general attack

Li: Hello, everyone. Id like to call you here today to discuss issues related to launching an online counterattack against the United States, and issue a counterattack mobilization order.

Since the Sino US plane collision incident, the indignation of the whole nation towards the US government has been irresistible. However, the US government still refuses to admit its mistakes and has not given a satisfactory reply to the Chinese people.

As a peace loving technical organization, all members of the Red Alliance are very disappointed with the attitude of the United States, and today issued a mobilization order for the May 1 network counterattack against the United States.

Target: US website

Order issued by: Lion, head of red League

Action slogan: turn our anger into strength

Attack method: free attack

matters needing attention:

1. Red League all participants in the offensive must use the red League unified provisions of the action black page.

2. The core members of the Red Alliance are mainly responsible for attacks on the US government, military and large commercial websites.

3. If the core members find small websites with obvious loopholes, it is recommended to publish them on the red League forum for junior members to practice.

Our network cant be accessed by anyone! Our dignity cant be trampled on! We have to tell them: Chinese people are not easy to provoke!

This is the end of tonights meeting. Lets get ready now!

But as soon as the meeting was over, many red guests didnt know how to start, and the scene was once chaotic. Lion immediately decided that the action should be carried out in groups according to the provinces, and the netizens from all provinces cooperated in the battle.

Until May 2, the war situation was not optimistic. When the red guest League announced that it had captured 92 sites in the United States, nearly 600 sites were hacked in domestic statistics.

The Americans found that: ah, the Chinese are just painting and changing, and the means are very single? They are wondering whether the Chinese are still holding back the big moves and releasing them on the day of the May 4th Youth Day?

Yes, but they didnt think that our big move was with Chinese characteristics.

Originally, the White House, which was strictly against hacker attacks, didnt expect that the bandwidth of the White Houses 10000m was blocked by the Chinese.

80000 red guests are so vast that they rush to the same IP address from all over the country.

Thats right. Our big move is the sea of people.

On that day, ordinary netizen ARI turned on his computer at 8:00 p.m. and landed on the official website of the White House and found that everything was normal.

He opened a folder and found the ammunition that he had collected from the red guest website, DDoS (distributed denial of service attack) tool.

He opens the program, fills in the White Houses IP and port, sets the number of packets and the time interval for sending, and then clicks OK..

Just after 21:00 p.m. Beijing time, ARI tried to log on the official website of the white house again: this page cant be displayed! Its a success

Then I let the program run automatically and I went to bed myself.

At the other end, the struggling White House Network Service Center received hundreds of complaints calls in just a few minutes.

The simultaneous influx of data has blocked the connection between the White House and its Internet service provider (ISP), said Jimmy, news director of the White House website

At the same time, the White House website received a large number of requests for services, so that legitimate users could not log in to the site.

What Americans did not expect was that for 20 minutes, the official website of the White House was hung with the five-star red flag of China.

Originally, according to the strict defense measures of the United States, red guest couldnt do this, but the Chinese Red guest took a surprise, recited the contents of the webpage including the five-star red flag word for word through binary code 0101, and then modified the White House Web page through TCP (transmission control protocol).

No one thought that someone would use pure binary programming, naturally no one prepared the corresponding defense means.

And it is Lin Yong, founder of the China Red guest alliance, who has achieved this.

But the five websites are:

US Treasury official website

US Navy resources website

US Navy reform website

US Navy Logistics Service Website

Its not that it wont be, its reciprocal retaliation.

From beginning to end, Chinese hackers have been attacking based on the principle of attacking but not destroying, demonstrating but not provoking.

But they didnt.

All red guest groups in China have taken the initiative to self-discipline, and the China hacker alliance will limit its actions to only altering pages.

China Red guest alliance in the disciplinary statement, members are not allowed to attack ordinary users and legitimate websites, violators are removed from the alliance list.

Leaders and all members of the red guest League announced to the vast number of Chinese Red guests that we have won the battle successfully! The U.S. government is also going to arrest the poizonbox. We should stop when we are good.

Whats more, we have indirectly brought a lot of trouble to the communication between China and the U.S. network during this period. After the end of the war of mourning the 5.8 martyrs, we should stop the invasion of American websites, let the government solve this incident through diplomatic means, and do not let our government be embarrassed!

In this way, Chinas red guests come like surging waves and leaving like tides.

Kill one man in ten steps and leave no line in a thousand miles.

When the matter is over, I brush my clothes, and I hide myself and my name.

Jerry friser, a US cyber security consultant, commented:

The tacit understanding between Chinese hackers is amazing, their organization is very orderly, amazing, and more rigorous than Western hackers.

They gather, is a fire;

They are scattered. They are full of stars.

According to statistics, Chinese hackers have broken through more than 1600 US websites, including more than 900 government and military websites.

At the same time, more than 1100 Chinese websites have been attacked by American hackers, including more than 600 major websites.

From that day on, more Chinese people and more Chinese enterprises learned the concept of network security. From that day on, Chinese people began to build their own iron walls brick by brick in the bit world.

Maybe its just a coincidence. The day after the red guest attacked the US Navy website, the Ministry of education of China approved the establishment of the undergraduate program of information security in the school of computer science of Wuhan University. In the autumn of that year, it was the only undergraduate major in information security in Colleges and universities in China.

Today, there are so many red guests in Chinese colleges and universities that they can compete in groups.

However, their performance in the Sino US hacker war has taught a good lesson to the Chinese enterprises that have suffered unfair attacks at sea today.

The end

Some people say, its been 19 years. What are you doing with this story?

How many times has the official website of the White House been updated? Do you still want to get angry at him?

To clarify the meaning of this story, I would like to tell two short and short stories.

On September 30, 1938, in order to avoid war, British Prime Minister Chamberlain had just signed the Munich agreement with Germany, and after handing over the Sudeten area of Czechoslovakia to Germany, he returned to London from Munich.

As he stepped off the plane, he waved a piece of paper excitedly in front of the expectant public, and confidently declared that he had brought back peace of an era.

The paper he waved was a letter of commitment signed by Hitler.

In March 1939, Hitler broke his promise and annexed the whole territory of Czechoslovakia.

After the outbreak of World War II, Chamberlain and that piece of paper were forever nailed to the pillar of historical humiliation.

There is another story.

Nixon, the former president of the United States, wrote in his memoir the leader that once he had a meeting with Khrushchev, Khrushchev asked him: what does the United States want?

So Nixon thought for a while and said: what we want is peace with dignity.

19 years ago, what did red guest want?

What does China want?

If dignity and peace cant be achieved at the same time, we seek dignity by reciprocal countervailing, and we win peace with reciprocal countervailing.

In every era, in the face of every kind of bullying and attack, the counter-measures must be different.

The counter measures of red guest in those days are now out of date, and the American hackers who attacked Chinas Internet have changed from the poizonbox to the president of the United States.

However, no matter how the times change, we should at least be clear: in the face of hegemony, those who have no means and no means are not enough to talk about peace.

In the face of power and injustice, the Chinese people of every era share the same spirit.

As Professor Shen Yi, Professor of international relations at Fudan University, said:

How can we counter it?

Can the list of unreliable entities be implemented first,

Let the enterprises that have damaged Chinas interests pay the price?

This is a difficult time for China;

This is a difficult time for peace loving people.

However, any behavior that maliciously harms the legitimate interests of Chinese enterprises,

Should be countered,

This is a basic attitude.

Would you like to fight?

How do you fight properly

Basically, lets tell you:

Yes, this is the only superpower in the world

Sometimes hes a real rascal

It makes you feel helpless

But there is no way not to say

Youre going to give up resistance

Because after giving up resistance

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }After the Sino-U.S. plane collision, a netizen named bluemuse left such a message on the Internet. 19 years later, he still expressed the feelings of most Chinese people: only the United States did the absurd thing of attacking other countries embassies; and only American military aircraft could land on other countries territory without authorization. But these two things have something to do with China. Why? Because we in China are strong. I am not afraid of sanctions, because I am Chinese; I am not afraid of war, because I am Chinese; I am not afraid of overt aggression, because I am Chinese. Source: observer.com editor in charge: Zhang Lei_ NB16011

There was no such thing as

After the plane collision between China and the United States, a netizen named bluemuse left such a remark on the Internet. 19 years later, he still expressed the feelings of most Chinese people

Only the United States did the absurd thing of missile attack on other countries embassies;

Only US military aircraft can land on the territory of other countries without authorization.

But these two things have something to do with China. Why?

Because we in China are strong.

I am not afraid of war because I am Chinese;

I am not afraid of blatant and blatant aggression,

Because I am Chinese.