news flash! Police search the restaurant run by Li Zhiyings second son and take away the computer

 news flash! Police search the restaurant run by Li Zhiyings second son and take away the computer

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When one media was searched, he did not forget to slander the police

Li Zhiying arrested (Dongwang)

Overseas network, August 10 (Xinhua) according to Hong Kong media reports, Hong Kong police arrested Li Zhiying, the founder of one media, and more than 100 police officers entered the headquarters of one medias Tseung Kwan O Industrial Park for investigation. One medias apple daily did not forget to make trouble when reporting, slandering the police for not producing a search warrant, and the Hong Kong police promptly issued a document to clarify and refute.

Hong Kong police said on social media that at least seven people were arrested this morning (10) for collusion with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security and conspiracy to defraud. According to Hong Kong media reports, more than 100 police officers entered the headquarters of one medias Tseung Kwan O Industrial Park at about 9:55 a.m. some of them were holding tools and some were pulling up the cordon at the scene.

Picture source: East China Network

At about 11 a.m., Li Zhiying was taken back to the office of one media building to assist in investigation. One medias Apple Daily falsely claimed that 200 police did not produce a search warrant to search the apple building, but was quickly beaten in the face by the police.

Screenshot of Apple Daily

The Hong Kong police issued an article stressing that the police entered the building with a court warrant to search for permits. According to the statement, police entered and searched a building in Tseung Kwan O this morning (10 days) to investigate crimes against national security. The police have shown and explained the contents of the court warrant to the staff in the building, and have asked people in the building to cooperate with the police in enforcing the court warrant. According to the Hong Kong National Security Act, for the purpose of investigating crimes against national security, the police may apply to a magistrate for a warrant authorizing the police to enter specified places and carry out searches. Many members of the public expressed their support for the strict enforcement of the law by the police.

Screenshot of Hong Kong police statement

This is not the first time Apple Daily has discredited the Hong Kong police. In the name of freedom of the press, the newspaper has been carrying out Anti China disorder in the name of press freedom, wantonly discrediting the law enforcement of the police, slandering the SAR government, and fabricating in the name of freedom of the press. Previously, the newspaper had rumored that victims suffered police violence in the xinwuling detention center. In January this year, the Hong Kong police sent four letters to the newspaper, refuting its report of defaming the police force and directly denouncing that the relevant charges were all misleading, inciting hatred against the police and further damaging the relationship between the police and the people.

In addition, east net said that the arrested senior executives of one media also included chief executive Zhang Jianhong, chief operating officer and chief financial officer Zhou Daquan, chief executive officer Huang Weiqiang and general manager Wu Daguang of one media animation company. Four people were involved in conspiracy to defraud. After the opening of the market today, the stock price of one media reached a new low, falling more than 16%. According to the financial report released by one media in June, the group lost more than HK $415 million in 2019, with a cumulative loss of HK $1.9 billion in the past five years. In the past 10 years, the cumulative loss was more than HK $2.7 billion.

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