How does Shuijingfang, which keeps the sales gross profit rate of China Daily newspaper rising instead of falling?

 How does Shuijingfang, which keeps the sales gross profit rate of China Daily newspaper rising instead of falling?

Shuijingfang launched a variety of active marketing activities to help dealers open source. Banquets have always been an important consumer market for liquor industry, but the market was forced to delay consumption due to the epidemic. In the face of such a situation, the company also made rapid response, and jointly launched the banquet pre-sale policy with dealers. Through online digital activities such as digital banquet, micro marketing of friends circle, cloud Wine Bureau activities, Shuijingfang happy home cooked dishes and war epidemic situation, we are in action and other online digital activities, which also promoted the banquet sales in the second quarter It is gradually rising.

For Shuijingfang, the epidemic is organic in danger, which has also led to the prosperity of online consumer market of consumer goods. In the first half of this year, Shuijingfang also focused on new online channels. For example, the company acquired and transformed consumers through active consumer operation methods such as experience and trial in various mainstream e-commerce platforms; jointly created a personal home drinking scene with the platform; and launched activities such as cloud wine appointment and Zhu Fu appointment to narrow the distance between the brand and consumers; at the same time, with the gradual alleviation of the epidemic situation, the In view of the local market, the company has strengthened consumers trial drinking activities and actively obtained new customers in the absence of consumer scenes.

It can be said that in the first half of the past year, Shuijingfang did not choose to simply and violently press goods to dealers. To a certain extent, the companys revenue scale was severely tested in the short term, but on the contrary, it brought the companys long-term development. In fact, the positive measures taken by Shuijingfang have also achieved initial results. This is also why the companys sales gross profit margin is still strong under the decline of performance. According to the interim report, in the first half of this year, the companys gross sales margin was also as high as 82.38%, nearly 0.2 percentage points higher than the same period last year. As the companys main source of income, the gross profit rate of high-end liquor products in the first half of this year was still as high as 83.21%, which was only 0.25 percentage points lower than that of the same period last year.

For example, Dongfang Securities believes that although the epidemic factors superimposed on the de stocking action led to short-term fluctuations in the performance of Shuijingfang, the catering and banquet recovery momentum is obvious, and the trend of liquor consumption upgrading and secondary high-end capacity expansion has not changed. With the alleviation of the epidemic situation and the recovery of dynamic sales, the companys revenue and profit in the new fiscal year starting from the third quarter are expected to gradually recover. In the long run, the epidemic situation is also Will accelerate the industry integration, the company focuses on secondary high-end business trend is still good.

Another example is Southwest Securities, Shuijingfang channel inventory recovery health, the third quarter of this year is expected to become a turning point in performance. From February to June, the company controlled the pace of delivery and vigorously removed the channel inventory. At present, the channel inventory has returned to a low level in the middle of 18 years. In the second half of this year, the company can go to the market with light equipment. With the gradual control of the epidemic situation and the steady recovery of consumption scenarios such as catering end, the companys latest delivery and 5.0 contract signing of core stores in July exceeded the expected progress of this month. The terminal dynamic sales continued to improve month on month. The third quarter is the peak season for liquor consumption, and wedding banquet is concentrated in the second half of the year. The companys performance in the third quarter is expected to improve significantly, and it is expected to return to the normal level before the Spring Festival. In addition, the epidemic situation still has a one-off impact on liquor consumption, the trend of medium and long-term consumption upgrading remains unchanged, and the epidemic situation has accelerated the reshuffle of liquor industry. As a famous liquor, the company is expected to benefit from the improvement of market share concentration.

In the second half of the year, Shuijingfang said that in the second half of the year, the company will continue to optimize the distribution of distributors, improve the operation ability of dealers, tap the market blank and opportunity points, increase the product market rate, flexibly operate the regional dynamic sales package to meet the diversity of customer development in different regions, steadily develop the group purchase business of famous enterprises and banks, create a new mode of enterprise marketing, and enhance the re purchase of enterprises Stickiness: actively expand banquet marketing, stabilize customer order pushing policy and provide theme banquet customization service to drive the growth of banquet number month on month; optimize the coverage standard of sales visit, continue to build an efficient business team, and improve the team fighting force through systematic and professional training and performance system.