Cannavaro is dissatisfied with Evergrandes state: the process is not wonderful and the ending is ugly

 Cannavaro is dissatisfied with Evergrandes state: the process is not wonderful and the ending is ugly

Lu Neng retained his strength and Li Xiaopeng succeeded in fighting

Although Cannavaro had expected that Luneng would produce the strongest lineup in the rotation last night and would continue to use the air attack tactics, he did not expect a little accident in his starting line-up: Huang Bowen suddenly felt unwell before the game, and after observation by the team doctor, he decided to temporarily replace him from the starting line-up, and Zheng Zhi, the old captain, was ordered to fight. After the match, coach again stressed that under the long-term competition system, all teams must face the problems of injury, fatigue and poor condition. Therefore, he even affirmed Huangs initiative to explain his discomfort to the team doctor before the game, saying it was smart.

Throughout the first half, Luneng rarely used the tactics of high position. In contrast, Evergrande players were generally not excited. In the whole first half, not only were they suppressed by the other side, but their defense lines were also in danger caused by mistakes. After the game, Li Xiaopeng thought that one of the biggest tactical changes he made in the back defense line was to use foreign aid moyses to play center back, with the purpose of making the teams attack more resolute. In the second half, Luneng U-21 little General Guo Tianyu was on the field less than two minutes before he used the high accurate wing to make a roof fall and seize the opportunity to volley and score a goal. After the game, Guo Tianyu thought that his goal had the element of luck, but Li Xiaopeng asked the whole team to play harder, and could not let Evergrande with rhythm.

Facts have proved that Li Xiaopeng made a big tactical effort last night and achieved results. Kasai also admitted after the game, the teams overall defense is not bad, especially in Lunengs high-altitude bombing did not make too many mistakes. But he was annoyed by the slow pace of the team in the first half. We didnt play the usual game habit in the first half. We didnt wake up until the opponent scored a goal in the second half. Objectively speaking, the opponent scored the ball very lucky, we still lost to ourselves, from the beginning into chaos, the normal process of the game is not wonderful, the result is ugly! Said Kasai.

Cannavaro has made it clear before the game that there will be rotation in certain positions. As a result, he chose Jiang Guangtai. In the first three rounds, Jiang Guangtai has been playing a prominent role in the central defensive position, so Kasais reserve is questioned. Kasai explained: Jiang Guangtais rotation is in our established deployment. After all, Im worried about the players who have played three consecutive rounds. There is no problem with the combination of Meifang and park Zhizhu. It cant be said that our loss is caused by Jiang Guangtais absence.

However, after three rounds, Evergrande was obviously tired and the overall level of excitement of the players was not high. Zhang Linpeng, Meifang, Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu made mistakes in the first and second half of the match. And paolinios performance last night was the worst since the start of the game, which led to Evergrande not strong enough in midfield control, and taliska has not yet found the best state.

At the same time of tasting the first defeat of the season, Evergrandes offensive side was also dumbfounded for the first time. Wei Shihao, who scored 4 goals in the first three rounds, obviously could not take advantage of the left side, which was related to Lunengs familiarity with his technical characteristics and taking targeted restrictive measures. Yang Liyu also lost the sharpness of the first three rounds, and even missed a great scoring opportunity for Wei Shihaos assists. Whats more, because of his poor condition, akerson was not included in the 23 man squad.

At present, more bench depth of Evergrande is reflected in the middle and back court, and there are not many candidates who can be adjusted at the offensive end. However, Fernando will be able to return to the next game. Maybe Evergrandes offensive end depends on small motorcycles to bring new changes. Evergrandes first defeat since this season proves that the competition pattern of CSL under the special competition system can not be viewed from the perspective of the usual strength. For Cannavaro, the first hurdle of the season has arrived, leaving him only five days to adjust.

Guo Tianyus first violent bird goal was blown by Evergrande 0-1, Luneng was defeated for the first time, Yang Liyu missed a big empty goal_ NSJS2656