Baoji County plans to withdraw the county to set up a city, the alternative name has the reason!

 Baoji County plans to withdraw the county to set up a city, the alternative name has the reason!

On July 7, Meixian County held a forum to solicit opinions on the name of the city to be changed from county to city.

The person in charge of the County Civil Affairs Bureau reported the work progress of Meixian Countys withdrawing from county and establishing a city and the work carried out in the early stage of city naming.

The County Civil Affairs Bureau reported the progress, existing problems and work plan for the next stage of Mianxian countys removal from county to city, and the Ministry of Civil Affairss report on the study of the naming of administrative districts after the withdrawal of Mianxian County into a city.

After these two meetings were held

Triggered a heated discussion among local netizens

The core point of the discussion is

Meixian County

Meiwu, Meizhou, Taibaishan, meiyang and Meicheng

Panorama of Pingyang Lake in Meixian County: the peoples Government of Meixian County

Since the start of the work of removing Meixian County into a city, more than 100 suggestions on city name have been received through online collection of city names, visiting and collecting city names, and employing experts to demonstrate city names,

The top five city names include Wuwu City, Meizhou City, Taibaishan City, meiyang city and Meicheng city.

In addition to the fact that the word u90ff itself is a special place name for Meixian County, the city is ranked first. And Wuwu is an allusion from Dong Zhuo in the Three Kingdoms period

The original name and historical allusions have attracted a large number of supporters.

Map of Taibai Mountain Cultural Industry New Area: Meixian peoples Government

In order to make a reputation and increase the development of tourism industry, many people also support that Meixian be renamed Taibaishan city.

Meizhou, meiyang and Meicheng are the names of Meixian in different historical periods.

Mianxian County

Mianyang City, Mianyang City

On August 5, the promotion meeting of Mianxian countys withdrawal from county to city was determined

It is suggested that the new city name should be Mianyang City, and the standby city name should be Mianyang City. The new city name will be reported according to the procedures.

In the Qin and Han Dynasties,

Hanshui is called Mianyang water, which is named after Mianyang water

In September 1964, with the approval of the State Council, the word Mianxian was changed from Mianyang county to Mianxian county.

It is worth mentioning that Mianxian had previously planned to use Dingjunshan city. In this regard, the wechat official account Mianxian released on August 5, 2020, may,

The county Party committee and the county government consulted on the name of Mian County after it was removed from the county and established into a city. It was considered that the name of Mianxian county was named Dingjunshan city after the change of Mianxian County into a city, which may cause widespread public opinion and public query; the relevant departments think that it is inappropriate and violates the relevant regulations on the management of geographical names.

In our history and culture

On the deep land of Sanqin

Every name has its origin

In 1964, 14 counties and cities in Shaanxi Province were renamed

Liquan county to Liquan County

Jiayang county to Heyang County

Hu County was changed into Hu County

Changing Jiaxian county to Binxian County

Changing from fan county to rich county

Jiaxian county to Jiaxian County

Mian County to Mian County

Change from Luoyi county to Xunyi County

Xunyang county to Xunyang County

Change from Fuyang county to Qianyang County

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