Tiktok is OK, but US companies are exposed to resell user data to the US government

 Tiktok is OK, but US companies are exposed to resell user data to the US government

Anomalysix, a company that uses software development kits to capture users personal data and packages them for sale to U.S. intelligence agencies to make huge profits. It is reported that there is not only one such official company in the United States.

In addition, according to NPR, citing unnamed direct participants, tiktok will file a federal lawsuit as early as Tuesday, accusing the president of the United States of violating the US Constitution by using an executive order to kill tiktok.

At present, in addition to Microsoft, which is in contact with tiktok, it is reported that both the US social media company twitter and the US video company Netflix are considering joining the acquisition war.

US companies resell user data to the government

For a long time, the security of user data is regarded as the focus by users in various countries. However, the United States, which has always attached great importance to the security of user data, has secretly obtained the users data by means of buying and selling.

The Wall Street Journal reported that anomalysix, a company founded in Virginia, secretly obtained personal data, such as geographic location, of its users through a software development kit. At present, through this toolkit, the company has been implanted into more than 500 commonly used apps from different companies, so as to obtain personal data of hundreds of millions of users around the world, and package and sell the data to the U.S. intelligence department to make huge profits. Whats more, there are few regulations in the United States to restrict such transactions.

The company has also refused to disclose which software companies it cooperates with on the grounds of confidentiality agreements. Therefore, it is difficult for users to know whether such software development packages are embedded in the application.

According to the Wall Street Journal, although many private enterprises in the U.S. advertising, marketing and other industries are engaged in trading location data, it is extremely unusual for companies with close ties with the US National Security Agency to collect user location data directly. Moreover, many American people also found that this company is not a private company in general sense. The two founders of the company have military background and have worked in the US intelligence system, and they are very familiar with the operation of the US intelligence system. For a time, it was suspected that the company might be one of the official outsourcing companies of the US government.

Looking back, how was the company discovered? The reason is that two official outsourcing companies are trying to grab food. Not long ago, a company called Babel street, whose main business is to steal user information and sell it to the government, filed a lawsuit against anomalysix. It is precisely because of this lawsuit that the outside world pays attention to these interest struggles which are not paid attention to on weekdays.

Many companies want to join

Tiktok acquisition war

In addition to Microsoft, which is discussing the acquisition with tiktok, according to US media, both twitter and Netflix are ready to join the war.

In fact, in a recent shareholder letter released in the second quarter earnings report, Netflix already regarded tiktok as a competitor and said it would take it seriously. The growth of tiktok is shocking, which reflects the liquidity of internet entertainment, the open letter even wrote

In addition, at present, many people are envious of tiktoks advertising model, because its advertising creativity can be more acceptable to young people, and few people will slip through the advertisements implanted in tiktok, so that the brand has greater growth potential. Because of these potential, twitter also hopes to become the buyer of tiktok, but the specific content and method of acquisition are unknown. From the market point of view, social twitter seems to be more competitive than Microsoft, which has always been difficult to occupy a place in the social field. Moreover, it has been reported that the advantage of twitter lies in its small size, which can effectively avoid the antitrust investigation that Microsoft or other potential bidders are forced to face. Reporter Zhang zheang extended reading of McDonalds response to carcinogens detected in fast food packaging: there is no Yi Gang: Precise Drip Irrigation of the real economy must focus on small and micro enterprises. For the first time in Hong Kongs financial industry, it has applied for 5 financial licenses. Source: responsible editor of international financial news: Yang Bin_ NF4368