Hong Kong stock market is still in the shock stage to grasp the industry opportunity of performance certainty

 Hong Kong stock market is still in the shock stage to grasp the industry opportunity of performance certainty

Copper fell 3.73% to US $6237 / T, zinc fell 1.12% to US $2385 / T, nickel fell 0.75% to US $14370 / T, aluminum fell 1.01% to US $1759.5/t, tin fell 0.5% to US $17750 / T and lead fell 2.52% to US $1916.5/t in London on Friday.

Spot silver fell more than 1% to $27.98/oz on Monday. Spot gold fell below US $2020 / oz, down more than 0.5% within the day.

US oil rose more than 1% to $41.7 a barrel on Monday.

If investors who follow Xiaobians ideas for a long time will find that the problems encountered by the market on Friday are indeed only one of many problems in the future, and they can not even be regarded as a threat. Although the relevant parties respond promptly, they still cant recover the fact that the relevant target has plummeted. This is the normality of the future, which must be adapted to and have to adapt to. The market shock has been normalized. Next, we will observe how the shock is digested. Judging from the news, there seems to be no new content at the weekend, which is relatively calm. From the short-term trend, the Hang Seng index may still fluctuate in this position, there will not be too much market.

For example, in the short run, property stocks may still continue their previous trend. In the medium term, there will also be good opportunities for the sporting goods industry. However, the beer that has been rising well has begun to consolidate and show a weak downward trend. Investors do not need to intervene. They just have to observe the development of the industry patiently Potential. With the advent of the financial reporting season, other industries have their own logic. However, investors in the consumer goods industry can expect the interim report to repair the earlier impact, that is, some industries may have recovered completely, and the impact in the second half of the year is also relatively small.

Recently, the new market has come to an end for a while, but investors who love it all know that blue moon may be the next target to be expected. Although it is also a consumer goods industry, the upsurge of new sales may make the market hot again, and investors are worth waiting for.

Source: Zhitong finance and economics net editor: Wang Honggui_ NF7326