Russia will regard ballistic missiles as a nuclear threat

 Russia will regard ballistic missiles as a nuclear threat

The report said that the stern warning was obviously aimed at the United States, which has been committed to developing long-range non nuclear weapons.

Russias nuclear deterrence policy issued in June this year pointed out that if its government and military facilities are under conventional attack, it will use nuclear weapons to counterattack.

Intercontinental ballistic missiles displayed by Russia in military parade

Such a statement reflects Russias long-term concern that with the development of weapon technology, the United States will be able to attack Russias important military and government facilities without using nuclear weapons.

According to Russias military principles, the new nuclear deterrence policy reiterates that Russia can use nuclear weapons to deal with nuclear attacks or conventional weapons attacks that threaten the survival of the country..

The policy document describes in detail the circumstances that may trigger the use of nuclear weapons, including the use of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction against Russia and its allies.

The report quoted a Russian military statement as saying that this is the red line that Russia has drawn, and no one is recommended to cross it. If a potential opponent does so, the result will be devastating. The details, time and extent of nuclear retaliation will be determined by the political and military leadership of Russia according to the situation.

Due to the Ukrainian crisis, the United States accused Russia of intervening in the 2016 US general election and other differences, US Russian relations are at a post Cold War low point.

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