Liaoning media: good mentality + favorable competition system

 Liaoning media: good mentality + favorable competition system

Who would have thought we would be in the finals three weeks ago? Yang Ming wrote on wechat friends after eliminating Xinjiang team to advance to the finals Facing the final battle with Guangdong team, which is the most popular team to win the title, the Liaoning mens basketball team, whose strength is not superior, should continue their previous determination and confidence and make a big move. Challenge the good mentality of the last champion, greatly shorten the schedule, lose the home advantage of the opponent Under these favorable factors, the Liao basketball team has reason to carry on the counter attack to the end.

Good attitude, common heart to challenge

If compared with the current strength of Liaoning and Guangdong teams, it is no doubt that the latter is dominant. Guangdong team has won the CBA Championship for nine times. Since the beginning of this season, Guangdong team has been leading the regular season scoreboard with great advantage. It was not until the semi-final against Beijing Shougang that Guangdong team met the real challenge. Guangdong teams experience in the playoffs and finals is needless to say. The most powerful part of the team lies in the balance of internal and external strength, abundant bench depth and large number of rotation. In contrast, although the Liaoning mens basketball team, which has three excellent guards, Guo Allen, Zhao Jiwei and Gao Shiyan, is superior in the outside line, but in the internal line, Han Dejun has obvious weaknesses in the three centers of Yi Jianlian, Su Wei and Zeng fanri.

Now the Liaoning basketball team can advance to the finals, has overfulfilled the task, facing the Guangdong team, the whole team can attack the opponent with a common heart. As long as you keep your mind level and fight to the end, even if you are ranked second, there is nothing to regret. Guangdong team, on the contrary, has always been the number one favorite to win the championship. They are easy to bear psychological burden in the finals for the 10th CBA championship. Once the mentality changes and fails to fully play the level, the Liaoning basketball team will usher in a good opportunity to counter attack.

Special competition system increases the chance of sudden cold

In addition, the schedule of this seasons finals has been greatly reduced, from the original seven game four win system to three game two win system. In the playoffs such a life and death battle, the more games, the better the strength of the dominant team can show the overall strength, the greater the chance of winning. The schedule of this seasons finals has been compressed, which virtually increases the probability of Liao basketballs sudden cold. On the one hand, the chance of winning or losing will increase compared with seven four wins in three matches; on the other hand, the depth of the bench is not as deep as that of the Liaoning basketball team of Guangdong team, so there is no need to worry about dragging the main rotation players to the final match.

Guangdong team and Beijing team played three rounds in the semi-final, and the players physical energy consumption was huge. In contrast, the Liaoning basketball team not only less than one game in the semi-final, but also took an extra day off. In the first round of the finals on Tuesday, the physical fitness of Liaoning basketball players is definitely better than that of Guangdong team.

Source: Shenyang daily Author: Ma Cheng, editor in charge: Wang Mengfei_ NBJS10260