Liaoning media: Liaoning basketball team has surpassed itself and challenged the ninth champion with learning attitude

 Liaoning media: Liaoning basketball team has surpassed itself and challenged the ninth champion with learning attitude

With Guangdong team beating Beijing team at 88:85 in the final, all the teams participating in the finals of China Mens basketball professional league (CBA) in the 2019-2020 season have been produced. The Liaoning mens basketball team will challenge the Guangdong team, the nine champions in the finals starting on November 11. This is the second time that the two sides have met in the finals after 12 years.

At the beginning of this season, if we predict that Liaoning mens basketball team can reach the final finals, Im afraid not many people can believe it. After the restart of the league in June, the Liaoning basketball team lost three games in four games and Guo Shiqiang was dismissed. The team fell into a rare low in recent years, and the prospect of the playoffs became more and more bleak. However, Liaoning basketball team went up against the trend after the change of coach, and then won 11 games in 12 regular season games, which pushed Beijing out of the top three at the last moment. In the next quarter finals and semi-finals, Liao basketball team eliminated Zhejiang Chouzhou team and Xinjiang team successively, and won the finals with a wave of 12 consecutive victories, and got the chance to challenge the defending champion.

However, compared with Guangdong team, the Liaoning basketball team is indeed in the position of a challenger. In this season, Guangdong team is the only one in the CBA. Even if there is only one foreign aid in the second round, it is very difficult for the opponents to make trouble for them. More teams choose to give up strategically in the face of Guangdong team. If they can defeat others without fighting, the deterrent power of Guangdong team in CBA can be seen. The Liaoning basketball team has been stumbling and stumbling this season. In terms of strength, this Liaoning Guangdong war is not an equal contest.

If we review the history, the gap between Liaoning basketball team and Guangdong team will be even greater. Guangdong team is the nine champion, is the most successful team in the CBA League 25 years history. Although the Liaoning basketball team had reached the finals seven times before, it only won the championship once. The only advantage of the Liaoning basketball team is that the two sides have a 14-11 lead in the playoffs. However, the main reason is that the Guangdong team was in the low ebb when it was the most brilliant time, and there was not much chance for both sides to meet in the playoffs. Therefore, this data is not of great significance.

To be fair, to break the curse of losing to Xinjiang team in the playoffs and to break through the semi-finals is already over fulfilling the task for the Liaoning basketball team. In the finals, facing the Guangdong team which is determined to become the ten crown king, the mentality of the Liaoning basketball team can be said to be losing without losing, winning blood. As you know, standing on the stage of the finals with the attention of the public and challenging the super luxurious Big Mac Guangdong team, this opportunity is not available to everyone. So for the next two or three games, Liao basketball might as well take the attitude of learning from the nine crown and enjoy the tour of the finals.

Source: Liaoning Daily Author: Li Xiang, editor in charge: Wang Mengfei_ NBJS10260