Tang Yansheng: marriage is not good, you can see her face

 Tang Yansheng: marriage is not good, you can see her face

Tang Yan finally came back after childbirth.

In a video websites press conference, she wore a bra wave point skirt to attend, in a surprisingly good state.

In the video, she is wearing a long red dress, slim and graceful, full of vitality and playfulness.

The spirit, spirit and state of the whole person have no feeling of tiredness.

There is the spirit of the ancient spirit, but also the calm confidence of mature women.

Since she got pregnant in September last year, she has been concentrating on raising the baby.

This time it appeared in the public field of vision, also caused a lot of attention.

Before her comeback, the media said they were already in the process of divorce.

Seeing her state, its really moving.

This is actually married to love, without suffering.

When Tang Yan and Luo Jin announced their marriage, many people were not optimistic.

In fact, they are really happy.

At the beginning, the two people directly aired their own photos of the bride (groom) in the microblog, which was warm and direct identification of each other.

Then, on Tang Yans birthday in 2016, at 12:06 on December 6.

Both are low-key, and since then, the media has been frequently downplaying their relationship.

Many fans are also worried about their cold face and breakup.

But they dont respond at all, they speak directly with the results.

They worked together on several plays, and the two went from sweet inside to outside.

Media interview Luo Jin, ask Tang Yan which expression is the most lovely.

He said without hesitation:

Her loveliness is natural.

The tone is full of doting. Its really sweet.

When Tang Yan is black, Luo Jin will definitely come out and stand by her side.

As long as two people appear at the same time, Luo Jin holds Tang Yans hand tightly.

They dont mind sugar on any occasion.

Tang Yans vitality and sweetness of a little woman really cant deceive people.

During the hosts interview, Luo Jin also secretly handed Tang Yan a piece of her favorite pink sugar:

The button of Tang Yans high-heeled shoes opened, and Luo Jin immediately crouched down to button her.

That kind of wholehearted attention can not be pretended.

Luo Yan and Tang kiss each other in Beijing at the Spring Festival evening.

Although it is a small action, but also sweet ah.

Give her the marriage she wants the most.

The two danced like princesses and princesses with only one another in their eyes.

No matter what Tang Yan sends, he always listens to her speech and replies to her microblog:

This is good love.

In any case, the order of the other party in your eyes is always the priority.

No matter how passionate love, will eventually return to the trivial life.

In fact, it is the best marriage and love!

Just like Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying, they were also direct certifiers at first.

But everyone shook their heads and looked down upon Feng Shaofeng as a prodigal son, and Zhao Liying would certainly be wronged.

But over the years, we found their sweet and good.

In Feng Shaofengs eyes, Zhao Liying is pure and smart, which he wants to protect

In Zhao Liyings eyes, Feng Shaofeng also needs protection.

After several years of marriage, Feng Shaofeng was still expressing his love and asking his wife for security when he was interviewed.

In the program, he revealed that his wife didnt give him a wedding ring, and he was even misunderstood by the media about his marriage

Even in the end, he still asked with a sad face and worried about his gains and losses

Its hard to imagine that this is Feng Shaofeng, who has lived in a cluster of flowers and leaves.

This is probably a good man meets a good man, and a prodigal son meets a nemesis.

Even though, it has been said for many years that they have been married.

A good marriage is nothing more than this.

May be considerate, is gentle, is to ask for a sense of security, in the end, but a background color, is to care.

Venus said:

You havent met that man yet.

As a prophecy, Feng Shaofeng turned out to be her weakness and was destined to move forward hand in hand.

Marriage is a house with eaves.

Two people together in the house, calmly deal with those firewood, oil and salt, trivial.

Han Meimei wrote in how should I love you, sir

Now, I dont think its good for a woman to remain single.

Marriage brings a sense of steadiness and happiness to women, which is very important.

Marriage can bring safety and happiness to women and make womens life more full and vivid.

That gentle, thoughtful, responsible and responsible husband will come

When that person comes, you understand:

It turns out that marriage is such a happy thing.

You will take care of and share with each other under one roof.

When you find that you have never been a person, you will draw great energy to help you overcome everything happily.

Also like Zhao Liying, with soft ribs and armor, she was inspired to go higher and farther all the way.

This is the energy of a happy marriage.

Lets get a happy marriage together.

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