Ding Junhui pays tuition fees for the world championships again

 Ding Junhui pays tuition fees for the world championships again

As expected, in the third stage, OSullivan finally began to make efforts, and his performance was more stable than the previous two stages, hardly wasting any obvious opportunities, while Ding Junhui was obviously driven and was also in a fast-paced out stroke. As a result, there were more mistakes than in the first two stages. Different from the previous two stages, OSullivan won two games in a row in the third stage, and the attack success rate was higher. Ding Junhui was a little slow and did not contain the opponents starting.

Of course, OSullivans several mistakes in the black ball still gave Ding Junhui a chance, and Ding Junhui also played a good performance of 88 points and 81 points in the 19th and 21st innings. He didnt let the score difference go too fast, but at the critical moment of 10-11, his offensive choice was still some adventure or radical. In the last two innings, he fought too hard and gave up a good chance Is it better to consume your opponents hand feeling?

The game was not so good. OSullivan knew when to be in a good state. In the last two games, we saw OSullivan who dared to fight and had a high stability of attack. Ding Junhui easily gave up the opportunity, and OSullivan accepted all orders. When he found the feeling, Ding Junhui was unable to restrain himself and could only watch his opponent run away.

In the third stage, only seven innings were played. OSullivan won Ding Junhui by 5-2, and all the five games were won by one stroke, with a minimum of 60 points. With nearly 30 years of career, OSullivan is very clear about how to reasonably plan the long-term game system and distribute his energy and state well. His outbreak in the third stage is not accidental. It is obvious that OSullivan handled the ball better and grasped the situation more reasonably than the first two stages.

In OSullivans view, Ding Junhui will win the world championship sooner or later, but hopefully not this year, he has also fulfilled his own statement with practical actions. Ding Junhui certainly has the strength to win the world championship. Judging from the three stages of the competition, he can firmly grasp the score. His pressure resistance and mentality in the competition have obviously improved. However, he still has a long way to go before he reaches the top of the world championship. OSullivan has taught him a good lesson on how to play a good long-term system, and only further pursue the balance of attack and defense, not attack and defense Enter the rhythm of the opponent, Ding Junhui only has the opportunity, cant expect the rocket retired to be able to break through in crusberg.